june birchbox flatlay with notebooks, makeup, skincare and makeup brushes

Summer has officially arrived and in the UK we are kind of seeing the results of it with a bit of sun here and there. This month I have received another great Birchbox which has a really pretty summery design to it that I can't wait to dive into and see what I got. 
This is actually another Laritzy lip product that I've received from my Birchbox with the other one being in my December Birchbox. This lip product is a lipstick in a lip crayon design which I really like as I find them a lot easier to apply. I was actually on time with this product and was able to pick which colour I wanted and I went for the Plum shade, this shade looks like the perfect berry colour for me that would compliment my skin tone. I have used this Lip Stix a few times since I got it and I actually really enjoy using it, it glides on the lips really smoothly and has great pigmentation. The only issue I had with this lip product is that it did wear off quite quickly but because it's such a creamy formula you can't really blame it. Another plus with Laritzy products is that they are all Cruelty-free, vegan-friendly and free of any parabens and phthalates!

I was really excited that I got this product in my birchbox but on further inspection, I realised the shade was too light for me, I've also had this problem before when I've got any brow products in my Birchboxes. I've used this product before when it was actually in the right shade and it worked perfectly at keeping my brows tamed but also keeps them looking natural. The extra small brush on this product makes it so much easier to get right into all of the hairs and coat them with just enough product that doesn't make them look too thick but if you like that look you can build up using as much product as you like. I'm actually going to give this product to a friend so they can get some good use out of it. 

june birchbox flatlay with notebooks, makeup brushes and beauty products

I was so excited when I saw that I got another Rituals product in this months Birchbox. Everything that I've tried from the brand before I've always loved. The product I got this time was The Ritual Of Karma Body Cream (don't they have the best names ever) this cream has the added ingredients of holy lotus and organic white tea which gives this body cream such a lovely fresh scent. This body cream is described to be a multitasker product because it is rejuvenating for both the body and the mind. I've only tried this cream a few times since I got it because I wanted to save as much as possible for my holiday (in 3 days!!), when I did try it out the scent was really lovely and the formula made my skin feel super soft and hydrated and not greasy at all as the product soaked into the skin instantly. 

This is actually the first time for me trying out Paul & Joe products before but I've seen them a lot and know the brand instantly because of the extra pretty packaging. This primer is a lot different from anything that I've tried before because it has a slight colour to it and most primers that I use are clear and more silicony. This primer is described as a multi-tasking primer which deeply moisturises and banishes excess oil which actually sounds perfect for me. I've only used this primer once since getting it and on my initial first impression, I do quite like this product. I probably wouldn't pick this out if I hadn't got it in this months box but now that I have it I will be using it a lot more to see if it keeps my makeup on all day. 

Klorane Anti-Pollution Shampoo 

I never actually really like when I get shampoo in my Birchboxes just because I always seem to stick to the same products that I know work for my hair but as I have a holiday coming up small shampoo samples are quite handy. This shampoo is made with aquatic mint which you can smell as soon as you open the lid, it's quite a strong scent which I don't know if I love or hate it. This shampoo is also described as a non-stripping formula which is full of botanicals that help remove the build-up from pollution. It also says that because of the added ingredient of mint that this shampoo will cool and comfort the scalp which I think would be perfect to use after a full day in the sun to keep the scalp from being irritated. 

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So that's it for another round up of products from this months Birchbox which I'll continue to use and see if they'll become apart of my permanent collection. Have you tried any of these products before? 

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  1. I've seen the Paul & Joe stuff before and the packaging is absolutely incredible! Love Benefit brow products, it's a shame that one was too light for you. That berry lip crayon looks like a really nice shade x


  2. This BB looks so pretty. I would love to try the Karma Body Cream, so glad it's working well with you, lovely!


  3. I like tingling shampoos, makes me feel like my scalp is stimulated, which promotes hair growth. I definitely want to check out anything by Benefit in regards to their brown products, I always see tons of positive results!

    Natonya | https://www.justnatonya.wordpress.com