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The countdown has officially begun and it is now only 16 days until my Jamaica holiday and I have to tell you that I think all of my posts leading up to it will be holiday themed. The first post in a line of more summery posts is actually my Travel Makeup bag. This was a hard post to write because I actually had to sit and think about what products to take away with me when all I wanted to do was take my whole collection but I think for an 11 day holiday that may be too much! So get ready to grab a cuppa and a biscuit because this is going to be a long one.

Base Products 

I've actually had this primer for a while now but hadn't really tried it out much and while I was giving my collection a bit of a tidy up and I tested it out for a few days and have fallen in love with it. This primer has a very light silicone feel too it which I don't mind because I know it will be a good pore filling primer which I love to use. When I use this primer under my foundation it does on like a dream and keeps it looking great for hours. Another reason why I'm taking this primer is that it's in the perfect compact size as I want to save as much space as possible to fit as much makeup as possible.

This foundation has been in my collection for a while and I have been using it since my Review: New Foundation Wear Test post back in January. I haven't used this product as much as I would have liked because I did purchase a shade slightly too dark for me making it the perfect holiday shade. Once I get in the sun for a few days this foundation will be perfect for me. Other than the shade this foundation wears on the skin really nicely and gives me flawless looking skin and on holiday I think it would not be too heavy and thick on my skin which I hate in the hot weather and even though I'll be wearing my foundation at night in Jamaica it only goes down to 26° so as little foundation as possible is required!

This was a hard one for me to decide on because at the moment I have been using quite a few different ones depending on what look I'm going for and how much coverage I need. When I'm on holiday sometimes I actually skip the foundation part and just use concealer for a base and a bit of powder. I decided to go for the Conceal & Define from Revolution what I have been using for months now and always go back to using it as it suits my skin so well. For my under eyes, I have been using the Fast Base Concealer again from Revolution (sensing a theme), this concealer is an absolute holy grail of mine and works wonders at concealing my dark circles, I may need to purchase a slightly darker shade as I get more of a tan but with this concealer being only £5 its perfect.

I spent a long time deciding what powder to take as I know that on days I would mainly just be using powder as a base product. I needed a powder that was slightly darker than my skin tone now as my face tans so easily. I chose to go for the LA Girl Pro Face powder which I've had in my collection for ages but haven't really used that much because of the shade. This powder I would say is one shade darker than my skin now which is perfect. The powder itself is lovely, it applies to the skin effortlessly and leaves me with a really nice matte look but it doesn't look cakey which is a must!

Blush, Bronzer & Highlight - Collection #BlushAndGlow Palette 
I was actually pretty sure on what product I was going to be taking for blusher, bronzer and highlight and I know that I definitely want to take a face palette with all of the products together to save as much space as possible. This palette as you can see because I've actually hit the pan has been a favourite of mine for a long time and I've mentioned it before months ago in My Favourite Face Palettes post. The bronzer in this palette is the perfect shade, it's slightly too dark for me now but will look perfect with a tan and it blends out so nicely into the skin without too much effort which is perfect for holidays as I do spend as little time on my makeup as I can. For the blush in this palette, there are two options which I love as I may want to wear matte one day and a more shimmery one the next. The final product is the highlighter which is a gorgeous golden shimmer shade which works for all different looks. 

Eye Products 

I know what your thinking I must be mad taking three palettes on holiday with me but I have my reasons. I'm someone who likes to be over prepared and probably overpacked, I like to have options on whether I want to wear green shadow one day and coral the next and because these palettes are pretty small I feel like I can justify it. Since my review of these palettes I have been loving them, the different shades create so many different moods and for them only being £3 each they are pretty great quality. The matte shades blend out quite good but the shimmers are definitely my favourite because they have really great pigmentation. 

These two products weren't actually a hard choice, I wanted to bring my favourite products that I have been using recently because I know they work for me. For liner, I decided to go with Soap & Glory's Crazy Sexy Khol because its a really great liner that glides on so easily and stays put in my waterline all day. The mascara I'll be taking is another Soap & Glory product which is the Thick & Fast mascara, on my holiday I'll have my lash extensions back on (which I can't wait for!) so I won't need a lot of mascara just a small amount on my lower lashes to add definition and length which is what this mascara gives me.  

This was another easy decision to make, I have been using the brow define micro pencil for months and it works so well at filling in my brows and I've now mastered it where I can do my brows in under 5 minutes! To set all my brows in place I will be taking my NYX brow mascara which is really a godsend, it keeps my unruly brows in place all day and this is a product that I'd use during the day when I'm not wearing other makeup just to keep my brows tidy. 

Lip Products 

I know you're now probably thinking I'm crazy taking so many lip products but even when I'm at home I wear a different colour most days so this was a really hard choice for me. I went through my lipsticks about 10 times trying to decide what shades to take and I ended up with MAC Brick-O-Lar which is a really pretty mid toned berry shade, I went for this one because I could picture it going with a lot of my outfits that I'll be taking and other makeup items. The other lipstick I'm going to take is my Collection lipstick in China Rose which is a recent purchase of mine, this lipstick is a gorgeous pinky nude which I think will still look really nice when I have more of a tanned face. 

I definitely had to take a lipgloss on holiday because I know how dry my lips can get when it's in the sun and this lip gloss really helps to keep them nourished and smooth. The Balm Pretty Smart Lip Balm has been a favourite of mine ever since I got it in the Superdrug sale and mentioned it in my The Best Non-Sticky Lip Glosses post. This lipgloss is always on me in my handbag makeup bag and I wear it nearly all the time because of its browny nude shade which looks good with any makeup look. I also think this gloss would look nice on top of my lipsticks to change up the shade and bit and make them glossy. 

I wasn't too sure that I was going to take a liquid lip on holiday because they do dry down on the lips but in the end, I opted to take one. The one I'm taking is the Barry M Lip Paint in Runway which is a gorgeous deep pink shade. I picked this product because the colour is so gorgeous and would go with everything and the formula doesn't completely dry down to an uncomfortable matte which I hate. I also picked this liquid lip because the thin formula helps me to apply it really easily and doesn't dry down too quickly. 

There was one thing missing from my other lip products and that was a really true nude shade that I could throw on when I'm not wanting to wear too much makeup. This lip pencil is the perfect product for travelling because its a two in one and can also be used as a lip liner to wear under other lip products. This shade would be perfect for every day or if we're going out for the day because it's such an easy product to wear and use. It applies to the lips gorgeously and keeps them feeling soft even in the hot weather. 

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We have finally reached the end of this post, I hope you're still with me. Sorting out my holiday makeup has made me even more excited to hop on the plane to Jamacia! Have you tried any of these products before?

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  1. I received one of the PS palettes in a review of a beauty box and I was super impressed with how they worked and how they blended out!

    Love, Amie ❤

    The Curvaceous Vegan

    1. They are really great quality! I would of thought they would have been more expensive if I didn’t know they were from primark! X

  2. Choosing what you take on holiday with you is so hard! It never seems to get easier either? I think you did a great job narrowing your products down, I always want to take everything too. I hope you have an amazing time and I can't wait to read your holiday content x


    1. It’s such a hard decision on what to take I really would take just an extra case just for my makeup and skincare products. Thank you, I can’t wait for the holiday now! X

  3. I swear by revolution conceal and define foundation and concealer! I’m gonna try out that primer though, sounds good and I need a new one!

    1. The Revolution foundation is really great and the Concealer I use everyday and absolutely love it! The primer is also amazing I’ve been using it a lot recently x

  4. I always struggle to pick what to take on holiday, especially when it comes to picking the right palette! I really love the finish on the revolution foundation.

    1. The palette was one of the hardest ones as there are so many to choose from that’s why I ended up taking three palettes in the end! X

  5. I always end up taking way too much makeup on holiday with me, especially lipsticks! I'm the same, I HATE wearing foundation in the warm weather and recently purchashed the YSL Touche Éclat foundation for something lighter. It's pricier but so light on the skin! Them eyeshadow palettes look gorgeous, I normally play it safe and stick to neutrals, but them pink shades are stunning! Loved this x

    Evie x |