Summer has finally arrived even though in the UK it really doesn't look like it, it's still pretty cloudy and rainy but I thought a few summer eyeshadow looks will be just the trick to bring the sun out. I have put together a post with all of my favourite palettes to use during the summer with two Drugstore and to High-end.

I got this palette last Christmas and didn't really have the chance to use it until now because the shades are all very summery. The shades are a mixture of neutrals and two very striking blue shades which caught my eye straight away. This palette swatched like a dream and each of the shades has the best pigmentation, with one swipe you get amazing colour pay off. My favourite shades from this palette have got to be the two blue shades Double Dip and Plunge as they are so different and nothing like what I'm used to wearing.

Even though you only get 8 shades in this palette you can create loads of different looks because of the variety of shades and textures as most of the shades are shimmer but you do get a matte shade to use as a transition shade. This is a palette I think would be great to take away on holiday because you can create more natural looks with the neutral shades and then add a pop of blue to really glam up the look for an evening out.

My Look and How I Achieved It 

For the sake of this post I thought I had to use the blue shade to really show you how vibrant of a colour it is. This would be a look that I wouldn't wear every day but definitely for a night out or a holiday evening. Even though the look is pretty colourful it's actually quite easy to do!

(All of the shades I used are listed in the swatch photo above!)
  1. The first step of this look is to add the matte shade which is Daybreak into my crease, For this, I used a fluffy blending brush. This step actually took the longest because I wanted to make it as blended as possible. 
  2. After I blended out the crease I then applied my first layer of Double Dip which is the lighter blue shade onto the inner corner of my eye and blended it to almost halfway across my lid. For this, I actually used my finger because it gave the best colour pay off. 
  3. To deepen out the outer corner I added Wedge which is the darkest shimmer brown shade, I added this with a packing brush and then blended the shade out with a fluffy blending brush. This shade I also brought up to the middle of my lid and blended it into the blue shade. 
  4. To add further pigmentation to the blue I just went back in and added another layer to really show the colour off. 
  5. For the last, I took the matte shade Daybreak and blended it out onto my lower lash line. For the inner corner highlight, I then applied a small amount of Blaze which is a gorgeous duo-chrome shade which has a pinky shade in some lights. 

P.s... Beauty Peach Dream Palette

This palette I got a few months ago and actually did a full review also testing out a few other palettes from the range in my Review: P.s... Beauty Mini Palettes Review which you can find here. Since that post, I have been obsessed with the Peach Dream palette and have been using it a lot in my daily makeup routine. This little mini palette has 9 shades with a mix of 3 shimmer glittery shades and 6 matte shades ranging from coral to yellow to orange. With these palettes only being £3 each they have amazing quality, some of the shades are a little harder to blend than others but the shade all works great overall.

When swatching the shades the shimmery ones swatch amazingly and have very little fallout but the matte shades are slightly harder to swatch and are a bit more powdery but with this palette only being for £3 you can't really go wrong. I have found that with just these 9 shades you can create a number of really pretty looks, If I was going to have an issue with this palette it would be that I would like maybe one more shimmery shade to balance out the whole palette. When I look at these shades they just automatically remind me of summer because of the range of pinky and coral shades.

My Look and How I Achieved It 

For this look, I wanted to keep it a bit more wearable and I think it would be perfect for a summer date night or just a night out with the girls. I find the pinky shades in this palette to be so flattering and would look gorgeous on all skin tones.

(All shades used are swatched in the photo above!)

  1. To start off this look I blended out the shade Bloom which is the lightest matte pink shade into the crease, I also blended this out slightly higher toward my brow as usual. For this, I used a fluffy blending brush and just went back and forth until I got my desired look. 
  2. To darken up the crease I decided to add Posy which is the deeper pink shade which is slightly more corally into the crease, I did this slighter lower than the shade above and blended the shades in together. 
  3. For my lid shade, I added the golden shimmer shade Sassy which is on the bottom row in the middle. For this, I used my finger to apply it as it gives the best pigmentation. 
  4. For the outer corner, I used the Bloom and blended it up to the shinner shade using a blending brush. To deepen the outer corner I then applied the deep red shade from the top row and used a light hand to blend it in altogether. 
  5. To finish the look off I used Posy again and blended it out onto my lower lash line. For the inner corner highlight, I added the first pink shimmer shade Silk to tie the whole look together. 

Revolution New Trals vs Neutrals Palette

This palette has been in my palette collection for a long time now and I've mentioned it in my High-Street Palette Collection and have been using it on and off for months. This palette has a really good mix of shades which is why I've added it to this post. You can create so many different versatile looks from it because of the mix between glitter, shimmer and matte shades. The shades in this palette also vary quite a bit too with the top row having more red and orange shades and the bottom row having more purple and grey shades.

I added this palette onto this list mainly because of the shades on the top row. Whenever I see reds, pinks and oranges it automatically makes me think of summer. When swatching these shades I only swatched some of the shades that I'd be using in this look. When I swatched the shades they actually swatched really nicely, a few of the shades were slightly patchy but mostly they swatched out really nicely.

My Look and How I Achieved it 

The look that I did with this palette is slightly different from the others as I wanted to add as many colours as I can. I also decided to do a cut crease which doesn't have to be as hard as it looks.

(All the colours in this look I have numbered in the swatch photo)
  1. The first step of this look again was to add the crease shade, I actually messed up slightly by adding the wrong shade but thought I'd go with it and see how it would go. I started blending out the grey shade 10 but changed my mind and started adding the dark matte orange shade 4 from the top row to make the crease warmer. 
  2. After I fixed the crease I then applied the concealer onto a thin brush to make the cut crease. Once I applied that I set the concealer with the matte cream shade with a fluffy brush. 
  3. For the cut crease I used three different shades, the first light coral shade 2 on the palette for the inner corner, I started applying it with a brush and then used my finger for extra pigmentation. 
  4. Once the inner corner was done I then worked on the middle of the cut crease, for this I used the orange shade 3 next to the shade I used above and again used my finger to pack the colour and then blended the two colours together with a fluffy brush. 
  5. For the outer corner, I applied the deep red shape 6 with a packing brush and then blended the colour into the orange shade. 
  6. For the last bit of this look, I then applied the orange matte shade 4 onto my lower lash line and for the inner corner highlight I used the pink glittery shade 2 from the bottom row and packed it on. 
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Out of all three of these palettes, I don't think I have a favourite because they all bring different things to the table. Which one of these palettes is your favourite?

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Aaliyah xo


  1. I love your picks. Great products.

  2. I've said it before and I'll keep saying it, your photography is just #goals, simply stunning! I don't tend to wear eyeshadow very much because it never stays put and I have hooded eyes, but of your three looks my favourite is the third one, the colours are beautiful. And your cut crease is fab! Lisa x

    1. Thank you! I’ve been trying to improve my Flatlays recently. For the third look I was kind of just experimenting and then it just came about and I was really happy with the final look! X

  3. The peach palette is my favorite. I love neutrals ls, pink, and bronzes! Palettes like those are perfect for summer!

    1. I think that’s one of my favourites too, I find the shades to be the perfect ones for summer! And I also think it would look lovely on all skin tones x

  4. The UD Beached palette looks really pretty, I don't think I've seen that one before? The Primark one looks like a great option for everyday looks too. Great picks here x


    1. I think it was a summer release last year but you can still get it online on certain websites! The primark palette is great and works really great for it only being £3! X

  5. Oh my god! I absolutely love the look you created using the Urban Decay Beached palette. That Double Dip shade literally looks like my kind of thing! :D

    1. Thank you! The blue shades from this palette are so gorgeous and they work amazingly with the best formula out of the three palettes! X

  6. The Revolution palette looks gorgeous and you made it look wonderful! X

    Alice // The Rose Glow

    1. The shades all together work really well from the Revolution palette and they are perfect for summer! X

  7. Omg I absolutely LOVE the look you made with the Urban Decay Beach palette! The pop of blue is eeeeeverything, I can see why it caught your eye! All these looks are great tbh, I love your shots! It's hard to get a good makeup shot and you've nailed it!

    Jas xx |

    1. I was a little scared to add the blue at first because it is so bright and very different to what I usually wear but I’m the end I loved it! It literally took about 20 shots to get the right one! X