hand luggage items sunglasses, kindle, notebooks and beauty products

I am obsessed with being organised and for a holiday I think if it's possible that I've become even more obsessed. I have lists for everything and I've recently just sat down and wrote my hand luggage list, I'm going to be going on a nearly 10-hour flight so I need to be prepared. In this post, I have put together all the items and products that I'll be taking in my hand luggage bag and I have also created a FREE printable checklist for you to use on your next holiday! 


hand luggage items sunglasses, notebooks, kindle and beauty products

Hand Sanitiser - Carex Sensitive Gel 
I am seriously a germ freak, especially if I'm in a confined space like a bus, train or plane so I always carry a hand sanitizer with me. I also like to bring a hand sanitizer with me on the plane to use before the food comes around or just to freshen up every now and again. I have also found that if I'm going to get ill on holiday I would probably catch something from the plane so I always make sure that I keep my hands squeaky clean. Recently I have just been using the Carex Sensitive Gel, this hand sanitiser doesn't dry out my hands and make them feel rough it actually does the opposite, it also doesn't have too strong of an antibacterial smell which I hate. I also love this sanitiser for soaking into my hands super quickly and leaving them feeling smooth.  

Another product to combat dryness is a lip balm, I have actually written a post all about this in my The Best Lip Balms For Dry Lips. My lip balm is probably one of the most important items that I'll be taking on the plane with me. I won't be wearing any makeup on this flight so the balm is probably the only product that I'll be wearing on my lips. The aircon again is not a friend for my skin because it really dries out my lips and makes them pretty uncomfortable. The balm I've been loving recently has been my Malibu Tropical SPF 30 Lip Balm, I have used quite a few of the other scents of this balm but the tropical one seems to be my go to. It keeps my lips feeling extra nourished and smooth and seems to last for ages. This balm also has the added benefit of having an SPF 30 making it the perfect companion for a summer holiday. 

Micellar Water - Garnier Micellar Water  
When thinking about all the products I wanted to take on the plane with me I actually didn't think of micellar water to start with but because it is such a long flight I thought it would be a good idea. Even though I won't be wearing any makeup after a few hours of flying I'm sure I'll need to freshen up my skin and remove any nasties. I also like to use micellar water to actually cool my skin down, I'm either too hot or too cold on a flight and If I'm feeling slightly flushed micellar water would be perfect at cooling my face down. I've tried a few different micellar waters before and I always end up going for the Garnier Micellar Water and for the plane I decided to go with the sensitive version to deeply cleanse my skin but not irritate it. 

My flight is actually a morning flight so I won't be sleeping at all but I thought the best type of mask to take on a flight would be one that you wouldn't actually be able to see once it's applied to the skin. After I have cleansed my face with the above micellar water I thought the best product to rehydrate the skin would be an overnight mask. I had two to choose from and the one I eventually settled on was the Dr Botanicals Pomegrate sleeping Mask. This mask makes my skin feel absolutely amazing after using it, it just adds all the moisture back into my skin that's been sucked away from the air con. This mask also has the most amazing scent to it, it smells really sweet but doesn't linger on the skin for too long.  

Moisturiser / SPF - Mimitika SPF 50 Face Suncream 
The last product that I'll be taking on the plane with me is actually going to be an SPF. As I know from the last time when I was on holiday was that as soon as you leave the airport and the sun and the heat smack you in the face you need an SPF straight away. SPF is so important to keep the skin protected from the sun and to prevent premature ageing and sun damage. I chose to take the Mimitika Face Suncream because it has high protection against UVA and UVB rays and it's in a really travel-friendly size. This product I would apply nearer to the end of the flight meaning that as soon as I get off the plane I'm ready for the day!


My kindle literally goes with me anywhere and the plane is no exception. I always used to love to read actual books which I still do from time to time but on holiday I always find it best to take my kindle because you can have as many books on there as you want. For a 9 and a half hour flight, I definitely need as much entertainment as possible so a few books might just be the answer. At the moment I'm actually reading the Harry Potter books and I've been waiting to start The Goblet Of Fire just for the journey!

I would usually take my iPad with me on the plane but now that I have this blog I thought it would be the best time to just sit and write because I literally have hours to spare. I also thought it would be a good idea since I have the Netflix app on my laptop that I could download all the cheesy films I could ever want just encase the movies on the plane just aren't up to scratch.

Headphones/charger wires 
This one is probably a bit self-explanatory but I think I would cry if I forgot my headphones because a 9-hour flight with no headphones is torture. I don't know if it's just me but I didn't actually know that planes have plug sockets so I always make sure my phone, laptop and kindle chargers are all kept in my hand luggage bag too.  

FREE Printable Hand Luggage Check List (don't forget to pin for later)
hand luggage essentials check list

Other Bits and Pieces

Magazine - Cosmopolitan 
To make sure that I'm fully entertained and occupied I feel like I need to take something else to read and of course, it has to be a Cosmo! I am a big magazine reader, I have been for years and Cosmopolitan has always been one of the first ones that I pick up. I also think I'll be getting a few of the trashy celeb magazines because they will definitely pass the time!

Even though I am going on a morning flight, on my flight home it will be a night flight so my eye mask is a must. I must say that I do find it quite hard to sleep on planes because wherever I sit I just can never get comfortable enough to sleep but with my eyes covered, I'm sure I'll be able to get a nap in here and there. 

Empty Water Bottle - Mango Sports Motivational Water Bottle
I learnt to take an empty bottle the hard way. One year on holiday I totally forgot and brought a new bottle of water and it got chucked away as soon as I hit security. Taking an empty bottle to the airport is a must because I find getting things like water can be more expensive than usual and there are always water fountains in the airports. The bottle I've been using lately has the times of the day that you should be drinking, I find this so helpful as it motivates me to drink more water, you can find loads of these on Amazon. All you have to do is fill it up after you go through security and you'll be fine!

Sunglasses - Ray Ban Erika Classic 
I try to carry my sunglasses with me at all times anyway at home just encase there's a bit of sun so having them in my hand luggage is definitely essential. This year I took the plunge and got some Ray Bans but mine are also prescription making then the perfect glasses for me and I can actually see through them! As soon as I step off the plane these sunglasses will be going straight on.

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This post took a while to write because I kept thinking of even more things I wanted to add to my list. I hope I've thought of everything. Is there anything you take in your hand luggage that I haven't thought of?

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  1. I love that checklist you did! So handy! I always have my phone, hand sanitizer, micellar water and laptop wherever I go... Although I now try to leave it behiind when i go on holiday!

    1. Thank you! I can’t live without those items either, I hardly ever use my phone or laptop once I’m actually on the holiday but for the journey they are a must! X

  2. Lip balm is always a must when I go away anywhere! I get really dry/chapped lips, especially in the Summer, so it's my essential thing to pack! I also use Garnier Micellar water for removing makeup as it's so good! x

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk

    1. That is the same with me, my lips get super dry in the summer and especially once air con so the I couldn’t leave the house without my lip balm x

  3. You have some great suggestions here! I know that I don't go ANYWHERE without my lip balm lol!

    1. Thank you! I know it’s definitely a must have especially for travelling! X

  4. I'm going to bookmark this post for my next trip away at the beginning of August! As I'm a photographer I never leave anywhere without a camera on me. xx

    1. That’s great! I’m glad it will help you for when you start packing for your holiday! The camera is a must as well! X

  5. Great list! I love to be organised when I fly too, people always laugh but I'm never bored or complaining about my skin. Packing your laptop is such a great idea, I spent my last flight editing photos and watching Netflix and the time went really quickly x


    1. That’s very true, I’d rather be extra organised and have too much stuff than not being organised at all and having to stress out about it! X

  6. Great list.

  7. Great checklist! I once went on holiday without lip balm, and it was HELL. Never again will I forget to put it in my hand luggage haha

    Chelle | http://chellebelle2016.blogspot.com

    1. I couldn’t imagine going away without lip balm! I’d have to find the nearest shop right away! That’s why I need my list as I can be so forgetful x

  8. What an awesome list! I've often wondered about buying a kindle but I do just love the feel of physical books and prefer reading them. But, maybe it's time to try something new! I hate being on planes simply because my skin feels horrible afterwards, but your list sounds like it will save you! x

  9. I'm a germaphobe too so the antibac gel is a must always! I also think micellar water is a must, especially on a long flight.

  10. This is such a helpful list! I love the Garnier Micellar Water. I always buy the smaller bottles for trips away. Although I did get caught out the once going through security. I hadn't realised I'd bought the 125ml size instead of the 100ml size so had to chuck it away. Won't ever make that mistake again!

    I also always take an empty water bottle with me. I love the Chilly's bottles because you can fill them up with cold water from a fountain and it stays cold for hours.

  11. Loved reading through this post, we have so many of the same hand luggage essentials! I always seem to forget to put my sunglasses in my hand luggage and end up squinting in the sun when I arrive, haha! This is such a helpful list :) xx

    Kate | http://www.katelovesx.co.uk/

  12. The first time I went traveling, I foolishly left an empty water bottle behind. I will not make that mistake again.

    I always carry hand sanitizer and lip balm is a must! For long flights, take headphones. There is nothing worst then using the ones the stewards hand out and suffering through what would otherwise be a good movie!

  13. Great post! I always carry hand sanitiser with me and hand cream (Soap and Glory if my favourite) as I always feel so dry on the plane! Eye masks are great for having a nap on the plane too!
    I've just invested in a tablet to take with me to watch netflix to help pass the time of the flight.

    Love the checklist!
    Thanks for sharing,

    Aimsy xoxo

  14. Great list! Just got off a flight a couple of days ago, and all these things were in my handheld bag:) Just make sure to transfer your micellar water to a small clear bottle or else they will chuck that too (and I learned THAT the hard way too:). This time around I put my Netflix subscription to good use and downloaded a few shows and movies to pass the flight hours as I am one of those people who can not sleep on a plain for even one second. Have a great trip!

  15. I'll have to keep this saved for next time i go away - I always manage to forget something! Definitely need to download netflix programs onto my iPad for next time - I'd never thought of that! xx