I've been seeing a few of these posts lately and thought I would write one of my own and I have to admit I was slightly worried. I know I spend a lot of money on makeup (for the blog of course) but never actually thought about how much my everyday full face of makeup would actually cost! Here I'll be going through my everyday makeup bag and adding up the cost! Wish me luck. 


For my everyday look, I don't actually wear a lot of primers so I didn't add it onto this list but I replace that with products like BB creams. I think the Base category is going to be the most expensive as most of my base products aren't actually drugstore or high-street. The only low priced product in this category is my holy grail concealers!


Technically the product I have isn't £25.50 because I have a sample size but my full-size option is actually on its way to me. I have been using this product since I got it in my July Birchbox and this small tester product has lasted this long. I always find it hard to actually get a BB cream which suits my skin tone but this one does amazingly. This product gives the skin a light to medium coverage and I use it as a base for most of my everyday looks to give my skin an extra glow. 

This has got to be the most expensive product on my list and this will be upping the final total quite a bit but I would say that this product is definitely worth the price. I have mentioned this product in a few previous posts one being My Everyday Makeup Bag. I use this powder foundation literally every day to matte my skin but to also add more coverage, I would say you could build this product up to a full coverage foundation without the skin looking cakey. 

I think this product is the cheapest on my whole list, for only £1 you get a good amount of product that keeps your skin shine free. I use this product to set any makeup and throughout the day to keep my shine at bay. This product doesn't leave a white cast on the skin and blends out so easily and doesn't make the skin look cakey. 


Going on top my lower priced makeup items but I would definitely say they are still amazing quality. I have been using this concealer since I reviewed it way back in August, This actually pushed out my old favourite Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer. This concealer works perfectly at hiding any dark circles and really brightens the undereye area but also keep the skin looking smooth and line free. 

If you have tried this concealer then you will know how amazing this product is for such a small price. This concealer really reminds me of the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer but for more than half the price. It conceals any imperfections you might have and also covers any redness or discolouration in the skin. This product can also be used as a contouring product making it an even better value for money. 

Bronzer, Blush & Highlight

Another inexpensive item on my list, I recently got this blusher in Tk Maxx and have been using it ever since. This bronzer is a major dupe for the Benefit Hola Bronzer mainly by the packaging and I actually find the colour of the bronzer actually suits my skin tone really well. For the price being so low, I still think that it is really great quality and even if it was a higher price I would still buy it. 

This blusher has been in my collection for ages and I'm still drawn to it because of its easy blendable formula and amazing shades. The price of this blusher isn't too much and I think its actually pretty reasonable for the quality of this blush. This blush is light in pigmentation but is also very buildable if you like a strong pigmentation colour for your blush. 

This is the most expensive highlighter that I own and probably my favourite as well. I got this highlighter a few years ago and it's basically brand new as there is so much product left. The formula of this foundation is my favourite, it goes o so smoothly and doesn't cling to the texture of your skin. I like to also use this as an inner corner highlight for a lot of different looks and also as a brow bone highlighter.

Eyes & Lips

In this category, I have a lot of different drugstore and high street products that I really enjoy using. This part I think will be a lot cheaper than my base products because of how much I enjoy using more high-street eye and lip products. 


I was using the Anastasia Brow Pomade when I tried out this product and I actually prefer this one and not just because its a lot cheaper but I really enjoy the creamy formula. This brow pomade is easy to use and works really well at keeping your brow's in place all day. You can also get a really sharp shape with this product with a good brush and it also lasts ages. 

I have found it so hard before to find the right brow product for my dark eyebrows and then I found this product. It is a very reasonable price because it really does last a long time as you only need a small amount to go a long way. This product helps to keep my unruly brows in place and keeps them looking polished all day. 

This is a very pricey brow product for me but it was a gift so I can justify it. This pencil can be used in various areas of the face but I tend to use it for a brow bone highlight. The colour is a really pretty champagney gold shade which actually looks nice with most eye looks. It glides on really easily and blends out into the skin like a dream. 


This liner has been my holy grail black kohl liner for years, I have used different products before but have always come back to this one. The price of this liner I think is very reasonable for a drugstore liner. This product lasts all day in my bottom and top waterline. This liner has a very creamy liner that glides on so easily and is a really dark black that doesn't fade throughout the day. 

I think this mascara is very reasonably priced, it is slightly more than the usual the high-street mascara but I think its worth it. This mascara coats the lashes quickly and easily, it also separates the lashes and adds extra volume and length. The formula of this mascara is really great because it doesn't flake or wears away during the day. 

I have added this palette onto this list because I have been using it a lot more recently. This palette is such an amazing deal as you get 6 shades for only £3.99. The colour selection in this palette is perfect for an everyday natural look, you can also add a few more shades from other palettes to dress it up a bit. 


For lip the lips I have been really loving wearing nudey pink colours for the autumn weather and have been reaching for this lipstick a lot. The formula if my favourite, it lasts a really long time for not being a matte lipstick but it also feels really smooth and covers the lips with one swipe of the lipstick. 

Another holy grail product of mine is this Revlon Lip Butter, I have been using it a lot since the weather has gotten a lot colder. This product has a lot of pigmentation for a lip balm and leaves the lips looking and feeling smooth. This lip butter is a really really comfortable product to wear everyday day and also looks like a gloss.

Total Cost = £158.97

With everything added up I actually think that isn't too bad of a price and I think that the added high-street product really helped to keep that price lower! It's slightly higher than I was expecting but not too crazy like some of the other YouTubers that I've seen

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I think for this post I was actually worried that Id spent way too much for my full face but I was slightly surprised that it wasn't as much as I thought it would be! How much does your everyday face cost?

Aaliyah xo


  1. I think these posts are always super interesting, I have to do this on myself because I'd LOVE to add up the products I use. I think the grand total here again wasn't too bad, especially if your products last you a while!

  2. I did one of these for my most expensive makeup and it came to around £300 so i think for everyday mine would equal somewhat similiar to yours!

    Ellie // www.thediaryofellie.com

  3. That's actually pretty reasonable! I would love to do something like this but I'm so nervous as to what the price would end up being. Off the top of my head I think I only use 3/4 high street products daily so mine would be so expensive!! x


  4. Some people probably spend more on makeup so i'd say that's reasonable. and some products last longer so it is relative. I don't put makeup on so my face does not cost much ^^

  5. I love the fact you have high end and high street all mixed in! I love the conceal and define! Such an amazing product!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  6. Wowzers! That's an expensive face you have! I find these posts really interesting. You don't realise just how much money you're wearing every day! I don't use any high end make up, all of mine is pretty cheap so I can't imagine my face amounts to much!


  7. What a great, original idea! Also, it's a great way to showcase the current products that you are using. I love Soap & Glory's Thick and Fast and I haven't used it in ages -- now I want to.

    Lovely post! x


  8. Make-up can be quite pricey but we have to pay for quality. I have super sensitive skin so I can't use just any product otherwise my face swells up like a balloon. I don't wear make-up every day though and I don't even want to know how much it would cost if I did. Interesting post; I liked reading it. The price of beauty lol...

  9. A lot if these brands I have never used before, not sure how big they are here in the US but Bobby Brown and NYX both have really amazing products that I incorporate in my daily makeup routine

    Erica Raquel