I have seen so many of these posts recently and I love to read them as it really gives you an insight into what products people really like to use and is also a bit nosy too. Now my collection is a bit large but I have been collecting these palettes for years and have used and loved all of them. In this post, I will show you all of my palettes and explain why I love them!

Revolution Palettes

My largest selection of palettes has got to be my Revolution Palettes, these are the most affordable palettes that you can get on the high-street but they really don't scrimp on the quality!

This palette is probably my favourite palette ever (pretty huge statement but its true). The colours in this palette are really my favourite part, they are mainly light pink shades and more coppery shades that I think suits all skin tones. If you like the Urban Decay Naked Palette 3 this is a major dupe and for more than half the price. The formula of the matte shades in this palette is near to perfection, they go on so easily with minimal blending needed. 

For a long time, I was using this palette daily as you can create so many different looks with the 7 shimmer and 9 matte shades. The colours in this palette are a mix of the more red and orangey shades which I actually think is perfect for autumn. If you're looking for an easy palette to create all different looks from I would definitely recommend this one. The formula of this palette is also really great, it blends out seamlessly with perfect pigmentation. 

This palette if you haven't guessed already is a major dupe for the Kat Von Dee Shade and Light Palette. All of the shades in this palette are mattes which makes it a perfect palette to use alongside other shades. For an all matte palette, you get a good amount of shades to choose from and you could actually create a few looks with just this palette. The shades in this palette actually blend out pretty easily but you do need to work with it a bit to get your desired look. 

This was an impulse purchase for me, Superdrug had one of their amazing 3 for 2 sales and this palette caught my eye. The colours in this palette work really well together with a lot of the warmer red and berry shades. This is mostly mattes with a few shimmer shades added in. The mattes in this palette are slightly patchy but blending it out for a while really helps your eyes look flawless. 

This is one of the first Revolution palettes that I actually tried out and it made me fall in love with the brand. For only £8 you get a great selection of 32 matte and shimmer shades that you will be able to make various looks from. This palette is perfect for travelling as you get so many shades to choose from. I still reach for this palette for the deep shimmer shades as their pigmentation is so good. 

This is the full matte version as the palette just before and I have to say that I don't actually reach for it as much as my other palettes. This palette is great to use in conjunction with others to create really great looks. The formula is really great with the different shades blending into each other so easily. I would say this palette is for someone who loves to experiment with different matte shades. 

I got this palette when I was going through a phase of really loving more colourful shades. Sadly I was slightly disappointed with this palette, some of the shades actually have really nice pigmentation but some of the blue shades are quite patchy and the colour pays off isn't that great. I would say to try out some of the many other Revolution palettes over this one. 

MUA Palettes

Similar to my Revolution palettes I really enjoy these palettes because they are so affordable but also really great quality but offer amazing shades as well. 

This palette as you can see from the photo got a lot of love, two of the shades I've actually hit pan on which hardly ever happens. This palette is perfect for everyday use because of the neutral brown and gold shades. This is a full shimmer palette so you may need to add a few matte shades for a full eye look. For extra pigmentation, I use my finger or wet my brush to help give the shimmer an extra pop.

For this palette, I wanted to try out a different neutrals palette for a few more darker browns and with the added benefit of having a few matte shades. The formula of this shimmer shades is so different for a high street palette because it feels more like a cream shade when you blend it into the skin. This is one of my everyday palettes that are easy to blend and are so wearable. 

This was a bit of an impulse by like I said before I was really having a major obsession with wanting to try out more colourful shades. I wouldn't say this is a palette that I reach for most and the shades are a bit out there but its a great palette to have in your collection. The formula of this palette has quite a bit of fallout but applying it with your fingers really helps. 

This is one of my favourite MUA palettes because of the shade range, The colours that you get in this palette are more green and brown shades which really compliment my brown eyes. The formula of this palette is much like the others with the shimmer shades being really smooth with only a little to no fallout.

Rusted Wonders Palette
This palette I actually got for free with a promotion at Superdrug a few months ago, the colours caught my eye straight away. This is a full shimmer shade palette with the colours being coppers and deep reds which are perfect for this time of year. I use this palette with other matte shades to create a full eye look. These shades go on the eye really nicely but the best way for the most pigmentation is to apply it with your fingers.

Primark Palettes

Primark has had their own beauty range for a while now and I had only tried out a few different products but I saw these palettes and had to try them out because of their colour ranges.

Urban Eyeshadow Palette 
The colours in this palette are what I was drawn to straight away, the mix of bright blues and orange shades made me want to try out the formula. This palette has a mix of mainly matte shades with a few shimmers thrown in. These colours blend into the skin really well and they also blend into each other really nicely. I would say that you might need a few more colours to create a whole eye look.

Berry Eyeshadow Palette

I got this palette because I was going through a phase of loving pink and berry shades for different eyeshadow looks. The shimmer shades in this palette are slightly patchy but I get around this by applying it with my finger or wetting the brush before applying the colour. When the product is on the eyes it lasts all day without fading or creasing.

Collection Palettes 
For my collection palette, I saw Fleur De Force mention these probably about a year ago and had to pick them up straight away as any makeup she mentions is definitely worth it.

Eyes Uncovered Nude Bronze Palette

If your someone who loves a really great neutral palette then I would definitely recommend getting this palette. The shades I this palette are perfect for everyday use, the gold shimmery shades look perfect on every skin tone and for extra pigmentation, I would apply these with my finger. I would give this palette to a beginner in makeup because there are only a few shades but you can still make really pretty looks with it.

Eyes Uncovered Nude Grey 

For this palette, I haven't used it as much as the one before because I find that bronzier tones suit me more than the grey. I have kept this palette in my collection because I'm a bit of a hoarder and think I might use it one day!

Other Palettes

I have a few singles palettes that I don't have different options on, One of these palettes is actually a Z Palette that I've put together myself using some single eyeshadows of my favourite colours.

Z Palette 
In this palette, I have put a few different single shades that I didn't have a place for in this palette I have a few Makeup Geek Shades, Revolution and Barry M shades. For the Revolution shades, I actually took them from the Mermaids Forever palette which is the green and brown shades, these are really the only colours that I still like to use. The Makeup Geek colours are some of my favourites as the shades work so well together and have amazing pigmentation.

Morphe 12NB Palette

I wasn't too sure if Morphe was considered a high street brand but their prices are pretty low compared to other brands. The colours I this palette are literally all my favourite shades in one palette and there is such a good mix of matte and shimmer shades. The quality of this palette is pretty amazing, there isn't too much fallout and the shades all blend together really well.

Soap & Glory The Perfect Ten Palette

I got this palette a few years back with one of soap and glory Christmas range. This is a pretty large palette with 10 shades with a mix of matte and Shimmer shades. The mattes have amazing pigmentation something you would expect from a High-End brand. The last few shades do come out slightly patchy but with a bit of work it blends out quite well.

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I know my collection is on the larger side but some of these palettes I've had for a long time and makeup is really the only thing I treat myself too. Have you tried any of these palettes before? 

Aaliyah xo


  1. what a great collection! all the colors are so beautiful!! I have only two palettes in my beauty shelf because I don't use as much eyeshadow on daily basis but my favorites are gonna be the Revolution Palettes just because of the warm tones they offer. x
    have a wonderful day!

    1. Thank you! Some of my favorite palettes are Revolution they are amazing quality for such a small price! x

  2. The Revolution palettes are absolutely stunning! Their so fab!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

    1. Love them! They are one of my favorite brands for inexpensive products x

  3. Revolution and MUA are always such good value for money! I have a palette from Makeup Revolution and it is the best for smoky eyes and great makeup looks!

    1. They are the best money wise and they don’t actually scrimp on quality! X

  4. Wow, what a great collection you have - they are all soo pretty! I have like 2 😂 I'd love to treat myself to some more, but I'm not very adventurous with eyeshadows so I usually just use browns/golds. Revolution are such great value for money - I treated myself to one of theirs recently after reading so many great reviews on them!


    1. The only thing I really buy for myself is makeup so my collection is a bit on the large side! I used to always wear the same brown shades but now I wear a lot of pink tones and they look really pretty! X

  5. Wow this collection is nice! Thanks for sharing.

  6. I couldn't agree more about the Revolution palettes, they're so affordable whilst still being pretty decent! I've not tried any of the others though! x x
    Ellis || http://www.elliswoolley.co.uk

    1. Love Revolution Palettes! And I really enjoy how they have so much variety in terms of colours! Xx

  7. This was such a great read. I don't have that many high street brand eye shadow palettes so I really enjoyed the round up. I have a couple of the little Collection ones that I used to reach for a lot but I've kind of forgotten about them. I'm always on the fence with Revolution palettes. I think it's great that they offer good quality at affordable prices but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth that they literally copy everyone else x


    1. Thank you! I find that for the most part Tevoultion palettes have really great quality, you can find a few shades that maybe done swatch too well but you can usually make it work! And yeah I do get the copy thing but I guess it’s good for people who can’t afford the more expensive brands! Xx

  8. The MUA ones are so shiny! They make my inner magpie happy
    xoxo Ros (ZenHealth.net)

    1. They are really pretty Palettes, love the glitter ones too xx

  9. Wow what a huge collection! I'd find it so hard which one to choose to use haha, they're all so pretty though! Love the MUA palettes :)

    Chloe xx

    1. It is on the large side but it’s taken me ages to collect all these Palettes! The High-Street now does have so many to choose from it can be hard to pick! Xx

  10. I know I do find it hard to actually know which one I want to try out! For them being cheaper Palettes the glitter shades are actually my favourites for quality! Xx