In the past, I have read but also watched a good amount of videos on peoples Holy Grail products. I find these types of posts the best to read as you get to really be nosey and see peoples favourite products and why they keep buying and using the products. In this post, I will be showing you my absolute holy grail Makeup, Skincare and Haircare products.  


For Makeup, I have been putting my collection together for a long time and I have really got to know what products work for my skin and which ones I actually need in my day to day life!

This is the product that actually knocked out my old holy grail under eye concealer which was the Maybelline Eraser Eye, Ever since I reviewed this product back in August (you can find that post here) I have been using it daily on my under eyes. This product is just perfect for someone who has dark circles (me) and creasy under eyes (definitely me). This concealer glides on so easily and blends out like a dream with any tool such as a sponge, brush or even your finger. The colour range of this concealer is also great as Revolution also take undertones into account when making their different colours. For this concealer, it is also lasting me a really long time as I haven't even got halfway and still use this concealer every day.

Revolution Focus & Fix Eyeshadow Primer

Another Revolution product on my list is their Eye Primer. I have been using this product ever since I finished My Urban Decay primer and wanted to try something that was a bit cheaper then I discovered this. This primer has really been amazing, it works really well at making my eyelid extra smooth and crease free for my eyeshadow application. You only need a small amount of this primer applied directly onto the lid for your eyeshadow to last all day. I tend to blend this product out with my finger which works really well to evenly spread it over my eyelid. This primer really helps to keep my shadow on all day and actually creates a lovely bass for any products applied to the lid.

GOSH Prime'n'Set Primer and Mattifying Powder

This product has been in my everyday makeup box for as long as I can remember. I went through a phase a few years ago with wanting to try out all different setting powders and when I saw that this was also a primer I knew I had to have it. This product has lasted me ages as you only really need a tiny amount. I have a few different uses for this powder when I'm wanting a full coverage matte foundation day I apply this powder as a primer by lightly dusting it over my T Zone. For setting my makeup I lightly dust this powder all over my face to give me a matte look that lasts all day and then finally I use this product as a baking powder for my under eyes, this works really well and makes my under eyes look flawless.


A few of these products I would have mentioned before on my blog because when I find the right product for my skin I tend to stick with them. A new edition has also been added to this list which is a bit different for me but its now a product I can't live without.

Environ Sebumasque 

I haven't mentioned this mask before on my blog but I feel it deserves a place in this holy grail post. I use this product mainly as an overnight mask for when my skin has decided to play up. This product is formulated to help with problematic skin because of its added exfoliating ingredients which help with skins renewal. They have actually repackaged this mask and I need to get it as it looks so much better now! (I'm a sucker for packaging). This mask has really helped to keep the spots at bay and then if I get the occasional spot it helps to reduce them literally overnight.

Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask

For a while now I have been using overnight masks to really help my skin stay hydrated and extra smooth. For my birthday my boyfriend got me the #GameFace box which included this Origins Intensive Mask and has been using it each night since. This product is really great for anyone that has dehydrated skin and just needs a bit of a pick me up. This product is now perfect for this colder weather by helping my skin feel extra smooth and soft when I wake up in the morning. This product has also helped my makeup apply a lot easier because my skin is so hydrated. I use this mask on days when I don't use my previous mask when my skin is actually behaving and not having a bad spotty skin day.

BalanceMe Congested Skin Serum

I think there is actually a theme to my holy grails with a lot of my products are for people with problematic skins. This product I have also mentioned before in my Skincare Routine, this is a product that I don't actually use daily but it's a product that I need to use when I feel a spot coming on. I use this serum as a spot treatment and it works really well at reducing the redness and also reduces the inflammation. The way I use this serum is that as soon as I feel a spot coming I will pop this on, I also use this product before bed on my problem areas and wake up in the morning with a noticeable reduction in my spots.


With my haircare I have previously mentioned before that I don't usually switch up my haircare too much and that can be a good thing because these products I swear by and use on my hair all the time and work really well with my hair type.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Frizz Fixer

This product is more of a recent purchase of mine, After I got back from my short trip to Cyprus back In August the humidity just completely ruined my hair and this product really saved the day. I Use this product as a quick leave in mask to really get the conditioner into my hair and to defrizz. Also, this product has such an amazing smell, sort of like bubble gum! For this mask, I apply it mainly to the ends of my hair and then move up towards my roots and leave it on (I probably leave it in longer than 3 minutes!) then rise the product out. Once I've finished styling my hair by blow drying and straightening it just looks so smooth with very little fly aways and doesn't look too frizzy or fluffy.

John Frida 3 Day Straight Straightening Spray

When I was my hair it is actually a big ordeal as it can literally take hours so I need to just look sleek and straight right after using my straighteners on them. With this product, all you need to do is just spritz it a few times into your hair while my hair is still wet, somehow this spray just coats my hair and keeps it looking extra smooth and shiny. This product also literally keeps my hair straight for about 4 days without me really needing to go over my hair with any heat! I have probably brought about 7 of these bottles over the years as I need it in my hair.

Vo5 Heat Protect Serum

I have definitely mentioned this product before in my August Favourites Post and as I said in that post I am completely obsessed with it. I really love that this product has two uses for it, you can use this when your hair is still wet to act as a heat protector this is perfect for anyone who blow dries or straightens their hair to protect it from the heat. Then I also a very small amount of this product to act as a serum, this helps to keep the flyaways at bay and also keep y hair looking extra shiny. I carry this product everywhere if my hair decides to play up and look a bit messy.

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These products are my absolute favourite and I would recommend them to you 100%. What are your holy grail products that you can't live without?

Aaliyah xo


  1. I LOVE that you included hair, makeup and skincare. I have never used any products mentioned but the VO5 heat protectant will be a must try, have yet to find a really good one.

    Erica Raquel

  2. I love reading peoples posts like this because it gives me an insight into what products work for different people, i think i briefly tried aussie products but other than that ive not tried any of the products, thanks for sharing!

    Ellie //

  3. Omg so many products I need to try! I've heard so much about the origins mask and my skin is terrible at the minute so I think I'll give that a go!

  4. I haven't tried the fast base concealer but I love the foundation stick!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  5. Great post! I need to try the makeup revolution concealer I've heard so many great things on that :)

  6. such a good assortment of products! I actually haven’t tried any of these but if my local Ulta has any of these makeup revolution products I will check them out! thanks for sharing xxx ☺️

    mich /

  7. I've never used any of these products so thanks for the recommendations. Need to check out the Revolution eye primer, I'm using concealer right now x


  8. That Environ mask sounds amazing and possibly something that could help out with my skin, I'll have to seek it out. I couldn't agree more about Aussie haircare products. I love them and you're right about their bubblegum smell! Great post xx

  9. What an amazing selection of products! I love the sound of that Revolution concealer, so I'll have to get around to giving that one a try!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  10. Wow what a great range of products here, definitely some I need to check out! I totally agree about Aussie hair products, they’re so good - especially on my naturally wavy and frizz prone hair!

  11. You have mentioned Revolution makeup in another post. I'll have to look them up. Thanks for the tips on brands you use.

  12. I’m with you on the 3 minute miracle Aussie conditioner! It’s a life saver ��
    I’ve nominated you in my bloggers recognition post if you want to check it out ��

  13. There’s such a massive range of products here which I love already but my favourites have got to be the Aussie 3 minute frizz (I love the whole range) & the Origins mask! I’ll definitely have to try out the Revolution primer as it sounds amazing!

    Samantha |

  14. There are a lot of products I don't recognise but YAY for another Origins fan. I use this mask too and it's a game changer. Also, you can never go wrong with John Frieda! X

    Lisa |

  15. Love reading about Origins Intensive Mask! I have very dry and cracking skin and this sounds like it would work wonders!