What's In My October Birchbox

October means that it is now officially Autumn which I love. I wouldn't say Autumn is my favourite time of the year (that's got to be summer) but it is definitely a close second. This is now my 19th Birchbox which sounds like a lot and I think I have actually loved most of the boxes I have received and have been able to try out some amazing new products from all different brands. In today's box, I will be sharing with you all the bits and bobs I got in my October Birchbox. 

Lumene Oil - October Birchbox

Lumene Nordic C [Valo] Arctic Berry Cocktail Brightening Hydra-Oil

The name of this product is a bit of a mouthful but when I first saw this product I knew instantly that I was going to like it. This product is an Indulgent and brightening oil which combines arctic cloudberry seed oils (Am I the only one that hasn't heard of cloudberry before?), Antioxidant-rich cranberry and vitamin C which leaves the skin velvety smooth and naturally radiant. I am usually pretty scared to use oils on my skin because I already have pretty oily skin but oil actually cuts through oil so I do use it from time to time on my skin to add extra hydration. This only is a little different because it says to actually apply it before your moisturiser which you don't usually do. I have used it around 3 times and so far im loving it, it isn't too oily because its a dual formula meaning you have to mix the product together before using it to activate the product. The first thing you notice about this product is that it smells amazing so fresh and just like berries. After I have used this product my skin feels and looks amazing, it doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy or oily, it soaks in instantly and leaves my skin extra hydrated!

Whats In My October Birchbox Flatlay

Multi-use products are always a favourite of mine because if you can compact two or 3 different products all into one then sign me up! This product is a mask, moisturiser and primer all in one which sounds amazing. It is supposed to reduce redness, brighten the complexion and diminish the appearance of fine lines and all you have to do is smooth it over the skin and go about your day. Initially looking at the product I was really looking forward to trying it and then when I tried it I did like it at first and I applied it before I put my makeup on and wore it for the whole day. After a few hours, I noticed that my makeup just didn't sit right on my skin, I think it's because my skin is more on the oily side and this product would be perfect for people with normal to dry skin. The product itself feels lovely when applied to the skin but I don't actually think its for me!

Moon Pad - October Birchbox

GLOV Moon Pad

Recently I have been tying yo turn my beauty habits around by being more environmentally conscious and this product was the perfect item for me to get in this months box. This item is a reusable makeup remover which sweeps away makeup, dirt and impurities with either just water or a cleanser. I have actually been using this a lot recently, I like to mainly use it to remove my eye makeup as thats when I use the most cotton pads because this product is a fluffy fabric I do feel like it soaks up a little bit more of the eye makeup remover than usual but it isn't too much. At first, I thought you only got one in a pack but for £8.90 you actually get 5 which I think is a really great deal as they can be washed and reused as many times as you like.

Ciate Eyeliner - October Birchbox

Ciaté London Fierce Flicks Eyeliner

Whenever I get an eyeliner in my Birchboxes im always excited especially when its a brand that I haven't really tried before. This liner is formulated with jet-black pigment that won't smudge, fade or budge and the felt tip liner is supposed to make it easier to apply without mistakes. You can also use the very tip of this liner for a fine line and turn on its side to create a thicker, bolder finish. I have used this liner since getting the box and im really loving it, it applies really easily to the eyes and it isn't too watery or dry its just right. I have been wearing this liner all day when at work and it has been lasting really well, I have pretty watery eyes and even with that this liner didn't budge. What I also noticed about this product is that it also didn't fade away which I have had with other liners before. This liner is definitely staying in my everyday makeup collection.

Vitamasques Morning Goggle Eye Masks

I have always been a fan of eye masks ever since I started getting up at a silly o'clock in the morning and I definitely need a cooling eye mask at the end of the day. The eye mask I got in my Birchbox this month was the Vitamasques Morning Goggle Eye Mask which is ideal for dull and lacklustre complexions using caffeine and pumpkin (perfect for this time of year) and these help to cool and soothe the eyes. This mask also helps to protect the eyes from pollution and blue light (coming from the phones we're always on!). When I used the eye masks I could instantly feel the cooling effect on my under eyes and it actually instantly relaxed me. I didn't notice the biggest difference in the darkness under my eyes but I will definitely need to use these undereye pads more than once to really test them out but on first glance I'm really enjoying using them!

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So that's it for another round-up of products that I got in this months Birchbox. 4 put of 5 products from this box I will definitely keep using and even repurchase and im looking forward to seeing what treats I get in my November and December Birchboxes! Have you tried any of these products before?

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Aaliyah xo 


  1. How cool! Interesting variety of products! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ooo all of these little goodies. I've wanted to sign up for a subscription box for a longtime now but didn't know if it was worth it.

    1. BirchBox is really great! I’ve been subscribed to them for over a year now and have been loving trying out all new products every month! X

  3. I love the sound of all these goodies in October's Birchbox! I love eyeliner but it doesn't like me, I can never get it right without making a massive mess around the eye area! x

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk

    1. I used to be the same way with eyeliner but I definitely think that practice makes perfect when your working with liner and you will get the hand of it in the end! X

  4. Looks like such a fun box! I used to get the Fab Fit Fun box and the best part was just opening it up and discovering all of the little surprises. I'm in the market for a new eye liner so this one looks great!

    1. I love seeing what goodies I’m going to get in the box every month it’s my favourite part about it! The Ciate liner is really lovely, I’ve been wearing it a lot recently x

  5. This looks like such a great box! I've heard amazing things about Lumene skincare but I haven't tried anything yet. I'd love to see a review or follow up on the Moon Pads too! x


    1. I’ve tried one or two other products from the Lumene brand from Birchbox and have always been impressed. I’m definitely going to get the full pack of moon pads and I’ve really been loving them! X

  6. Oh gosh I want that box for me!
    I love eyeliner but it's always so hard for me to do the other one.

    xo xo

    Go check it out, it's in Portuguese and English.