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It is now officially Autumn which means that all the autumn-themed posts and flatlays will be coming! If your like me and you are a handbag lover and you change up your bag and whats inside it all the time then this post is for you. In today's post, I will be sharing with you all of the bits and pieces I need in my bag in Autumn!

The Bag

Firstly we're going to talk about the bag. Other than beauty my other obsession in life is handbags, I have quite a few now that I've collected over the years and I just love the feeling of using a brand new bag for a new season. The bag I'm using at the moment is a DNKY tan bag which I got for my birthday and have been using it ever since. I just seem to think of autumn when I look at a really pretty tan or brown bag which will go with so many different outfits. This bag my family actually got from Tk Maxx and my tip for you would be that if you're looking for a cute designer bag from the likes of Michael Kors, DKNY, Moschino or Versace for cheaper then get yourself down to a Tk Maxx!

I try to keep a lip balm in my bag at all times but I make sure that I have one during the colder months because my lips just seem to hate the cold weather as much as I do and they become extra dry and chapped. I have tried so many different lip balms over the years and I have actually written a post all about the best lip balms for dry lips and have found some really good ones but I much prefer to use Carmex during the colder months. I like that this lip balm isn't in a tub like vaseline but it's in a tube with an applicator which I prefer because you apply it straight to the lips without having to use your fingers. I have found that when I use this lip balm I can feel a slight tingling sensation but it usually wears away pretty quickly and then it leaves the lips feeling really soft and it's very comfortable to wear. There's nothing worse than dry and cracked lips but this lip balm helps to combat that and keep the lips moisturized even through the coldest of days.

Soap & Glory Hand Food - Sugar Crush 

Just like my lips, my hands also hate the colder weather. As soon as Autumn comes around my hands just become a lot drier and uncomfortable. When it hits October I know that I need to carry a hand cream on me at all times. The cream I've been loving recently is the Soap & Glory Sugar crush Hand Food, the original scent of this cream is one of my all-time favourite Soap & Glory products but recently I have been loving the sweeter scent of Sugar Crush. I have chosen to use this scent during the colder months just because I just remind me of the warm summer months. Apart from the scent, I really like this cream because of how smooth and nourhished it leaves my hands feeling. I have used hand creams in the past which leave my hands feeling greasy and slippery after using it which I hate but this cream does the opposite, it sinks into the skin pretty quickly and leaves the hands feeling softer.

Kiko Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick - 132 Crimson 

If you ever look in my bag I will usually have a couple lipsticks stashed at the bottom that has been there for a while but especially for this post I cleaned my bag out and put back one lipstick that I will be using most this Autumn. When the season changes I like to change up my makeup shades and for this season I'll be using the Kiko creamy lipstick in Crimson. Firstly the colour of this lipstick is the perfect shade for this time of year, I seem to wear a lot more gold and orangy shade eyeshadows during the Autumn and this lipstick goes perfectly with those shades. Another reason I really like this lipstick is that it actually works really well at keeping the lips moisturied throught the day and it doesn't cling to any dry areas of the lips. This part isnt really related to why I use it during Autumn but how cute is the packaging on this lipstick!

Perfume Samples 

Whenever the season changes I always like to switch up my makeup, skincare and I also like to change what perfume im using. I then like to only really carry small perfume samples in my bag because I would probably lose the full-size version or leave it somewhere. The samples I have in my bag at the moment are actually two different Dior perfumes, Ja'Dore and Miss Dior these perfumes are quite different from the Perfect Summer Perfumes that I use. Ja'Dore is a very feminine and floral scent which I love to use during the autumn because it's slightly stronger in scent than the more lighter scents that I like to use during the spring and summer. Miss Dior is actually one of my favourite scents that I have and I actually have the Eau De Toilette version. Miss Dior is a heady and refreshing floral scent with notes of Blood Orange and Patchouli, I like to use this perfume more of im going out of an evening because it makes me feel extra fancy.

My Kindle & Magazines 

For a bit of entertainment of I'm either travelling on the bus or train, I always like to have either my kindle or a magazine on me. For some reason whenever Autumn comes around I much prefer to read rather than listen to music while I'm travelling.  On my kindle, I have recently been loving reading thrillers and at the moment I have been reading Into The Water by Paula Hawkins who also wrote the best selling novel The Girl On The Train. I won't spoil the book for you but it's about a mysterious death im a small town plagued with secrecy, if you loved The Girl On The Train then you will definitely love this book. If im not reading my Kindle then Im ready Cosmopolitan, I have been collecting this magazine for years and I just love flicking through the pages reading all the beauty, fashion and lifestyle articles. You will probably spot a Cosmo magazine in most of my flatlays coming up!

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Other than Summer I think Autumn is one of my favourite months because I love how the colours change and the slightly colder weather. These products definitely help me through my Autumn days and I hope they can help you two. What products are your Autumn handbag essentials?

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Aaliyah xo


  1. great post! we have TJ max here in america but it’s the same as tk max and i completely agree to go there for designer bags! i have a michael kors purse from a Nordstrom Rack which is similar to TK Max and things like that. it’s my prize possession and I love that I was able to get it for a discount price. i also love having multiple lip products in my purse during autumn. this way i always have at least a little something to throw on if they feel dry. great post like always babe! xx

    mich /

    1. Tk Maxx seriously has the best bits, you do have to take the time out and have a really good look but you will find some great bits! I need to have lips Balms on my all the time, my lips can get really dry at times so it’s needed! X

  2. These are some brilliant autumn handbag essentials! I always carry my lip balm and perfume samples, so handy :)

    Mel 🌙 | Moonlight Mel

    1. Thank you! It’s such a priority for me to have Lip Balms In My Bag just because of my dry my lips can get over tome! X

  3. You and I are so similar, I always have a good lip balm and hand cream in my bag. As well as a couple of lipsticks to match all outfits. I loved Girl on a Train and you've just reminded me I want to read Into The Water, so thank you! X

    Lisa |

    1. Hand cream and lip balms are so important, especially when the weather changes drastically and gets a lot colder! Included sure you will love into the water! X

  4. Always have to have a lip balm and hand cream in my bag, especially in the cooler months. I agree that I think of autumn when I see tan/brown bags. One thing always in mine is a notebook x


    1. Hand cream and lip balm is definitely the two most important items in my bag at the moment. I never thought to bring a notebook in my bag but that’s a really good idea! X

  5. Your DKNY tan bag is so cute! My most important bag item (other than my phone, purse etc) is definitely some sort of lip balm!

    Jas xx

  6. Great post! I also love keeping a lip balm in my bag or pocket to carry wherever I go. :)

  7. I'm always carrying lip balm on me, my lips get so dry very easily during the winter/summer x

    Lucy |

  8. Love this list girl! The soap and glory hand food is a staple in my bag. For autumn I always keep a gloves in my bag from autumn onwards, and a good lip balm, carmax is normally my go to, I get the tub 😍

    Jordanne ||

  9. I love that Soap and Glory hand cream and Sugar Crush is definitely one of the best scents, it's so good! The Kiko lipstick looks like such a beautiful colour too, so perfect for Autumn xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  10. Lip balm and lip scrub are always my go to autumn products because my lips get DRY hahaha! Thanks for sharing x

    Kayleigh Zara ❄️✨

  11. I always see carmex lip balm when checking out at the store I never thought to purchase it. I will pick me up a tube because I need something strong for this cold weather on my lips. Miss Dior perfume is one of my favorites and I like to carry the samples in my bag too! Magazines in your handbag is an awesome idea, we'll have to add one to mine too 👏🏾
    I seen The Girl on the Train film with Emily Blunt and Luke Evans, I wonder if it's the same as the book🤔

    Natonya |

  12. I can't go anywhere with at least one lip balm on hand, so I will definitely have to check out the one you mentioned!