{AD-Partly Gifted} Another month brings another Gift Guide and this time around its a Mothers Day Gift Guide. I haven't done a mothers day gift guide before but putting together all of these items was really fun. Mothers day is such a lovely day to all treat the special woman in our lives that deserve a lot and I hope this gift guide gives you some ideas on what to get your mum this Mothers Day!

This is a product that I was very kindly gifted from Glam Wax and thought it would be the perfect product to add to this gift guide. Anything that smells nice and looks pretty any mum will love. The two scents of wax melt I have are the Rhubarb & Rose which smells amazing with quite a strong scent of rhubarb and it also has the prettiest design with it being a pink shade with pink glitter inside and I also got given the Peach & Prosecco that smells just like peach with a small hint of prosecco which is actually my favourite and the design of this bar is yellow with gold glitter. These wax melts are the perfect gift for mothers day because Glam Wax has so many different scents to choose from so you know there will be a scent perfect for anyone and they are only £3 per bar which is so affordable. Over on the Glam Wax website and Instagram, you can also purchase starter kits starting from £13 with different wax melts inside to try out and gift to people. I know if I was to gift my mum any of the GlamWax products she would love it. If your mum doesn't have a wax burner that can be an added thing to gift her for Mothers day.

Friction Free Shaving Set*
This is a little bit different of a gift to give your Mum for mothers day but its part of the whole pamper routine. I was very kindly gifted this set from Friction Free Shaving which is a brand that specialises in all things shaving which you can subscribe to and have flexibility with your plan. They have created a razor which has 6 diamond-coated precision trimmer blades with an aloe vera strip to help you say goodbye to razor burn. I was gifted the Lilly Full Shaving kit which contains the Lilly weighted handle which can be personalized with an engraving, the award-winning shaving cream, pre-shave scrub that's gentle and an all-natural exfoliant, Post-shave balm which soothes and conditions the skin, 4 razor blade refills, a blade clamshell protector, shave hook and a travel bag all for only £27 which I think is an amazing deal. This kit is a perfect starter pack for anyone trying out the brand as you can get a full feel of what products you like from the brand and want to get each month. Another big plus to this brand is that they are reusable/recyclable, they have a blade recycling scheme and are cruelty-free!

BaliBody Luxe Moisturising Lotion*
Recently I did a post review the new BaliBody Glow Stick Highlighters and spoiler alert I loved them and because that went really well they also sent be over their Luxe Moisturising Lotion which I thought would be perfect to add to this gift guide because it is truly a product you would use for pampering. This Moisturising lotion is an antioxidant-rich lotion with added ingredients of vitamin E, shea butter and aloe vera which softens and repairs the skin. I gave this cream a little sniff and it smells amazing and reminds me just of summer. This is a little pricy for a moisturiser at £16.95 but it is such a treat that I think it should be saved for special occasions or gifts especially like Mothers Day and its definitely perfect to add to this gift guide because it will truly be a pamper session when you use it.

Balis & Harding Luxury Hand Cream Set
I know whenever Im thinking of a gift for my mum or nan on mothers day I always seem to go with Hand cream because its a safe bet everyone loves a good luxury hand cream to keep the hands smooth and hydrated. The set I thought was perfect for this Mothers Day gift guide is the Baylis & Harding Luxury Hand Cream set which you get 3 different creams that will all help to soften the skin on the hands and keep them feeling amazingly smooth. Some of the ingredients on the hand creams are Lemon Blossom, Elderflower and Lavander which all smell amazing and does wonders for the skin.

Any products that are for self-care are perfect to gift mums for Mothers Day as we all know how hard they work. Any bath bombs would be perfect for a gift but Lush just seems to know how to make amazing bath bombs that look really fun but they still leave the skin feeling great. My favourite bath bomb that I've actually added to this gift guide is Twilight which is perfect to use for a bath before bed because of the added notes of lavender which is calming, soothing and mind-clearing. The other bath bomb I have added is Groovy Kind Of Love which is refreshing and colourful with added ingredients of rosewood, bergamot and ylang-ylang which will help to lift spirits and tone the skin.  For this gift, you can get a few different bath bombs and put together a little gift box or basket and add a few others from this list and create a pamper gift basket.

Spacemasks Intersteller Relaxation Rose Mask 
After all these other products have been used for the pamper session the next best product to add to this list would be an eye mask to wear to get into full relaxation mode. This product is a perfect addition to this Mothers Day gift guide because who doesn't need more time to relax. This mask is a little different to others because they heat up while you're wearing them because of the thin layer of iron fillings entwining with oxygen molecules in the air with added Jasmin which gives an all-around relaxing sensation.

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* I was very kindly gifted the products marked with a * in return for a review. All views in this post are 100% my own and honest. If you would like to know more check out my Privacy and Disclaimer x

With Mothers Day being just over a week away I hope this gift guide helps if you need any last-minute ideas on what to get for the special ladies in your life this 22nd! What have you got for your mum this Mothers Day?

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  1. Oooh that Friction Free set looks amazing!

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    1. It does look really great I can’t wait to try it out! X

  2. I'm honestly obsessed with wax melts lol so this post made my scent-loving self very happy! I love reading through gift guides and I liked how this one was varied and affordable - thank you for sharing! x

    1. Wax melts are the best! I have one burning every night and they just make my whole flat smell amazing! X

  3. I needed this post just as I’m looking for a gift for my mother. Loved this post! I’m also a blogger user so I followed to your blog, please return the follow if you can be kind enough. Deffo will be checking more of your posts xx

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