In the Drugstore / Highstreet there are so many brands out there and so many different products it gets hard to choose which ones to go for. Over the years I have tried so many different affordable makeup products, some turned out really great and some not so much. In today's post, I'll be sharing with you my Drugstore Makeup Essentials for anyone starting out with makeup and a little confused with what to try or if you're just looking for some new makeup to try!


Picking a primer was a little tricky for me because I don't actually use it all the time. I usually use primer when I really need my makeup to last all day or if I'm doing a full glam look. There are also so many different types of primers for different skin types and each brand also has so many different versions. Looking back at the favourites post I narrowed it down to one of my all-time faves! 

No7 Airbrush Away Primer - £16.50
No7 isn't usually a brand that I would choose to go out and buy but last year before Christmas I got the No7 Advent Calendar and when I tried a few of the products I actually started to like a lot of them especially this primer. This product smooths the skin and seems to just lay on top of my pores and makes them look a lot less visible. This primer creates the perfect base to then put makeup on top. Another reason I really like this primer is that it isn't silicone-based meaning it feels more like a moisturiser consistency so that more people with different skin types can use it so smooth out and blur the skin. This product is slightly pricier than others on this list but you only need such a small amount, a little goes a long way so it should also last a long time, I have had my sample size since before Christmas and there is still product left.


Trying to decide what foundation to add to this list was actually really easy. I knew as soon as I started writing this post which one I wanted to go for but then I also decided to add one more so there is an option for people who want either matte or dewy skin. Foundation can be really different for each person that's why I wanted to add some options. 

This product is actually my favourite foundation at the moment. It gives the skin the loveliest finish, which is matte but it doesn't leave the skin looking too matte or cakey. This foundation applies to the skin really easily and blends out super quickly, another reason why I really like this foundation is that it doesn't dry down too fast so it gives you enough time to blend it out. This foundation also lasts a long time on the skin with or without primer and it also doesn't cling to any drier areas of the face. The coverage of this foundation is medium-full coverage and when it dries down you can apply another layer on top and it leaves the skin with the coverage you want! 

My preferred foundation finish has always been matte but I have tried a few with a more dewy finish that I really liked and the one I liked the most and the one that I wanted to add to this list was the Revolution Conceal & Define. This foundation had so much hype surrounding it when it first came out and rightly so. I have used this foundation for a while now and I have loved using it on my skin and even though it doesn't have a matte finish it still leaves my skin looking fresh and glow but not oily. The coverage of this foundation is also really great, it gives medium coverage but it is pretty buildable so you can get it up to full coverage if that's the look that you want. This foundation also comes in a good range of shades to fit many skin tones!


Choosing the concealers for this post was also super easy. I have been using the same two concealers for a few months now and they have become my holy grails. I know that these two concealers would work wonders for other peoples skin.  

This concealer has been my favourite ever since I started using it and it replaced my old holy grail. I love this concealer because it covers my under eye bags really well and also gives them a much brighter appearance. This concealer has a sponge applicator which makes it a lot easier to apply to the under eyes. What I like about this concealer is that it doesn't apply to thick to the under eyes, it is the perfect consistency for putting onto the under eyes and it blends out super easily with just the fingers and leaves the eyes looking illuminating. 

This product is the concealer version of the foundation that I mentioned earlier, They work together really well but you don't need to use them together if you're wanting to use a different foundation. This product does everything I want a concealer to do, It effectively covers up my imperfections and blemishes but also doesn't cling to any direr areas of the face. This concealer dries down at the perfect time because it isn't too quick and you have just the right amount of time to blend the product out. On days when I don't want to wear makeup, I just pop on a bit of this concealer and I'm ready to go!


This powder choice for me was a no brainer. I am sure you have all read about it on my blog numerous times but I know it was the perfect product to add to this list.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder - £2.90 
This is probably my favourite face powder or all time, Whenever I run out I just go back out and buy a new one. I love this powder so much because it does exactly when it says on the tin, it leaves the skin looking matte but because its a fine powder it doesn't leave the face looking cakey or heavy. I apply this after I have done all my base makeup I set it lightly with this powder and I'm ready for the day, I may need to only touch up my skin once during the day and sometimes I don't even need to do that. This powder leaves the skin looking really smooth but also still lets the glow from the foundation show through.

Bronzer, Blush & Highlighter 

This was probably one of the only categories that I actually struggled a little bit with because there were so many different options to choose from. Bronzer, Blush & Highlight are some of my favourite products to use but in the end, I finally picked some really good ones that I think you'll love.

I Heart Revolution Chocolate Contour Palette - £6 
Last month I did an order over on the Revolution website and brought a few things from I Heart Revolution and have been using most of the items ever since. The Chocolate Contour Palette contains a contour shade (or a bronzer shade) and a highlight. I mainly use this palette for bronzing up the skin and adding some depth and dimension to my face. The contour shade is pretty pigmented so I like to use a light hand to blend it into the skin and it gives the skin a gorgeous summery glow. The highlight is gorgeous on this palette, I got shade medium and it comes with a really pretty champagne gold shade which looks gorgeous on my skin tone. This highlighter blends out really easily and doesn't show much texture on this skin which is amazing.

Natural Collection Powder Blush - £1.99
I have quite a few different drugstore blushes in my collection and it was hard to choose just one that I thought would be good for this list. I finally decided to go for the Natural Collection Powder Blush, this blush is super affordable but also performs really well. The blush has the perfect amount of pigmentation so it applies to the skin and you get a gorgeous flush of colour to the cheeks. The blush also blends out easily and if you want more of a pop of colour you can apply more as it builds really well and they have a lovely selection of shades.

Liquid Eyeliner 

One of my favourite makeup products is a liquid eyeliner and for the last few years, I have been using the same liner because it works amazingly and it's super affordable!

Revolution Renaissance Eyeliner - £5
This liner has been a favourite of mine for years and I think it always will be. Revolution definitely knows what people want out of a liner and they made it into this liner. It applies effortlessly onto the lid and doesn't pull or drag at the eyes which is a must for a liquid eyeliner. What I also really like about this liner is that it is super black if that makes sense, it applies with full pigmentation and doesn't fade away during the day and It also lasts a long time throughout the day and doesn't flake away.


Mascara is a product that I wear on a daily basis and even on days when I'm wanting a no-makeup makeup look I have to wear mascara. The mascara I've added into this list is one that is newer to me but has become a real staple in my collection.

I Heart Revolution Chocolate Dipped Mascara - £5
I have been using this mascara ever since I brought it back in July and have been loving it. I am very specific with my mascaras and before this, I have been using the Smashbox Super Fan mascara for months but it ran out so I needed a replacement so I picked up this mascara. This mascara gives my lashes length and volume and it also makes them look a bit thicker but doesn't give them the spidery look which isn't my favourite. When you apply it the lashes can clump up a bit but when you work the applicator through the lashes they separate leaving the lashes looking amazing.


Brow products are another makeup product that is an everyday must! I wear brows all the time because my natural brows are a little all over the place. Affordable brow products are actually some of my favourites and the two that I mention in this list are products that I use every day!

Revolution Pro Brow Gel - £7
This is probably the best brow gel that I've ever used. It works amazingly at keeping my brow hairs in place all day but it also fills in my brows to make them look more full and defined. I like to use this brow just when I want to do my brows quickly but still want them looking like I've spent time on them. Whenever I use this gel, I know that my brows will not budge all-day and my unruly brows stay tamed and in place. Another reason why I really like this brow gel is that the brush is pretty small making it great to get into the hairs and it's super easy to do it.

MUA Brow Define Micro Brow Pencil - £2
I have definitely mentioned this brow pencil quite a few times on my blog and for good reason because it's great. This pencil for one is really affordable and two it performs just as well as some of my more expensive liners. This pencil is super fine which makes it easier to make hair-like strokes and leaves the brows looking natural but still defined. This liner also has a more waxy consistency making it really easy to apply to the brows and doesn't tug or pull at the skin and even though it's a twist-up pencil it lasts ages.


This was definitely a hard one to choose as there are so many amazing palettes that have come out of the drugstore. After a long time looking at my palette and swatching them I decided to go for another new addition that I've been obsessed with recently.

I Heart Revolution Heartbreakers Eyeshadow Palette - £5
These mini palettes from I Heart Revolution are really amazing and for such a small price. This shadow palette comes in many different shades ranges and for only £5 you get 9 shades mixed with mattes and shimmers. When I first tried out this palette I was really surprised by how well the shades worked and how good the pigmentation was. Some of my favourite shades in this palette are the shimmers because they apply on the lids really easily and still stay super shimmery. Even the matte shades in this palette apply to the lid really easily and still have full pigmentation. I have only tried one of the colour palettes but I really want to try out more because they worked so well.


For the lips, I could have added so many different products but we would be here all day so I somehow managed to get it down to just one. When deciding what product to go for I looked at my lip products and instantly knew which one product needed to be added to this list!

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate - £4.99
I remember the reason why I first started using this lipstick and it was way back in the day when Zoella was still making videos and she was talking about how much she loved these lipsticks so I had to go and get some. I have a few different shades in this lipstick and they all perform amazingly. They apply to the lips so smoothly with just one swipe and it gives off full coverage. The lipsticks are also really comfortable to wear and don't sink into any fine lines on the lips or make them look dry. This lipstick also comes in different formulas like the Matte version which I also love.

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Drugstore Makeup Essentials

This post took a long time to get put together because I wanted to make sure that these drugstore essentials were the best ones in my collection so that I could recommend them to you. Have you tried any of these products before?

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  1. These are all great products! Drugstore makeup is and can be just as good as the premium, luxury brands! x

    Lucy |

    1. Thank you! I love affordable makeup and it is definitely just as good as the more expensive products x

  2. Some great products! I love I heart revolution products I think they’re great quality and great price! X

    1. Their products are really great! I was pretty surprised by how much I enjoyed using them! X

  3. Such a great post, and lots of great suggestions. I love the Natural Collection blushes so much. But aside from those I think Stay Matte is the only product on this list that I've tried so I need to pick up a few more! x


  4. You've mentioned some great products and featured some lovely photos. I've been looking for a new liquid eyeliner for a while so I'm going to check out the one you've recommended.

  5. Loved this! I haven’t tried out many products from this, I’m particularly interested in the Revolution mascara, so thank you for sharing!

  6. I absolutely love MUA, their bronzers are incredible too!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  7. Revolution is such a good brand especially on a budget. I also love collection 2000 concealer

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  9. That Rimmel powder has been my most repeat makeup purchase - it’s so good!

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