Over the past couple of weeks, I have been fascinated with skincare again, I think it might have something to do with the fact that I can finally start doing facials again at work. Skincare has always been one of my passions and be able to talk about it on my blog is the icing on the cake! In today's post, I'll be sharing with you some of my favourite tips to give you better skin!

Tip 1: Always double cleanse

Cleansing is one of my favourite steps in my skincare routine because I love being able to wash away all the make up I've had on all day and have fresh and clean skin afterwards. To make sure that your skin has no traces of makeup, suncream or pollution on it then I will always suggest that you do a double cleanse. The first cleanser should always be either a cleansing oil, cleansing balm or micellar water, these products are perfect at breaking down products on the skin making them easier to wash away and leave the skin clean. Just doing a 1 step cleanse isn't enough because there may still be traces of makeup on the skin and stuck in the pores that is why the second cleanse is also really important. For your second cleanse you can choose what cleanser suits your skin type best, I like to use the Environ Sebuwash because its a foamy cleanser that is formulated to suit oily and problematic skin (me!). Once you have finished your cleansing routine and you apply your toner you shouldn't be able to still see traces of makeup on it and if you do it means you may need to have a look at your cleansing routine!

Tip 2: Take a look at the ingredients in your products

There are so many skincare products out on there that it can get really confusing on what is good and bad for your skin. Even though I work in the skincare industry I still find it hard sometimes to know what ingredients you want in your products and which ones you want to avoid. I wrote a post recently giving you a few examples of skincare ingredients that you want in your products, for example, Glycolic Acid which is a great exfoliating ingredient, Glycerin which draws moisture to the skin and Hyaluronic Acid that is key to moisture in the skin. My tip to looking for the best ingredients in your products is to do your research, take one of your skincare products and search up a few of the ingredients and find out which ones are beneficial for your skincare concerns and which ones to avoid!

Tip 3: Sunscreen is very important

I talk about this to my clients on a daily basis, you can have the best skincare routine with all the fancy products but if you don't use a daily sunscreen then you may as well not have used anything. Suncream is one of the most important steps in your skincare routine because it protects the skin from the sun which can be very damaging to the skin. Suncream helps with so many things firstly it protects the skin from UV rays by blocking the rays reducing the chance of sunburn, Suncream can also protect the skin from premature ageing which can cause wrinkles and lines to appear on the skin and it helps to maintain even skin tone to help discolouration and dark spots from sun damage. Some of my favourite facial suncreams are La Roche Posay Anthelios Sun Cream SPF50+ and Environ RAD these help to protect the skin without adding a white cast to the skin. Suncream should always be the last step in your morning skincare routine to make sure your skin is covered and protected. 

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Tip 4: Never skip moisturiser 

Other than suncream the other product that is very important in a skincare routine is Moisturizer. It is a product that should never be skipped because it can cause a number of problems that you don't need like dull and dry skin because no moisture is being added to the skin and because your skin is dry and dehydrated it can make the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Another misconception about moisturiser is that it can be too thick for ance prone but not wearing moisturiser can actually make your acne worse because dryness can also cause acne, If you have acne you should look out for an oil-free and fragrance-free moisturiser which is perfect for problematic skin because it won't aggravate the skin. Another reason why you should always use moisturiser is that when you apply makeup it won't apply to nicely, you need to have a good base for your makeup to sit nicely on the skin.

Tip 5:  Use a chemical exfoliator 

For years now I would use a physical exfoliator on my skin to buff away dead skin cells but recently I have been using chemical exfoliators instead in the form of a lotion or serum to give my skin the same benefits without any irritation from scrubs on the skin. Chemical exfoliators are acids that react to the skin, removing layers of dead skin cells and excess oils that cause dull skin and blemishes. Chemical exfoliators are a great product because they can get deeper into the skin than physical exfoliators can and this can stop the skin from getting dry and built up of oil in the future. Physical exfoliators can only remove dead skin from the upmost layer of the skin and cannot get any deeper whereas chemical exfoliators can. Some examples of chemical exfoliators are Paulas' Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant and The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% - HA 2% Serum

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Top 5 Tips For Better Skin!

Skincare is something that is different for everyone and hopefully, these tips will help to improve the skin. have you got any skincare tips that you use? 

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  1. I never really thought about double cleansing before but it's something I'm going to try now! I always moisturise everyday as it's so important for the skin, this post offers great advice Aaliyah! x

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk

    1. Double cleansing isn’t something a lot of people know to do but it really helps to remove all makeup and pollution off the skin! Moisturiser is so important too x

  2. I totally agree with all of this! Knowing your skincare ingredients, what's good and what doesn't work for you is so important. Having really sensitive skin is such a pain but I'm quite thankful that it made me educate myself about this stuff from a very young age. Loving the new theme btw! x


    1. Knowing your ingredients is so important and it’s them easier for you to be able to find the right products that work for your skin. Thank you! I’m loving it x

  3. This is a very good advice! Even though some are common for beauty enthusiasts, people still tend to be lazy to do it (especially double cleansing). This is a reminder for me to step up my game hahaha!

  4. Great tips! I always make sure I moisturise every morning and evening, and I should definitely double cleanse a lot more, especially on the days where I'm wearing make-up all day as sometimes I forget! xx

    1. Thank you! Moisturising is so important. I would definitely double cleanse on days when you’re wearing a lot of makeup, it will make you’d skin feel so much smoother x

  5. Great advice. Sunscreen is so, so important and yet many of us don't take it as seriously as we should. I know, I'm bad for it. I do try to remember it, but I have definitely neglected it far more often than I should. Thank you for the reminder!

  6. This is such a good post! I really need to work on my skincare routine!

    Amber - The Unpredicted Page