My Favourite I Heart Revolution Autumn Palettes

September means the beginning of Autumn with leaves falling off the trees and colder weather. The beginning of Autumn means that my makeup also changes, I start bringing out my autumn themed palettes and use all of the red, orange and bronzy shades. in today's post, I'll be sharing with you my favourite autumn-themed palettes from I Heart Revolution and some of the looks I created with them!

Tasty Palette Hot Dog 

When I first saw this palette the first thing that came to mind was the crazy packaging, I Heart Revolution always has the cutest packaging. I wasn't too sure what the palette was going to look like at first because of the vibrant packaging but as soon as I opened it to have a look the shades reminded me of Autumn. The shades in this palettes has a mix of browns, reds, mustards and oranges which is all of my favourite autumnal colours. I had so many different ideas on what looks to make with this palette as soon as I looked at the shades in this palette, another thing that I really liked about this palette was the shade names, I always like the little extra things that brands do to make a palette better and more fun. The first thing I wanted to do with this palette is to swatch the shades to see how pigmentated they were, The mattes and the shimmers both performed really well and even the lighter shades like Tofu Dog which is a matte light beige shade and Sauce which is a mustard shade both swatched really well and with good pigmentation. In this palette, you can create so many different looks from just 18 shades and it's only for £10 which I think is a great price. My favourite shades from this palette are Link which is a gorgeous orange shimmer shade with gold reflects and Frank which is a red shimmery shade and these are just some of the colours that I used in my eyeshadow look. 

Shades used 
  • Bun - Crease shade and lower lash line shade
  • Hot Dog - Darken up the crease and outer corner and I applied just under the crease shade 
  • Link - Inner corner shimmer shade 
  • Frank - Middle lid shimmer shade 
  • Rollercoaster - Outer crease shade 
  • Banger - Inner corner highlight 

Heartbreakers Majestic Eyeshadow Palette 

The Heartbreakers mini palettes are some of my favourites from I Heart Revolution, they have so many different variations of this palette with different shade ranges and so far I have two and I'm planning on collecting a few more. These palettes are little but they really pack a punch and even though there are only 9 shades you can create a number of different looks with it. These palettes will also be perfect for travelling as they are really small and wouldn't take up much space in a makeup bag. This palette has a mix of neutral shades, few bronzy shades and a few pink shades thrown in there and I think these would be perfect for autumn. Even though there aren't loads of different shades to work with you can create a lot of different looks that would work for a natural look for the day or a more glam look for the evening. When I swatched these shades they all swatched really well with two of the shimmery shades did have a bit of fallout because they are pressed lightly but this gives them an extra glittery look. With this palette you can create some really pretty looks, my favourite shades from this palette are the shimmery pink shades and both of the extra glittery shades on the second row. When I did my eyeshadow look the shades worked really well when applied to the lid and even the matte shades had really good pigmentation. I did find that the shimmer shades do perform better when applied with my finger rather than a brush. 

Shades used 
  • Shade 3 (matte warm-toned brown) - On the brow bone, in the crease and on the lower lash line 
  • Shade 7 (matte cool-toned brown) - Below the brow bone, in the crease and in the outer corner 
  • Shade 4 (glittery gold) - Over the whole lid 
  • Shade 9 (shimmer champagne) - Inner corner highlight 

Heartbreakers Courage Eyeshadow Palette 

When I decided to do this post this eyeshadow palette was the first product that came to mind. The shades in this palette are slightly brighter than I usually wear in Autumn but there is still a lot of reds and shimmery oranges which I think would be perfect for this time of year. Whenever I look at this palette it always makes me happy and it makes me want to play around with makeup and create loads of different eyeshadow looks. All of these shades swatch really vibrant, even the mustard yellow shade which I have found in other palettes not to have the best pigmentation. The main theme from this palette is reds and oranges which I find to be some of my favourite shades and they compliment my skin tone really well. When I first swatched these shades I could tell right away that they were going to be really good, they swatched really well with full pigmentation and even the matte shades swatched well without any fallout or patchiness. The shimmer shades in this palettes are a mix of foil and shimmer shades and they also swatched super well with minimal fallout.  I then started to use these shades on my eyes to create a look and the shades still looked pigmented on the lid even the yellow mustard shade, the shades also blended into each other really well and for only £5 this palette works like a dream. 

Shades used 
  • Shade 2 (mustard yellow) - Crease shade and on the brow bone 
  • Shade 8 (deep red) - Below crease shade and used on the inner and outer corner for a halo eye and on the lower lash line
  • Shade 7 (deep shimmery red) - Deepen the inner and outer corner
  • Shade 6 (Shimmery orange) - Used on the middle of the lid and on the inner corner as a highlight

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I Heart Revolution has recently become one of my favourite brands for makeup, they are super affordable, perform really well and they have the cutest packaging. These palettes are all so good and are perfect to use to create autumnal eyeshadow looks. Have you used any of these palettes before? 

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Aaliyah xo


  1. Love these shades - esp. the shimmery ones!

  2. Oh wow I love the looks you have created with the palettes. You are very talented x

  3. I am IN LOVE with this! I live for autumn and these palettes are giving me all the autumn vibes. It really is the best time of the year! Isn't it? Loving the looks you've created - they all look great.

  4. All of these look amazing! I haven't seen The Heartbreakers palettes before but they look great! I love the looks you've created with them all too, especially for this time of year x