Over the past few months, I have become obsessed with I Heart Revolution, I find their products to be amazing quality and an added bonus is that the packaging is super cute. Out of the items that I got in my haul a few months ago and a few bits I've picked up on the way I have found my select few key favourites that I now can't live without. In today's post, I'll be sharing with you my favourite I Heart Revolution products. 

Heartbreakers Palettes 

I have a lot of palettes for one person I will admit and I know what I like with a palette and these mini affordable palettes definitely do just that. The first palette I brought from this range was Courage which has red packaging and I was so impressed that I wanted to try more. So far I've tried three palettes the red, nude and green-themed palettes and have loved them all. When I first used these palettes I was so surprised because they are very affordable at only £5 each but they perform like they would be a lot more expensive. The shades in this palette swatch really well, even the matte shades which can usually be slightly patchy in more affordable palettes. These mini palettes of only 9 shades have a mixture of matte, foil and shimmer shades and all in compact little packaging which makes these palettes perfect for travelling as they can just fit on your makeup bag. Out of the palettes I have I think Courage is my favourite (red) because those red, pink and orange shades are my favourite. You can also create so many different looks with just this small palette and that's what I love about them because there isn't too much to work with. I plan on collecting all of these mini palettes and trying out all the gorgeous shades!

Chocolate Dipped Mascara 

When I first did my I Heart Revolution haul I needed a new mascara, I hadn't heard anything about this product but the way it was described I really wanted to try it. My favourite mascaras are ones that have a plastic applicator because I find that you can really get into the lashes and coat them all with the product and this is exactly what this mascara does. Another thing that I really loved about this mascara is that even though I have a slight curl to my lashes this product helped to make it look a lot more defined, curled and longer. I like to apply two coats of this mascara to also give my lashes a thicker look but you can just apply one layer and it will still leave the lashes looking fuller. This product doesn't leave the lashes looking spidery or clumped but gives a subtle false lash look which I love. 

Heartbreakers Matte Blush - Charming 

Blush has always been one of my favourite makeup products, I never feel fully ready if I don't have my blush on. I had seen these Heartbreaker blushes a lot online because of their cute packaging and had always wanted to try them. For this blush you get two different shades in one product, a lighter shade and a darker shade, I love that they do this with this blush because you can get three different shades from just one product. This blush is only £6 but I think it definitely performs like it could be a more high-end product. The shade I got in this blush is Charming which I find to be my perfect shade, one half is a light coral shade and the other is a deep pink, Depending on the day I like to use them either mixed together or separate to create different blush looks. I also love that these blushes are pigmented but not too pigmented so they can be buildable if you want your blush to be slightly more vibrant. These blushes also blend out beautifully giving the cheeks a lovely flush of colour!

Chocolate Contour Palette 

I have been wearing makeup for years but the one thing that I hardly ever do is contour and that's because I'm not very good at it but I wanted to give it a go and then I saw this palette. In this palette, you get one contour shade and one highlighter and it comes in four different shades from fair to dark, ordered this palette from the Revolution website and decided to go for Medium which is slightly too dark but would work perfectly if I had a holiday tan (I doubt that will be anytime soon). When I first used this product I was shocked by how much pigmentation the contour shade had and I realised I applied a bit too much and you only need to use a light hand to give the perfect amount of product. I use this product to carve out my cheeks and to give a more defined look and also to highlight my cheekbones and tip of my nose. The highlighter shade in this palette is my favourite, it is a gorgeous shimmery gold shade which looks perfect on my skin tone, this product also doesn't settle into any lines or make my skin look too textured which is perfect. 

Heartbreakers Concealer - Honey 

This is another product that I brought back in my I Heart Revolution Haul, again it was the cute packaging that attracted me to it. This was a new product when I brought it so there weren't many reviews out there but the ones that I did see were all really positive and that made me order it. When I first tried this product I had mixed feelings because it worked beautifully on the skin, it covered my imperfections and concealed my skin perfectly but surprisingly I wasn't a huge fan of the applicator. The applicator of this concealer is shaped like a heart which is super cute but not the most practical because not a lot of product stays on the applicator when you remove it from the tube. Even though the applicator is a down point I still really like this concealer, the product works really well, it doesn't dry down too fast meaning you can blend it out into the skin with enough time, it also doesn't sit in any lines on the face and covers most of what I want covering. If Revolution could change the applicator on this concealer it would be the perfect product! 

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I Heart Revolution is quickly becoming one of my favourite brands from Revolution, nearly everything I've tried from the brand I've loved and I'm always looking forward to seeing what they come up with next! have you tried anything from I Heart Revolution before? 

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Aaliyah xo

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  1. I haven't shopped with I Heart Revolution in so long but I remember loving the quality of their products! Great picks, there's definitely a few I'm adding to my wishlist 😍

    Anika | chaptersofmay.com