In the UK we are finally having some great weather, it was actually 24° today (while writing this)! The sunnier days and warmer weather has really changed my mood and got my creative juices flowing. Now that the weather is hotter I have changed my makeup routine slightly to make it quick, easy and simple. ut still very summer glam. In today's post, I'll be sharing with you my Simple Summer Makeup routine!


For my base, I wanted to use a product that I know is light on my skin and doesn't feel too heavy especially in the hot weather we are having. Thinking of all the foundations I have I finally decided to go for Bali Body BB Cream* This product is a lightweight foundation that also has an SPF of 15 which I think is a great addition to the product and always a plus when it's so sunny out. I love this product because it gives my skin a gorgeous glow that I love during the warmer months. For a BB Cream, this product has pretty good coverage which is the reason why I didn't use any concealer on the rest of my face except my under-eye, I would say this product has medium coverage but it is buildable so if you want more coverage you can always add a bit more product and it still looks great on the skin. 

Even though this product looks great on my skin and covers spot scars I still need a product that covers my under eye bags! Recently I have rediscovered my love for the Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer, this product is a lightweight concealer that covers the darkness under my eyes really well without it looking too thick and cakey. One of the main reasons why I love this concealer is that it brightens my under eyes perfectly without them looking too bright but still gives some illumination to the under eyes which I love!

To set my base and my under eyes I decided to use a powder that I know feels like I'm not wearing anything when I apply it but it still sets my face in place all day and that is the Translucent setting powder from Laura Mercier. This powder is probably one of the best loose setting powders that I've tried, it sets the skin without it looking cakey or powdery. It leaves the skin looking like it has a velvety finish to it. This product also keeps my makeup on for hours and doesn't settle into any lines, at the moment I only have a tester size but as soon as that finishing I'll be buying the full size.  

To add a bit of colour to my face I had to add bronzer, blush and highlight. Firstly for the bronzer, I wanted to use something slightly different from the Hoola bronzer that I usually use so I decided to use another old favourite of mine which was the I Heart Revolution Chocolate contour palette. This palette has a bronzer and highlighter included which I both used in this look, the bronzer is great because it's slightly darker than I usually use so it gives the look that I've got a lovely suntan. With this bronzer, you need to use a light hand because it is very pigmented but if you apply this bronzer sparingly you will get a gorgeous bronzed look. The highlighter in this palette is also gorgeous, it's a beautiful golden shade that adds to the sunkissed look. The highlighter is more of a glowy product than shimmery which I prefer to use during the summer. 

To add extra colour to the skin I also added some blush, I am definitely a blush girl and I think for a summer look it has to be included. The blush I used was the Revolution Reloaded Blush in Lovestruck which is a really pretty pink shade that I applied to the apples of my cheek to give me a flush of colour. This blush is also pretty pigmented but I only apply a very small amount for a natural blush look. 

To finish off my base I had to add a setting spray, I don't usually use setting spray on a daily basis but when it's hot out I definitely all one to set everything in place. The setting spray I used was MAC Fix + this stuff is amazing, after I've spritzed my face with this product my makeup doesn't budge all day and it even works to keep my face looking fresh even when it's super hot out. Setting my skin is a must in the summer. 

Eyes & Lips 

The eye look that I decided to do for this look is super simple and very summery. I used my favourite I Heart Revolution Heartbreakers palette in Courage, the shades in this palette just give me summer vibes. For my look, I literally only used three different shades, a matte yellow, matte pink and a shimmery coral shade all the shades put together to give off a gorgeous sunset look which is perfect for summer. The first colour I used was the matte yellow blended into my crease and then I applied the matte pink shade slightly lower than the yellow and then blended the two shades together and finally, I added the simmer shade all over my lid. I also brought the pink shade onto my lower lashes and used my highlighter as an inner corner highlight.  

In the summer I want to spend the least amount of time doing my makeup so I look for ways I can do my makeup faster and one way was to only use a brow gel to do my brows. For this look, I literally only used the Avacado Brow Gel from I Heart Revolution to fill in my brows and they still look defined and full and it only took me seconds to do!

For my mascara, I have discovered a new favourite product which is the False lash Princess Mascara from Essence. This has been a cult favourite mascara for a while but I've only just recently started using it and I am in love. This product separated and lengthens the lashes without them looking too clumpy. I also decided to go for the waterproof version because my eyes can water at times, this mascara doesn't budge all day and it's definitely a new holy grail for me. 

The last product I used for my simple summer look was a gloss for my lips, the gloss I wanted to go for is the Nude Kisses Lipgloss from Laura Geller, I choose this lipgloss because it's so comfortable to wear, there's no stickiness and it feels like your wearing more of a lip oil than a gloss. Because I went for such a bold eye I decided to go for a nude pink lip which I think works perfectly and completes the look. 

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Summer is one of my favourite times of the year and creating different makeup looks that are fun but also simple is one of my favourite things to do. Have you changed up your routine for summer?

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Aaliyah xo


  1. I love simple makeup looks in summer! This looks great. I usually use a lot of creams with a powder foundation so it still looks fresh and dewy but it's all quite light x


    1. Oo love that idea! I really want to try more cream blush and bronzer products, I bet they would be great for simple makeup looks x

  2. I love your eye makeup! It loos so pretty. I've not worn makeup in ages. I should make more effort maybe!

    Corinne x

    1. Thank you! There’s times when I don’t wear makeup for ages as well but as soon as I do I realise how much I’ve missed it! X

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