{PR - Gifted} Ofra has been a brand that I have lusted over for years, I used to see Youtubers raving about the brand but I never had the chance to try out their products until now! I was very kindly gifted the Cohorted Box that had an exclusive Ofra Cosmetics edit filled with some of their amazing products. As soon as I saw this box I had to start using the products right away and start testing them out. In today's post, I'll be sharing with you my first impression of some makeup products from Ofra Cosmetics!

I know I've said this before for other products but this might be my favourite gifted product that i have received! In the Cohorted box, there were six different products from Ofra that I couldn't wait to get stuck into and try out all of the products. I have never tried anything from Ofra Cosmetics before but I have seen loads of good reviews about the products so I was expecting really good things. The products I received from the brand were the Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick, HD Volumising Mascara, Cool as a Cucumber Primer, Americano Bronzer, Blush/Highlighter Duo Compact and Glow Up Palette. Out of all of these products I really didn't know which one I wanted to start using first so I jumped in with swatch the products and wow!

HD Volumising Mascara

If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know how particular I am about my Mascaras, there's certain things that I like and certain things that I really don't like. This mascara is described as a curl-enhancing mascara that adds depth and volume with just one coat, it also offers a buildable definition that's lightweight and smudge resistant. The first thing that I noticed about the mascara is the wand, my favourite type of mascara wand is when it has short plastic bristles because I find they usually get into every lash and coat them with mascara. I have used this mascara a few times now and have been really impressed with how it makes my lashes look, it coats all my lashes and leaves them looking longer and slightly curlier. I have worn this mascara for around 10 hours before and it's lasted really well on the lashes and hasn't smudged or crumbled away. There is one thing about this product that is a slight drawback for me and that is that when removing the mascara from the tube there is too much product on the brush that I need to scrape some off before applying which is a little bit annoying but definitely something I can live with because I love the effect his mascara gives my lashes. 

Cool as a Cucumber Primer 

I have never really been a primer person, I've tried a lot of different ones in the past that I didn't feel made much difference in my skin but that has changed with this primer. This primer is a moisturising primer that has a mattifying finish, this primer quenches the skin thirst while smoothing over the skin's pores and is formulated with cucumber to lock in moisture and coconut oil and kabuki nut oil that soothes the skin and creates the perfect base for makeup. When I do my makeup I am looking for it to look great and last for most of the day and this product has really helped my makeup to last longer on the skin and still look good after wearing it all day. When applying this primer it feels a lot like a moisturiser than a primer and it soaks into the skin in minutes leaving a lovely smooth canvas for makeup.  

Bronzer - Americano

I am definitely a bronzer girl, I love the effect that it gives the skin like I've been on holiday in the sun (sadly haven't had a holiday since 2019). I usually go for matte bronzers as I just seem to prefer the look that it gives me but this one is actually slightly shimmery with micro gold glitter in it that I actually quite like. The shade of this bronzer is also perfect for my skin tone, it isn't too light or too orange which I have found can be a problem for me. I have been using this bronzer most days since I got the box and have really been loving my makeup when I wear it. If I'm nitpicking then there is one problem with this bronzer is that it is pretty powdery so you need to use a light hand when getting some product but other than that this is another win for me!

Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick - Nude Potion 

I used to be a massive fan of liquid lipsticks about three years ago and then suddenly I just stopped using them as much and moved on to the newest hyped up product. When I saw that I received a liquid lipstick in the Cohorted Box I was actually pretty pleased because I have heard such good things about the formula of the Ofra Liquid Lipsticks. When I first saw the colour I thought it was going to be a little too light for me but it's actually a lovely shade that I think would suit many different skin tones. One of the main things that I love about this liquid lipstick is that it is super long-lasting, I applied this lipstick on in the morning before work and it was still on by the end of the day even wearing a mask on and off. If you are on the lookout for a new liquid lipstick definitely give this one a go!

Snuggle Up Duo 

Blush is definitely my go-to product, whenever I'm not really feeling my makeup look I just add a bit of blush and everything looks so much better and now that this product is a blush and highlighter it makes it even better. Whenever I think of Ofra Cosmetics the first thing that comes to mind is their duo products, the highlighter and blush duos are iconic and I'm so surprised it's taken me so long to finally try one out. The shade of this blush is a gorgeous rosy pink and the highlighter is a bling champagne colour which I think is gorgeous and I think they both suit me really well if you have a deeper skin tone I do think you'll need a deeper tone. I have one small issue with this product is that the shades are a little too close together so when you want to go for the blush you do get a bit of highlighter on your brush but it's definitely not a deal-breaker. 

Now, this is the product I was most excited about because just look how gorgeous it is! The Ofra highlighters are seriously some of the most gorgeous highlighters that I've ever seen, they look so shimmery but also luminous and they have such gorgeous shades. In this palette, you get four different highlighter shades Beverly Hills which is a mix of a few different highlighters, Star Island which is a pearly pigmented highlighter, Rodeo Drive that is a peachy toned shade and Blissful that is a pinky toned shade. All of these highlighters are so gorgeous it's unreal, I can't actually pick which one is my favourite. They apply to the skin like a dream and another big plus for me is that they don't settle into texture and they made your skin just look so gorgeous, I mean look at those swatches! 

You can still purchase this entire box from Cohorted for only £50 snap it up while you still can!

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*The items in this post were gifted to be with no obligation to post. All views are 100% my own and honest. If you would like to know more check out my Privacy & Disclaimer x

Well, I think it's safe to say that I am now obsessed with Ofra Cosmetics. There wasn't anything I tried that I didn't like, all of the products were amazing and I definitely want to try out more! Have you tried anything from Ofra before? 

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  1. I love the look of Ofra cosmetics, the shades on the glow up palette are gorgeous! x

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk

    1. I am so impressed with the products that I received all of them are so gorgeous but the Glow up palette is something else x

  2. I love the sound of this brand but I've never purchased anything with them before. All of the glitter in those palettes has got me obsessed!


    1. I had never tried anything from them before this and it has definitely made me want to try more, all of the makeup was really amazing and definitely worth trying! x

  3. Oooh the palette is absolutely stunning! I love the shades included!

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