October has finally arrived and the weather has definitely changed so that means it's time to change up our flatlays. As soon as September comes around I like to change up my flatlays by adding a few autumnal props and changing my Lightroom preset. My favourite part of blogging is taking photos and creating flatlays and I love changing them up each season. In today's post, I'll be sharing with you some autumn-themed prop ideas and where to get them!


My favourite prop to add to my photos during the autumn months is candles. I am a bit of a candle collector so I have so many around the house that it's the perfect prop to add to photos to add some more depth to your images. I mainly like to add tea lights into my photos because they aren't too big and they don't change the lighting in my photos which I have found has happened when I've used larger candles. When you use candles you may want to play around with the placement of them because it can change the lighting but I have found if you place them around the outside of your photo it will fill up the space without changing the lighting in your photo. What I also love about having candles in my photos is that there are so many different ones to choose from, I got the cutest pumpkin shaped candles from Primark that I'm now obsessed with. 

Pampas Grass and Flowers

As soon as October came around I jumped at the chance to add pampas grass to my photos. I love adding plants and flowers to fill up the space and just make my photos look a lot cuter. You can definitely add pampas grass to your photos during the summer months but I think it makes my photos look a lot more autumnal. My pampas grass are actually real, I was given them by a friend who actually picked them but my favourite type of flowers to use are fake ones because they literally last forever. Nowadays you can get some amazing fake flowers that actually look real and along with having them in my photos I also use them as decor around my flat. I also love that you can get so many different types of flowers and colours so you can get all different ones to fit any season. 
This is a prop that I haven't seen too much in other peoples photos but I love the way that they look in my flatlays. What I like about putting just the photo frames in photos is that you can put different items and products in the frames and make them the feature of the image. There's also so many to choose from, when I change my summer props to my autumn props I also change out my frames and use ones that are gold or orange to add to the autumnal theme. Whenever I feel like my photos are looking a little empty I add a few photo frames and it fills out the space nicely and also makes my photos look a lot better. 


One of my favourite props to use all year round is notebooks, they are the perfect way to fill space and to add a bit of colour to my photos. in the autumn I still like to use notebooks but I change them up to fit the autumnal theme by changing the colours and design of the notebooks that I use in my flatlays. Notebooks can be used in a few different ways, they can be lying down to fill the space but I sometimes like to stack them up for different types of photos, it's also a great way to show off different items or products. Another reason why I love notebooks is that I'm also obsessed with stationary so the two work hand in hand! more stationery means more cute photos. 
To add more of an autumnal touch to my photos my favourite thing to do is add a wooden chopping board of two. Again they are the perfect way to take up space and fill in any gaps in my photos but because of the wood, it really does make it look a lot more autumnal. The ones I use for my photos don't actually look like chopping boards and you can get so many different styles and shapes that they work perfectly for different styles of flatlays or even stack lays. When I want to take photos with my products standing up I will use my different wooden chopping boards!

Trinket Dish

Trinket dishes are another thing that I love to add to my photos because they're perfect for showing different products and items on and they can also be used to change up the decor in my photos for each season. I have a few different trinket dishes that I rotate around depending on the time of year. Trinket dishes are the perfect way at using up some extra space but also making flatlays that might look a little boring a whole lot cuter and you can get some really cute autumnal ones!
  • Magazines 
  • Books 
  • Jewellery 
  • Autumn decor 
  • Scarves 

Places To Buy Props:
  • Amazon
  • eBay 
  • Primark
  • Poundland 
  • Tk Maxx / HomeSense
  • B&M

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Changing up my photos and flatlays is one of my favourite things to do when the season changes. Do you have any other Autumn Prop Ideas? 

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  1. I don't change my photos up for the seasons, but it's such a lovely idea. All of these ideas are great, the little pumpkin candles look so cute xx

    Hannah | https://luxuryblush.co.uk/

    1. I never used to change my photos by now I've started doing it I love it! The pumpkin candles are so cute I doubt I'll actually light them x

  2. Fab suggestions! I don’t actually change my photos but you’ve inspired me to start it, I love the idea of it! The candles and frames look fab. Thanks for sharing x

    1. Thank you! It is actually really fun changing up your props and also my preset for the autumn months x

  3. I love this as I am always struggling to find ideas for props and I usually don't plan so well to use them -- thanks for this, it was so useful!

  4. Amazing ideas, so lovely and creative for every corner.
    Thanks for recommending..

  5. Candles and notebooks are some of my favourites to use, they always look so cosy and inviting :)

    1. I love making my pictures look more cosy during the colder months! And candles definitely help that! X

  6. I rarely use props, but photos do look so nice with props. These are great ideas of things to use & the Halloween candles are too cute.

  7. This is the post I've been needing to read! I'm definitely going to pop down to Poundland or Wilko and have a look at their Halloween/pumpkin range. Excellent ideas, candles are a must for me x

  8. I don't take nearly as many flatlays as I used to because I find them too time consuming to set up! That's a really good tip about candle placements though, thank you, I'll have to remember that one xx

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