Trying and testing new makeup products is one of the main reasons why I started my blog so when I was having a wander around Wilko and I came across the Essence makeup stand I had to have a look. This mascara looked a lot different to any others that I had seen before and that got me very intrigued. I have tried a few different mascaras from Essence before and have always been impressed so when I saw this I had to have and give you guys a review! In today's post, I'll be giving you my thoughts and first impression of this mascara!

The brush on this mascara is what got me interested and wanting to give this mascara a try and that's because it has a double-sided applicator brush one side being a bristle and the other being plastic. I usually tend to go for plastic applicators because I find they are the best for getting into all of the lashes, separating them and coating them all with the product but sometimes it can be too much and make them look spidery so maybe a double-sided applicator could fix that problem. 

When I look for a new mascara I like it to be volumising, lengthening and with a bit of curling. One of my favourite top 3 mascaras is the Essence Lash Princess Waterproof Mascara so I was interested to see if this mascara lives up to the others from the brand. 


With Essence as a brand, they don't have one specific type of packaging that they are known for, most of their products all look different from each other and that is also the same for this mascara. The packaging on this product is pretty basic but not in a bad way, the tube itself is white with large black writing of the name of the mascara and then with a neon pink top that also has a sticker of the brush applicator which I really liked. There isn't a lot of weight to this product so it doesn't have that expensive feel but it also doesn't feel cheap especially since it's only £3.79! Overall I think the packaging is really cute for this product and I obviously love it because it's pink. 

Key Features

  • Double-sided applicator 
  • Adds volume, definition, curl and length
  • One side is an elastomer the other is fibre 
  • Ophthalmologically approved 
  • Cruelty-free & vegan friendly 

First Impression

I have been using this mascara for around 2 weeks now and have not been using anything else so I can really test it out and see how I feel about it. Using it for the first time was interesting, you can tell the difference between the two different sides on the applicator, the elastomer side is probably my favourite to apply the initial layer of mascara on because it's the plastic side of the applicator and I find that it coats the lashes well and also separates them. Once I applied the initial coat of mascara I used the other side which is the fibre end and it helps to remove any clumps on the lashes and stops them from looking spidery. i usually apply two coats of mascara and that's what I also did with this mascara to get the full effect. The overall look of the mascara is something that I usually like but a bit more on the natural side, I like my lashes to look a bit more full especially if I'm going out but it's great for everyday use. 

There are many positives with this mascara, it lasts all day without flaking off or smudging all over my eyes which I have experienced with other mascaras before. So far I have only tried this mascara with two coats but if you added more I'm sure you can get a thicker lash look. Overall I think this mascara is perfect for an everyday natural look!

Before & After 

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For this mascara being so affordable, I really think it's a great product that I would recommend everyone try. I love the fact that Essence is trying something different and I'm excited to use this mascara more. Have you heard of this mascara before?

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  1. This mascara sounds wonderful! Thanks for this lovely review!

  2. oh Wow!!! for the price the mascara actually does a great job! And I love the brush! Great post

    1. It’s such an affordable product and it works really well at adding definition to the lashes! X

  3. Oooh this mascara sounds right up my street! I'm a sucker for a larger wand!

  4. wow the before and after really speak for themselves don't they!! I NEED to try this mascara for Autumn!

    1. It’s such a lovely mascara, definitely one to try because it’s so affordable x

  5. This mascara has given me an amazing results! I really want to get it for myself now x

    Lucy |

    1. It’s a really lovely product! And for that price you can’t go wrong! X