{Gifted} Back in August, this year is when I first worked with Poster Store when I finally added some prints to the bare walls in my flat and now that the winter has arrived I thought it was time to spruce things up again! I am still in love with the prints I spent ages choosing last time but I was also so excited to have the chance to scroll through hundreds of prints and posters to find the best ones that are winter-themed, that is why I was so excited to get the opportunity to work with Poster Store again! 

The prints I have on my wall at the moment took me ages to find, I was scrolling and scrolling through pages of posters and prints and finally made my choice of theme, Paris! I wanted my big focal point to be a picture of the Eiffel tower and then it is surrounded by flower prints and this time I wanted to stick to the Paris theme but make it look more wintery. Once I had my theme down I had to decide what prints to actually go for, there are so many different options on the Poster Store website I had to carve out a whole afternoon just to scroll through the website, this is probably my favourite part about choosing new prints. If you are as indecisive as me then this may take you a while, but it's also really fun!

If you read my last Poster Store post you will know that I finally decided to go for a large print that's 50x70cm which is the main print on my wall and it's the one that I decided to find a replacement for the first. I still wanted to stick with the Paris theme but I also couldn't find exactly what I was looking for so o changed up my mind a bit and ended up getting two different prints to go in my big frame and I would decide when I see them both up on my wall. The first print I choose was actually one of London, with Big Ben and a wintery looking sky and then the other print I went for was this gorgeous Palace Hall Way which I was kind of leaning towards. 

After thinking about this for a while (probably too long) I decided to go with the Palace Hall Way poster, I think it goes perfectly with my wintery theme and the photo is just gorgeous. In my room, I like to have prints that are pretty but that also give calming vibes which this print definitely does. I didn't want my London print to be stored away so I actually decided to use it in my living room and I love it! 

When I was deciding on the theme for my new prints I also wanted to pick a colour to focus on, on my other prints the large middle print was black and white and the flowers surrounding it would add more colour to the wall but because I was going for more of a winter theme I decided to go with a monochromatic white look! The winter theme also carried on to my flower prints, I wanted them to look wintery but not too wintery (if that makes any sense). Again I couldn't make a decision so I chose three different prints to choose from, one being a beige rose, the other was some white reeds and the third print was another reed print but this one had some snow which definitely adds a wintery effect to my bedroom wall. 

Having a rented property I didn't want to start hammering holes in the walls so when I first put up the prints I used command picture hanging stips which are a miracle with these, I was able to pull the prints off the wall without making any mess and the wall was still intact. Doing this I was able to change my prints a few times to see which ones I want and the way I wanted them to look. Using command strips makes it easier to move my prints around as well and create a different look for my gallery wall without having holes in the walls. 

When I finally figured out how I wanted the prints behind my bed to look I moved on to some add ons that I wanted, the more prints the better right! In my last Poster Store haul, I got a Marilyn Monroe print in black and white because well she's iconic and I wanted to add to this with more black and white photos so I had to get another Marilyn Monroe print, this time of her applying makeup and then to also add to my Paris theme I also got the cutest black and white photo of a balcony in Paris which makes me want to jump on a plane to France right now. Because the prints are all black and white I feel like it works perfectly with my more wintery themed prints. To keep everything matching I also ordered a few more gold frames from Poster Store which I'm also obsessed with because they add a bit of colour and they are just the cutest!  

Changing around my prints I wasn't too sure on what to do with my old ones, I am still so obsessed with how pretty they are and I didn't just want them to be put away and forgotten about so I decided to keep some of the prints up on a different wall without the frames. I love the way the prints look in the frames but I also quite like them without. For this all you need is a bit of blue tack, I used the flower prints I had leftover and put them on another wall in my bedroom and I love it because it covers more of my magnolia walls!

The week is Black Friday week and just for you guys, I was able to get you an amazing offer! You can get an amazing 55% off all Posters! (except Selection Posters) Valid from 22nd to the 29th of November so you better be quick! Just use the code BEAUTYOBSESSED55 at checkout. Head over to Poster Store to see all of their amazing posters and prints. This code cannot be combinable with other discount campaigns. 

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Working with Poster Store this year has definitely been a highlight! The brand is amazing and I am so obsessed with the prints I have received. I will definitely be getting more prints from them in the future. Have you had any prints from Poster Store before?

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  1. Oh wow I absolutely LOVE your picks! I love fresh prints to change up a room, it's so effortless but makes such a difference

  2. I love the posters of Marilyn Monroe, so iconic and beautiful! Poster Store has a really good selection available -- thanks for sharing!

    1. The Marilyn Monroe posters are definitely my favourite! X

  3. I love the posters you've chosen here Aaliyah! I love the floral ones, they're so pretty! x

    Lucy Mary

  4. I love all the posters you chose! They're so pretty especially Palace Hall Way one, and the ones of Marilyn Monroe are beautiful too!

    1. Thank you! I love all of these posters the hallway and the Marilyn ones are my favourite! X