Over the last 4 years of having my blog I have done a number of different skincare routine posts, I change up my skincare routine often to add in all the lovely products that I get the opportunity to try. Over the last few months I have changed up my daily skincare routine (again) and this time I am now really obsessed with these products and how they have made my skin look and feel. I have a lot of new favourites with some old holy grails as well! In today's post, I'll be sharing with you my updated nighttime skincare routine.

Simple Eye Makeup Remover 

This product is one of my old holy grails that I always continue to use, it's a super affordable product that works wonders at removing my eye makeup even the most stubborn waterproof mascara. Over the years I have tried so many different eye makeup removers that I have liked but I have always come back to this one from Simple. I have pretty sensitive eyes and using this remover doesn't irritate them at all, there have been other removers that I've used in the past which have worked really well at removing eye makeup but then it would make my eyes sting and become uncomfortable. This remover is also oil-free so if you are also someone who wears false lashes this remover would be perfect to use to remove makeup without interfering with the glue. This eye makeup remover is definitely one of the best removers for people with sensitive eyes and if you wear contact lenses!

Steamcream Cleansing Balm*

This cleanser is one of the newer products that I've added to my routine. I recently had the opportunity to try out this product and since then I have been obsessed with it. Before trying this cleanser I hadn't tried a cleansing balm before but always wanted to. Now that I've tried one I am definitely obsessed, This cleansing balm from Steamcream is suitable for all skin types, it starts off as a solid and once you massage it into your hands it turns into an oil and this helps to effectively remove all makeup, dirt and impurities. With this cleanser, I also like to add a small amount of water and continue to cleanse my face and it turns it into a milky cleanser consistency and this helps to further remove all the makeup from my face. After I've washed away all of my makeup this cleanser leaves my skin feeling extra smooth and soft, but another main thing that I love about this cleanser is that it doesn't leave a greasy residue on the skin but it keeps my skin feeling hydrated. Read my full review of the Steamcream Cleanser here!

Liz Earle Cleanse & Glow Transforming Gel Cleanser*

This cleanser is another new product in my skincare routine, I was very kindly gifted this new cleanser from Liz Earle and ever since I first tried it I became obsessed with it. Depending on what my mood is for my pre cleanser I'm either using this cleanser or the Steamcream Cleansing Balm. This cleanser is very different to anything I've tried before. It helps to melt away all of the impurities and makeup from the skin. This cleanser also helps to brighten the skin and also helps to minimises the appearance of pores. I love how this cleanser makes my skin feel, clean and fresh once the product is washed away. This cleanser starts off as a gel and then when you add water it transforms into a milk cleanser in just 30 seconds. the consistency of this cleanser is really different to any other cleansers I've used and I love that about it since I've used a lot of products in the past. This cleanser removes even the most stubborn of makeup and this leaves the skin feeling amazingly soft. Read my full review of the Liz Earle Cleanser here!

Selfless By Hyram Centella & Green Tea Daily Gel Cleanser*

I was so excited when I had the opportunity to work with Selfess By Hyram, I had been obsessed with Hyram since I started binge-watching his Youtube Video. Since then I have been using this cleanser every day as my second cleanse. Once I have done my first cleanse and removed all my makeup I then move on to my second cleanse using this cleanser to make sure my skin is fully clean and all makeup and dirt is removed from my skin. This cleanser effectively cleanses the skin without overdrying or stripping the skin leaving it feeling hydrated after using it. One of the main things I like about this cleanser is that it has a really nice consistency to it and it foams up nicely. A lot of gel cleansers make my skin feel a little bit tight or dry after using them but this cleanser does the complete opposite, my skin feels amazing after using it. Read my full review of all of the Selfless By Hyram collections here!

The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution 

This is probably the product that I have used for the longest time, I have probably been using this toner for over a year now and it's a product that will always remain in my skincare routine. I don't use physical exfoliators anymore so I use products that help to exfoliate my skin over time so that's why I love this toner. I only use it in the evenings once a day as it can irritate the skin if you use it more or during the day. Since using this toner I have noticed that my skin looks a lot more radiant and bright because of the exfoliating benefits that this toner has for the skin. This toner also includes a Tasmanian pepperberry that helps to reduce inflammation and it includes ginseng root and aloe vera to enhance radiance and it offers soothing benefits!

Selfless By Hyram Mandelic Acid & Rice Bean Gentle Exfoliating Serum*

To follow on with my exfoliating routine I follow with this exfoliating serum from Selfless By Hyram. I have been using this serum for a few months now and have found that it has definitely helped the appearance of my pores and blackheads. This serum is described as a serum that doesn't over-exfoliate the skin and doesn't cause any irritation to the skin which for me is a must. Some of the other ingredients in this serum are Mandelic Acid, BHA, Rice Bran and Salicylic Acid and this helps to even out the skin texture and promote an overall smooth appearance to the skin. One of my main concerns with my skin is my pores and the blackheads on my nose so I am loving that this serum is helping to improve both of these things. if you suffer from similar concerns definitely give this serum a try!

The Inkey List Mandelic Acid Treatment*

This treatment is a newer product in my skincare routine and even though I haven't been using it for too long it is definitely a new favourite of mine. I have always suffered from acne scars, I used to pick my face a lot when I was younger and it has caused scarring which I hate but I'm always on the lookout for a product that can help with that and hopefully this is the product for that. I haven't been using this treatment long enough just yet to see if it really works but I'm hopeful. This treatment is described to be a gentle but powerful treatment that reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation and fade marks caused by blemishes or breakouts. This serum contains 10% Mandelic Acid and 0.1% Retinol which works together with Glycerin to target discolouration by subtly exfoliating which encourages natural cell turnover whilst hydrating the skin. I'm so excited to see how this treatment improves my skin. 

The Inkey List Caffeine Eye Cream*

Eye cream is always the last product that I think about in my skincare routine and sometimes I do forget to apply it but I'm trying to remember because this eye cream has made a big difference in my skin when I remember to use it. I don't have the worst under eye bags but I do get dark circles on my under eyes mainly from being stressed and tired so I need a little bit of help in that area. I like this cream because it is lightweight and feels cooling and soothing when I apply it to my under eyes. I usually apply this product in my nighttime routine because I like to spend a little bit more time on my routine. This cream is a hydrating and lightweight under eye cream that instantly helps to reduce the appearance of puffiness, dark circles and fine lines. This cream contains Caffeine which helps to relieve water retention which can cause puffiness and Matrixly 3000 which helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles!

Selfless By Hyram Niacinimide & Maracuja Daily Barrier Support Moisturiser*

Finally, we are on to my last product in my nighttime skincare routine and definitely one of the most important. For my moisturiser, I have been using this product from Selfless By Hyram that I am now obsessed with. I have been using this moisturiser in the morning and evening for a few months now and I'm loving it. The first thing I noticed about this moisturiser is that it contains Niacinamide which if you read my blog you will know is one of my favourite skincare ingredients because of its amazing benefits. I love the consistency of this product because it is a gel-cream formula that soaks into the skin instantly leaving it feeling smooth and hydrated. This moisturiser uses a combination of Niacinamide and bioactive Maracuja to help support the health of the skin, soothe irritated skin and also hydrate the skin. I also love that this moisturiser is targeted to all skin types as it helps to normalise the skin!

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* Products that are marked with a * have been previously gifted to me with no obligation to post. All of my thoughts are 100% honest and my own. If you would like to know more check out my Privacy & Disclaimer x

Having finally found an amazing skincare routine that works for my skin is truly the best feeling. Since using all of these products my skin has improves massively and I'm excited to see further improvement in my skin. Have you tried any of these products before?

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  1. My friend was talking about her skin routine and mentioned about the eye cream and she loved it.

    1. The eye cream from The Inkey List is definitely one of my favourites, makes my eyes feel cool after using it! x

  2. This was exactly the post I needed right now - I'm just starting to try to put together a new routine.
    The Liz Earle Cleanse & Glow Transforming Gel Cleanser sounds amazing, and I know from experience that the Selfless Exfoliator is amazing.
    Cora | https://www.teapartyprincess.co.uk/

    1. It takes forever to put together a good skincare routine but when you do its the best and your skin will ove you for it! x

  3. Love this! I've been searching for a good eye make up remover so I'll have to check out the Simple one. I have pretty dark eye circles too so I'll definitely be picking up the Inkey List cream as well! Thank you so much for sharing x

    1. the simple eye makeup remover is great! its perfect for my sensitive eyes and doesn't make them sting or irritated x

  4. I always like to see what other people are using for their skincare and get some recommendations. Thank you for sharing your routine and skincare products.

    Lauren - bournemouthgirl

  5. I adore my Liz Earle Cleanse & Glow cleanser, it's so nourishing for my skin! x

    Lucy Mary

    1. I'm so obsessed with my cleanse & glow cleanser! definitely one of my favourites new finds from this year!


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