Holiday season has finally arrived and I've never been more excited. I haven't been on holiday since the pandemic started (3 long years!), I have my holiday coming up in 4 weeks so now I can get really excited to start to plan for things to pack. I am always one of those people who forget something really important like toothpaste or hairspray so before I start packing I always write a list for everything. In today's post, I'll be sharing with you my must-have toiletry essentials that everyone needs to pack for their holiday and I've also included a FREE checklist to make your packing easier!

1. SPF

One of the most important items to pack with you on holiday is SPF. You do not want to be stuck on holiday having forgotten some of your SPF and getting a sunburn. I have used so many different SPFs in the past and I think I have found my favourite ones, I hate reapplying cream that gets sticky and has a funny smell so I started using Dry Mist sprays and they have really changed the game. All you need to do is shake the bottle and spray it on and that's it your good to go, this makes reapplying throughout the day a lot easier as well. Another thing you need to think about when packing your SPF is the factor you're taking and how many bottles. I'm going to Jamaica for 11 nights so I know it's going to be hot and I need enough to last me so I'm thinking of taking two bottles of SPF50 and then another two of SPF30, you should be reapplying your suncream every 2 hours to have maximum protection so having enough suncream is essential. I will also be bringing my Bali Body Tanning Oil that has an SPF15 so I will definitely have enough product to last throughout my holiday! 

2. Aftersun 

Apart from SPF, the other really important product that you need to take away with you is Aftersun. As soon as I get in from being in the sun all day and after I've had a shower I have to smother myself in the aftersun, keeping the skin moisturised is super important because it will help to prolong your tan and also if you have had a bit of sunburn it will help to soothe the skin. When I go on holiday I like to take a few different types of aftersun, one being just aloe vera gel, which is perfect for sunburns and helps to cool and soothe the area and an aftersun spray which keeps the skin moisturised and hydrated. I usually take two bottles with me and that's enough to last throughout my whole holiday as you do not need too much to make the skin feel smooth and soft after long days in the sun. 

3. Shampoo & Conditioner

Being in the sea and pool all day is all fun and games until you get back to your room and your hair feels dry and dehydrated. My hair definitely suffers from being in the chlorine so I need to make sure that a take shampoo and conditioner that adds moisture into the hair and that can effectively remove chlorine. From my research, the best type of shampoo for taking on holiday with you is Chelating Shampoo, which are basically an intensely clarifying shampoo that cuts through mineral and chemical buildup. Whether you have thin or thick hair like me make sure all the chlorine is removed from your hair before styling. For conditioner, I like to take something that adds moisture back into my hair so any product that says deep moisture is a plus for me and it's going in my suitcase. Another item I like to take with me to do maybe two or three times during my holiday is a hair mask, this helps to intensely moisturise my hair and keep it looking soft and silky throughout my holiday.  
After washing my hair the next step is to add every product under the sun so that my hair stays nice and moisturised throughout the evening. I have curly hair so I will use different products from other people but some of my main ride or die products for holidays I think everyone could use. When your hair has been in the head all day and then in chlorine, it definitely needs some TLC to keep it looking and feeling healthy. One of the main things I like to do is add hair oil to my hair, this helps to add moisture back into my hair and keep it feeling healthy, another product I like to use is a leave-in conditioner which helps to restore my hair but also strengthen my curls and finally, I like to use a hair moose to keep my curls in place and it stops the humidity from messing with my hair!
Another product that is super important and you definitely don't want to leave at home is your hairbrush (I have done this before). I have also taken a cheap hairbrush on holiday before and it broke so now I like to take my trusty Denman brush which I also use to style my curls! Along with your hairbrush, you want to bring a lot of accessories to keep your hair styled, there is nothing more annoying than forgetting your hairbands, bobby pins and headbands. I like to take a whole new set of hair accessories with me on holiday because I always end up losing products along the way. I also like to pack a few in my hand luggage and then also my hold luggage just to make sure I'm prepared! 

6. Shower Gel 

I am one of those people that like to bring their own shower gel on holiday with them. I know most hotels supply them but I’m quite particular about what I like (I’m sure a lot of you are the same). After a long day in the sun and sea, my skin feels super dry and the first thing I want to do is have a shower to get rid of any chlorine left on my skin. When getting a shower gel I like anything that smells amazing, any shower gel that smells like fruit is a plus with me and it also must be hydrating, I have tried shower gels in the past that have actually left my skin feeling dry so we definitely don’t want that. I also like to take a smaller size than usual just so I don’t add too much weight to my case but with all these products I probably will anyway! 

7. Body lotion

I know I’ve already mentioned aftersun but I also like to take a regular body lotion that I’ll apply on my skin just before we go out for the evening to make sure that my skin is fully rehydrated. Being in the sun all day and also swimming in the pool sucks all of the moisture out of your skin so you need to add that all back in, you can do this by keeping hydrated (drinking water along with all those cocktails) and also by putting on lotions and creams on your skin at the ends of the day when the sun goes down. I always found that just having aftersun wasn’t enough to keep my skin feeling hydrated hours after I’ve been in the sun.
Another really important item to pack with you on holiday is just to make sure you put this item in your hold luggage! I usually wax areas like my bikini line and underarms before the holiday but I tend to shave my legs so I need to bring a razor with me whenever I go on holiday. The razor I have been using ever since I was gifted a few months ago is from Estrid, I have tried many razors in the past but they have never been the best until this one. This is the only razor that gives me a super smooth shave that makes my skin feel super soft and because of the lubricating strip on the razor, it keeps the skin moisturised while shaving making this razor the perfect item to take on holiday!

9. Perfume 

the last thing that I add to my toiletries list is my perfumes, this is an item that I've forgotten many times and always regretted it so I made sure to add it to my list. When I go on holiday I don't like to take my most expensive perfumes because I don't want to lose them or break them and I also try to take a product that's smaller in size as you don't need too much depending on how long your holiday is. I also like to take testers or deluxe samples with me because you get to take a few different scents with you and it won't matter as much if you were to lose them. This year I'll be taking my Kayali Rollerball Duo, this is perfect for holidays because you can just throw it in your bag and take it with you all day and you have a choice of what scent you want!

Packing List 

having a packing list is the only way I actually remember everything I need for my holiday so I thought I would make one for you all to print off and use when you're packing. This is list is full of all the essential toiletries you need for your holiday!

If your wondering where all of my skincare and makeup items are don't worry that's a whole other post and a whole new list to stick to! Keep a lookout for these posts. 

I hope you find this post helpful when you are packing all of your toiletries away for your holiday. Have I forgotten anything on my list and what else would you add? 

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  1. Great things to take with us. I like that you put them in a check list at the end. It will be easy to print it and check the boxes.

  2. Accessories and SPF are at the top of my list now. This is such a great list. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I totally agree with you about having hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner. I had quite oily hair as a teen, but a couple of days at the beach would start turning my ends to straw. It's definitely a must.

  4. SPF should always be on top of everybody's list when going on holiday! These are all essentials that you'll need to take on holiday x

    Lucy Mary