I have always been a blush girl, I don't feel like I'm fully ready if I don't have some blush on. Over the years I have tried so many different blushes from different brands and in different formulas and I have now curated a collection of blushes that are my holy grails. Out of all these blushes, I've tried a lot from Revolution and found four of my all-time favourites. In today's post, I'll be sharing with you my Top 4 Blushes from Revolution. 

Cream Blush 

Over the last couple of months, I have been obsessed with cream blush. I was never really a fan before because all the ones I had tried always removed my foundation underneath but after I discovered these blushes from Revolution I have definitely been converted to a cream blush lover! 

Fast Base Blush Stick - Blush 

This blush was the first cream blush that I tried from Revolution and what drew me in was the gorgeous shade. The shade of this blush was quite different to anything that I have in my collection because it has more of a purple undertone to it which I really liked and it works really well with my skintone. This product being in stick form makes it really easy to use, I personally prefer to apply this product with a brush instead of applying it straight onto the skin, to do this all I do is use a stippling blush and bad it only the blush and then apply it to my cheeks. Doing it this way gives off a gorgeous flush of colour which looks really natural, what I love about this blush is that if you want more pigmentation then it has a buildable formula and you can just apply more product. I don't like to look too dewy but this blush gives off a gorgeous natural glow which makes the skin look fresh and healthy. 

Superdewy Liquid Blush - You Got Me Blushing 

This is the blush that went viral all over Tiktok and I will say that I definitely brought into the hype and it was 100% worth it. I had seen so many amazing reviews about this product that I had to get my hands on it, it was very hard to decide on what shade to go for because they are all so pretty but I went for this shade because it has more of a warmer tone and I don't have any other blushes in this shade in my collection. One thing I will say about this blush is only to use a very small amount because it is highly pigmented and a very small amount goes a long way (I learnt this the hard way!), this blush will definitely last a lifetime because of how little product you need each time. To use this product I apply a few tiny dots of the blush onto my cheeks and blend it out with either a sponge or stippling brush, I prefer to use a brush because I feel like it gives me more of a diffused blended look which I love. I also really love the finish of this blush, it's dewy but doesn't make the skin look oily and if you want a matte look you can always set it with a bit of powder which I do sometimes depending on what look I'm going for.

Powder Blush 

Powder blush has always been my favourite type of blush. At heart, I am a matte girl so I've always been a big fan of how powder blush looks on my skin, because I've tried so many powder blushes I am very particular with what I like so it's hard to find holy grails but the ones I have in this list are definitely favourites of mine!

Reloaded Blush - Lovestruck 

This blush has been a favourite of mine ever since I started using it months ago. I used this blush on a whim when I was looking on Amazon and it was on sale and the bright pink shade caught my eye. I don't usually go for blushes that are that bright but I wanted to try something a little bit different. The main thing I love about this blush is that it has such a smooth formula, it applies to the cheeks so effortlessly and blends out like a dream onto the skin. This blush isn't too soft or chunky it is perfectly in the middle making it really easy to apply and quickly. This product does have really good pigmentation because it's pigmented but not too pigmented so it doesn't look too bold on the cheeks but if you want more pigmentation you can apply more without it looking too dry or cakey on the cheeks. 

I Heart Revolution Heartbreakers Blush - Inspiring

I know this isn't technically from Revolution but I Heart Revolution under the umbrella so I thought it was ok to add it to my favourites. I love this blush for many reasons but one of the main reasons is that you basically get two blushes in one because of the two different shades that you get, a lighter one and a darker one. This blush has a gorgeous universally flattering pink shade as well as a contrasting coral shade that you can mix together or wear separately. Depending on what look I'm going for I will do both, most of the time I like to mix the two shades together to get a custom shade that I like. This blush has a matte finish which I love and similar to the blush above is very easy to apply and blend out. If you are new to makeup and are looking for a new product that you can use on multiple different looks then definitely give this blush a try!

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Blush is definitely my favourite makeup product at the moment and whenever I'm having a bad makeup day if I add one of these blushes then I know it will turn it around! Have you tried any of these blushes before? 

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  1. I love Revolution products so I'm definitely going to be checking out some of the cream blushes you mentioned. I always wear a powder blush, I don't think I've ever tried a cream blush before but I'd like to give it a go!

    1. I was always a powder blush girl as well but since trying these blushes I have definitely been converted! x

  2. These are such beautiful photos! I've always wanted to try their products, now I'm definitely going to have to try their blushes! Thank you!

    1. Thank you! Revolution have so many amazing products and they are all really affordable x

  3. Your photos are lush! I absolutely love Revolution. I'm a blush person too and I must admit I haven't really tried theres. The fast base blush stick looks gorgeous I love a sparkly blush! Thanks for sharing xx

    1. Thank you lovely! Revolution is such an amazing brand. Revolution have amazing blushes, definitely give them a try x