Over the last few months I've been in a bit of a makeup slump, I was using the same products daily and doing the same looks and I was getting a bit bored but on a recent trip to Primark, I thought I'd have a look in the make-up section. Having a nosy around I noticed a lot of new products that I hadn't seen before so I had to pick them up. Nothing gets me more excited about makeup again than trying out new products. In today's post ill be showing you what I got in my recent Primark Beauty Haul! 

Creme Blush 

Over the last year or so I have been obsessed with cream blush, I can't actually remember the last time that I use powder blush, I've been loving the way that cream blush makes my skin look so whenever I see a new one I haven't tried her I have to give it a go. Most of the cream blushes that I have are pink and mauvey tones but I haven't had a coral shade yet so when I saw this blush I picked it up right away and the fact that it was only £2.50 makes it even better. All of Primarks packaging is in plastic k couldn't see what the product looked like so I took a gamble and it definitely paid off. Trying it for the first time I realised that it's actually a matte cream blush which I haven't tried yet so I was even more excited. I used this blush with a stippling brush right into the product, at first I noticed because it's a matte formula it's a little drier than my other cream blushes so I had to swirl the brush around a few times but when I did get enough product on the brush it applied onto the cheeks so easily, it blended out in seconds and if you want a sheer colour you apply a small amount but it's also buildable for more pigmentation without it showing any texture in the skin. I am very impressed with this blush so far and it only being £2.50 makes it amazing! One drawback that I have for this product is that they don't have a shade name for the colour on the product which can be annoying but I can live with that. 

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Perfect Finish Foundation 

One of the things that I always like to test from different brands is their foundations, I have used a few different foundations from Primark before with mixer reviews but one of my holy grails from a few years ago was from Primark! I usually go for matte foundations but I wanted to try something a little bit different so I decided to try this foundation because it has a natural finish but also a medium to full coverage finish. Trying to find the right shade was quite difficult because there were testers but not for every shade so I had to just pick which shade I think matched me the best. Another thing I say about the foundations is that there mcu of a shade range for any shades in the Primark I went to they probably only had two or three different colours per shade ranging from light to dark. I finally landed on Toffee which looked perfect in the store but when I went outside it did look slightly darker than my skin tone but not by much.

I tried this foundation at first by itself to see the finish of this foundation, the first thing I noticed before even trying it on is that it has a scent to it, it's hard to describe what it smells like, it's a nice smell but I don't usually like base products that are scented, once it's applied you don't smell it anymore though which is good. This foundation does have a ticker consistency but when it's blended out it doesn't look cakey on the skin, it blends out surprisingly well, I only applied a small amount at first and once blended out I still felt like I needed a bit more coverage so I applied more, I would definitely say that this foundation is bendable and it doesn't look like there's too much product on the skin. Even though I like the matte finish on my skin I still really like the finish of this foundation, it's a natural finish so it's not too dewy or matte which Im love. 

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Moisturising Foundation + Concealer Stick 

As much as I love makeup there are definitely times when im not really in the mood for doing a full foundation look, that is when I just use concealer and a bit of powder so when I saw this foundation/concealer stick I had to pick your up and give it a try. In the Primark that I was in again there weren't many different shades so I didn't have a lot to choose from, looking in the store I picked a shade that was actually slightly too light for me. I find using stick products really easy and if it's a good product it's really easy to blend out onto the skin and it does this quickly. Trying this product for the first time I used it by itself as so I could see the finish and formula of it. This product applied and blended out like a dream, I only applied one layer on at first and it wasn't enough coverage for me but then I added another layer of product and it gave the desired look that I wanted, because this product was too light and the foundation I brought was too dark I decided to put the two products together and that created the perfect foundation shade to match my skin and the two products together had a lovely semi-matte semi dewy finish on the skin which I loved! 

Loose Baking Powder

Ever since I started using make-up back when I was a teenager I discovered that it doesn't matter what concealer I use but I get creases under the eyes if I don't set my under eyes. I have tried so many concealers that claim to not crease under the eyes but they always do then I discovered baking and it has made such a difference. I use a loose powder in a daily basis but only on my under eyes so I don't  like to spend too much money on it so I picked this one up right away when I saw it in Primark. When it comes to loose powder I like it to be very thinly milled so it doesn't make my under eyes look cakey and even though this product is only £3 it worked really well at setting my under eyes without it looking like I had too much product on. Throughout the day I was checking my skin in the mirror and my under eyes still looked smooth and there was no dryness at all! 

To get all four of these products for only £11 I think they all performed really well and are now going to be apart of my makeup collection. PS... Beauty prices that you don't need to spend a lot of money to have great make-up! Have you tried anything from the Primark makeup line before? 

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