Now that we are officially in a new year I am in my declutter and reorganise phase and I started with my makeup collection, going through evening I found products that are my holy grails and no matter what I will always go back to. I thought this would be the perfect time to start a new series, My Forever Favourites where I share with you products that are new or that I've used for years but they are now my forever favourites! In today's post ill be starting with foundations. 

Estee Lauder Double Wear 

If you have been reading my blog for a while you will already know how obsessed I am with Double Wear, I have been using this foundation for years and it is still my number one foundation. I use this product whenever I know I need my foundation to look amazing for hours, if im going on a night out or if im out during the day and then going out after this is always the foundation that I reach for. This product is pricey but in my opinion, it is worth it, I know that whenever I wear this foundation I am going to have a good makeup day. I like my foundation to look matte which is why this product is perfect for me, it sets matte on the skin but it doesn't leave it looking dry or cakey. If you do have dry skin then this may not be the foundation for you but they do have a double-wear light version which would be perfect. This is the foundation that I take on holiday with me because I know how well it stays on even when it's pretty hot. This foundation will forever be in my collection!

MUA Pro Base Foundation 

This product is probably my favourite affordable foundation, I've tried a lot of different drugstore foundations over the years and but this one has stuck with me. I would say that this product is also a really good dupe for the above Estee Lauder foundation and this one is a lot cheaper at only £6. For an affordable option, this foundation is a great choice, it does everything that I love my foundation to do. This product is medium to full coverage and I would say it has a demi-matte finish because it leaves the skin looking matte but it still gives off a glow so it doesn't make the skin look cakey at all. This foundation is my everyday foundation, I use this on most days for work, and I can apply it in the morning even after a long day at work it still looks amazing on my skin. I like this product because it's also buildable, on days when I don't want a lot of makeup on I only apply a thin layer but you can also add more foundation on top without it texturising the skin. If your looking for a new affordable foundation this is definitely the one for you! 

Becca Skin Love Weightless Blur Foundation

I was debating with myself whether to put this foundation on this list because Becca is no more and this foundation has been discontinued which is really heartbreaking to me. I got this foundation from Tk Maxx a few months ago and became obsessed then I realised that there was no more Becca and they won't be making this foundation anymore so I went back and got two more bottles for the future! Looking online you can still get this foundation in some shades and I will keep an eye out for my shade. This foundation does exactly what it says on the bottle, it is blurring and weightless, and it doesn't feel like you have any makeup on when you're wearing it which I love. I did wear this foundation a lot at first but because I don't want to waste it I only wear it on special occasions. This makes my skin look like I have no imperfections and covers more pores, this foundation really makes my skin look perfect and this is exactly what I want a foundation to do. 

Revolution Conceal & Define Foundation 

Everyone love this foundation when it was released, I didn't try it right away I waited to see what the reviews would be like and as soon as I saw all the positives I had to try it out. As soon as I tried out this foundation I knew exactly why there was so much hype about this foundation. One of the main things I love about this foundation is the applicator, it's different to all the others in my collection, it has a large doe foot which makes it really easy to apply to the skin. This foundation also blends out so easily, I love to use a blending brush but I've also used a sponge and they both leave my skin looking amazingly smooth. This foundation also has a demi-matte finish because it has a slight matte finish but it also has an illumination to it, and leaves you looking glowy without it being oily. This product also is pretty long-lasting, I can apply it in the morning and by the evening my skin still looks great. I accidentlymgot a shade too dark for me so this is my su, mere foundation because it makes me look like I have a tan, this is also the perfect shade for me once I go in holiday!

These four foundations will always be in my collection, I will probably find new foundations to love along the way but these will also be my forever favourites. What are your forever favourite foundations?

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  1. That's interesting that these will be on your favorite list forever. These seem good products and my friend tried them. We were talking the other day about beauty.

  2. I would absolutely love to try the Estee Lauder foundation as I've heard amazing things about it! x

    Lucy Mary

  3. I’ve tried double wear but not the others at yet I also indulge in hair extensions and find the best quality at Hair extensions prices