There is nothing I love more than reviewing new makeup and seeing that Revolution released a new concealer I had to try it! Revolution has brought out the new IRL Filter Finish Concealer that is a match for their IRL Filter Finish Foundation which I still haven’t tried yet. This concealer is the ultimate instant coverage concealer that filters out blemishes, dark circles and fine lines for up to 16 hours! In todays post I will be sharing my thoughts with you on this concealer!

Recently I have been going through my lazy makeup routine phase so I mainly use just concealer and a bit of powder on my face as my base so I constantly running out so this concealer being released was at the perfect time for me. I decided to go for this concealer because it is described to be buildable, lightweight, full coverage and breathable which makes it sound like it would be perfect! 

One of the main things that I was intrigued about this concealer was the doe foot applicator. It is designed differently to any other concealer that I’ve tried before. It is slanted and has a flat edge which I think is the perfect shape to apply concealer on to the skin and also reach trickier areas like under the eyes and around the nose. Another thing that I love about this concealer and another Revolution product is that they have a really good shade range, they have all different shades to fit different skin tones and they also have different undertones to suit everybody, all brands should be doing this when they release new products! 

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Key Features 

  • 16 Hour Wear 
  • Full Coverage 
  • Breathable and Lightweight 
  • Soft matte finish 
  • Blends like a dream 
  • Crease proof, sweat proof and waterproof 

I like to use my concealers in two different ways. One way is on top of my foundation to cover up any imperfection that I have on my skin like redness, dark circles and pigmentation. Another way that I like to use concealer is as my base product instead of foundation, I do this on days when I don’t wear a heavy base of makeup and I want to apply my makeup quickly. 

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I have tried using this concealer both ways to see how I like the way it performs. The first way I tried was over my foundation. I applied my normal everyday foundation which is the MUA Pro Base, this foundation has a medium to full coverage finish which means that I don’t need too much concealer on top. I applied a small amount onto my skin, around my nose, forehead and cheeks where I have some pigmentation marks and this concealer covered it really well. I did find that it can dry down quickly so you need to work fast when blending out but once it’s blended out my skin looked flawless. The doe foot applicator made it really easy to apply onto the skin, it took seconds and I didn’t need to keep dipping back into the product as the applicator holds a lot of the concealer. I didn’t use this product on my undereyes because the shade I picked wasn’t light enough but as an overall face concealer it works great.

The other way that I decided to use this concealer was as my base product, I didn’t apply any foundation, I just used this concealer and a bit of powder to set. I use this method on a daily basis now because I don’t like to wear a lot of makeup to work. I applied this concealer all over my skin, it applied really easily and I did have to dip in a few times to get enough product on the applicator but that wasn’t a problem. I then blended everything out with a brush and noticed how well this concealer blends out into the skin. I love my skin looking matte so I really enjoyed the finish that this concealer have to the skin. For overage I would say that it gave off a medium coverage using just one layer, if it wanted more I could have added more product because it’s nice and buildable. 

Since I first got this concealer a few weeks ago it has been a part of my daily makeup routine. I am loving the way that it makes my skin look and I also love how easy it is to apply and blend out! Have you tried this concealer before? 

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  1. Using the concealer as a base and setting with powder without any foundation sounds like a great alternative to foundation! I've gone off using foundation so much lately, so I might try this technique with my own concealer!

  2. I’m not a lover of foundation but I did use concealer along with an illuminating cream, it works for me. But the features of Crease proof, sweat proof and waterproof makes me think I should try this if available in my skin colour

  3. I really want to try this technique of using concealer for the base instead of foundation, that's such a great idea! x

    Lucy Mary

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