2018 is nearly over and with only a few days left to go, I thought I would put together all of my favourites items from this year. There have been so many products that I have discovered this year that I have loved and can't live without. In this post, I will show you all the products I have loved this year! 


Throughout the whole of 2018 I have been using this bronzer religiously, I tried a few different ones but always came back to this bronzer. The colour of this bronzer is just the perfect shade for an everyday look and gives the skin a real natural glow. For my skin tone this colour is just about right but If I get a bit of a tan the colour is slightly too light. The formula of this bronzer is just amazing, it blends out with very little effort and gives the skin a real natural looking bronze like you have just stepped off a plane.

This highlighter is probably the first highlighter that I ever brought because I watched so many Youtube videos about how amazing it was I had to have it but after a while, it sort of got pushed to the back and I kind of forgot about it until I pulled it out one day and have been using it ever since. If you like a subtle highlight this wouldn't be for you because it is pretty blinding and more of a glitter than a glowy highlighter. The colour of this highlighter is a really pretty champagne colour with hints of gold glitter. I usually use this highlighter for special occasions or if I go for a night out. I also use this highlighter for an inner corner highlighter or for under the brow bone to bring the whole look together. 

This is a recent favourite of mine, I only discovered this product a few months ago and haven't used another brow product since. This brow pencil combines all of my favourite aspects of other brow pencils I've tried, it is more on the waxy side so is very easy to apply and also is the perfect colour for my brows. I tend to usually find it really hard to actually get my colour because my brows are black and for some reason, most of the brow pencils I've tried are slightly too light. I was surprised by how much I really like this pencil because I haven't used too much from Max Factor before but was really happy with it once I tried it out. 

Body Care

I first mentioned this foaming gel back in August and have truly been using it every day that I've had to get two more since then because I just can't get enough. This foaming gel smells exactly like the love heart sweets and feels so amazing on the skin. When I use this product my skin feels so soft and smooth and even though its a gel it doesn't dry up my skin. The small deluxe sample size I had, in the beginning, did last me a really long time as a little goes a really long way with this product. There are other foaming gels out there but because of how this product makes my skin feel I don't mind paying a little bit more. In the new year, I will be trying out all the different scents from the range!

I don't think I've ever spoken about Neals Yard products before but I have loved these products for years and this year I started using a new bubble bath. Whenever I have had a really stressful or long day I pop this into the bath and I really feel instantly more calm and relaxed. You can instantly smell the orange in this bath soak but it isn't too sweet of a scent because of the added geranium essential oil. When I use this bubble bath my skin is also left feeling really fresh and smooth without it feeling irritated which some buddle baths can do to my skin. 


I have mentioned this cleansing water so many times on my blog like in my Updated Skincare Routine, this is because of how much I really love it and this hasn't changed this year. My skin seems to change quite often and recently it has become pretty sensitive and this and my cleaning oil is the only cleansers that don't irritate my skin. I probably do a few cleanses with this just to get rid of all my makeup and it feels my skin feeling fresh and extra clean. I also use this product when I make a mistake doing my makeup to clean away any mistakes of eyeshadow or liner with a cotton bud and lightly dab the mistake away.

Valjean Labs Clarify Facial Mist 
This facial mist has been in my everyday skincare routine since I discovered it in Tk Maxx. The main reason I picked this mist in the first place was because of its main ingredients Vitamin A and Witch Hazel. Whenever I use this mist my skin instantly feels refreshed and soft. I tend to use this product before my daily moisturiser because it allows the Vitamin A which is an important ingredient to soak into the skin and get into the deeper layers of the skin. This product was also really great to take away on holiday with me as it was really refreshing and helped to soothe my skin after being in the sun all day.


Chanel N° 5 
This is a very very elaborate (and expensive) perfume for me but it is justified because it was a very lovely gift. This perfume has been in my bag since I got it and have been using it most days, I would be using it every day but I want it to last as long as it can. The scent of this perfume is something very different to what I usually go for but I loved it straight away. This perfume is described as a powdery floral scent and I couldn't have described it any better, this doesn't sound the nicest but it just gives a lovely fresh but also quite a strong scent which lasts hours.

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely
I don't usually wear a lot of celebrity perfumes but this one is an exception. This is a perfume that you could wear every day and still not get bored of. This is another perfume that I wouldn't usually wear because it is slightly more on the sweeter side because it includes fresh mandarin and bergamot. This perfume is the complete opposite to my Chanel perfume as you can pick this perfume up for as little as £15! I took this perfume away on holiday with me as it is a perfect size but also if it was damaged it wouldn't cost an arm and a leg to replace it.


Snapseed App
This is a different item to add to my favourites but this is actually something that I have been using throughout the whole of 2018. Snapseed is an editing app that I use to edit most of my blog photos. I did want to get photoshop but I could never get a hang of it even when got the free trial, Snapseed is just a much simpler way to get really lovely photos. The app is very easy to use and literally takes minutes to get a really good quality photo. This app is also free which makes it perfect for quick and simple editing on the go if you need to.

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2018 has been a great year for me with all the amazing beauty products that I have discovered and will be taking into 2019 with me! What are you 2018 favourites? 

Aaliyah xo


  1. The Snapseed app has definitely changed my life if I'm honest! It's one of the best apps ever!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

    1. Ahh I couldn’t live without Snapseed, I use it for all of my blog photos! X

  2. what a great year for beauty! i’ve had the mary lou manizer for years and i always forget just how much i love it. such an underrated product! happy new year ❤️

    mich / simplymich.com

    1. I know there waa loads of great beauty this year! Love that highlighter it deserves more attention! Xx

  3. Love Neals yard stuff! And literally my photos look 100x better since I started using Snapseed!

    1. Neals Yard products are so lovely! I couldn’t live without Snapseed I’m still now finding new ways to edit my photo! X

  4. Narrowing this down to a top 10 must have been so hard!! I love No5. It's such a classic. I need to try the Snapseed app x


    1. Narrowing it down was really hard! I had more I wanted to add but these one are the best. No5 is such a unique scent but I love it. If you get the chance to try Snapseed it’s so easy! Xx

  5. What a great round up of products. I've never heard of Snapseed before but will definitely be checking it out as your photos are just beautiful! I've never done a end of year round up of products as I find it too difficult to narrow the list down, who knows what may happen at the end of this year! xxx

    1. Thank you! Snapseed has really helped me with my photos and it is really easy to use. It was quite hard to get it down to just 10 products! Xx