December Birchbox Flatlay

It is the last month of the year and that means that its the last Birchbox of 2019. This year has been a great year for trying out loads of different products from skincare to makeup and that is no exception for this months box. This month the design of the box completely different and it is actually in the form of a makeup bag with a glittery star on which I will definitely be using again. In today's post, I will be sharing with you all of the products in my latest Birchbox!

Forgive Me Suzie Eyeshadow Palette in Eye Swear 

This product was the one that I was most excited to try out and I definitely wasn't disappointed. Again I was late in picking what palette shades to go for again this month but I was actually very happy with the one I was given, the shades are a mix of gorgeous orange and coppers and before I even had the chance to try then I knew that the palette would be a favourite of mine. The shades in this palette are right up my street and these are the sort of shades that I would wear both during the day and jazzed up with a bit of glitter and it would be perfect for an evening look. When swatching this palette I was even more blown away, the colours are so creamy even though they are pressed pigment shades, the mattes weren't patchy and the shimmers weren't too chunky they were just right. From trying out the palette on my eyes I was (if it's possible) even more impressed, even when the product is applied with a brush the pigment is still amazing. This would be a product that I would definitely repurchase in all the other shades.

December Birchbox Palette Swatch

Birchbox Eyeshadow Brush 

This product is actually the perfect partner to my palette. This brush was actually created by Birchbox themselves and is a vegan and cruelty-free brush which can be used to add depth and definition to the eyes. The brush will also blend and blur eyeshadows together seamlessly and evenly, This brush is super soft and densely packed brush hairs that make it perfect to be used with both cream and powder formulas. I have used this brush with the palette above and it actually worked perfectly at blending out the matte shades into my outer crease, the slanted edge makes it perfect for this. I think that this will be another product that I will definitely keep using. 

Daily Concepts Mother of Pearl Soap Sponge 

Daily Concepts is actually a brand that I discovered through Birchbox when I received the Multi-Functional Charcoal Soap Sponge back in October last year, that product I used up pretty quickly because I really enjoyed using it as a body exfoliator. This product is another item from the brand that is suitable for both face and body and is a 2-in-1 soap sponge that combines radiance-boosting cleanser with a gentle exfoliator which is perfect if your a little lazy like me and wants to skip the extra exfoliating step. All you have to do is wet the sponge and lather it up over the skin and then rinse off. I have used this product a few times since getting it in this months box and I have to say I am pretty impressed so far. At first, I thought it would dry out my skin but it actually left my skin feeling really smooth and extra clean but not dry or tight at all. This sponge will also last for roughly 60 uses before you need to replace it!

December Birchbox Two Flatlay

ikoo Infusions Thermal Treatment Hair Wrap Detox and Balance Mask 

This is a very interesting product that I was really interested to try but  I had just washed my hair so I'm saving it for my next hair washing day. Like a sheet mask for your hair, this thermal treatment helps to heal damaged locks, soothe irritated scalps and seals split ends. This mask is powered by natural ingredients like blueberry, blackberry and sea kelp extracts, it's supposed to leave the hair soft, silky and shiny. It says that all you have to do is slip the wrap over towel-dried hair and fix with the sticker, leave it on for 15-25 minutes and massage it into the hair and then rinse leaving the hair feeling amazing. This is a product that I really want to try soon to see if it lives up to its claims. 

Brave.New.Care Twinkle Twinkle Hair and Body Shimmer 

I literally had no idea what this product was and how to use it until I gave it a further look. This product is a gelly consistency body and hair shimmer that is formulated with castor oil to moisturise and soothe. The oil is supposed to blend out beautifully to add a subtle shimmer to the body and you can even add it to your hair! I haven't had the opportunity to try this product yet as there hasn't been the right occasion yet. I think this is a product that I will definitely try out for a special occasion like New Years to add a little shimmer and sparkle to the body. I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to wear it in my hair but that would definitely be a bit daring for me, but thinking about it I think for a festival this product would be amazing!

December Birchbox Skincare Swatch

Anna Sui Gel Foundation Primer 

Anna Sui is a brand that I don't have much experience with but I know it's a brand that has really cute packaging. This primer is a product that creates a plump, hydrated canvas to layer your makeup on. The velvety formula not only helps to keep your makeup on lockdown but it also adds subtle radiance. I have tried this product a few times since receiving it in my box and its a consistency that I haven't used before but it seems to work wonders for my skin and keeps my makeup looking like a just applied it for most of the day. This primers gelly feeling to it smooths over the skin leaving my skin looking poreless, I like to apply this product using my finger but you can also apply it to the skin using a sponge. 

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Overall I feel like this month has actually been my favourite month of the year, all the products inside I have either loved or I am really interested in trying. Have you tried any of these products before?

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Aaliyah xo


  1. I love that eyeshadow palette Aaliyah! Such lovely warm shades! x

    Lucy |

  2. This is an amazing box! First of all, I love the packaging... It's a really nice size too that'll be great for travel. I think my favourite item in this box is the eyeshadow palette. Those colours are gorgeous!

    Taiwo xx

  3. The eyeshadow palette looks gorgeous

  4. The palette has such pretty shades for this time of year! I think it's a really good one considering you were late picking your shades too. I really like the sound of that body shimmer too x


  5. Do you think it’s a good thing to get?

  6. I love the sound of the ikoo Treatment Mask! Blueberry and Blackberry aren't common ingredients to have in hair care products so I find that interesting! I bet it smells amazing! I love creamy eyeshadows, and those colours are so pretty. Your images are amazing too x