Christmas Gift Guide For Her 2019 Flatlay

{Contais Previously Gifted Items} The time has finally arrived when the Christmas shopping needs to start and that's why I thought it would be the perfect time to put together my 2019 Christmas Gift Guide. Gift Guides have helped me a lot to start my Christmas shopping and get ideas for gifts so I thought I'd put one together of all the gift ideas I think anyone's mum, sister, friend or any family member will love.


Christmas Gift Guide For Her 2019 Makeup Flatlay
Christmas is the time for all things glitz and glamour and false lashes definitely make a huge difference. I just find that when you have an eye look a false lash just seems to finish off and complete the look. These lashes are ones that I found actually scrolling through Amazon and read all the reviews and they all were really positive. The lashes aren't the most dramatic but they give the effect of long and fluttery lashes that will suit any occasion. For the price of only £6.99, you get 5 sets of natural lashes which I think is amazing value for money. I brought the natural set but there are so many different styles for you to choose from if you want a more dramatic lash look. I think these would make the perfect gift for anyone who loves makeup and lashes. You could give this as a stocking filler gift or you can package it up with a few other makeup items for the perfect makeup hamper gift. 

This palette is the perfect gift for any makeup junkie. I got this palette for myself a few weeks ago and loved it so much that I went back and got another for this gift guide and to gift to someone! This palette is the perfect palette for anyone who loves natural eyeshadow with an added pop of colour. The formula of this palette is really good for the price of only £20 and you get a really good selection of different finishes, from matte to shimmer shades. You can create so many different looks using this palette and you can actually see a few that I did in my review post of this palette. I think a lot of people would get quite a bit of use out of this palette because of the wide range of shades, I also think that beginners or pros at makeup would also love to be gifted this palette. 


Christmas Gift Guide For Her 2019 Skincare Flatlay

If you have been reading my blog for a while you have probably seen me mention this product a few times in the past, including my first initial review of this gadget. I was very kindly gifted this device a few months ago and thought it would be the perfect gadget to add onto this gift guide. This cleansing brush would be perfect for anyone who is really into their skincare and needs an extra item to take them to the next level. This cleansing brush is perfect because it effectively aids in helping to deeply cleanse the skin, it is antibacterial because of the silicon end and you never need to replace the brush end because of the extra clean brush head. I know a lot of people would love to have this product up on their vanity. Another reason I really like this brush is that it has an easier handle to hold onto while cleansing where other silicone cleansing brushes do not. This is more on the pricier side but if you know someone loves to take care of their skin then it is definitely worth it. 

Skincare sets are one of my favourite types of gifts to give and to also receive. I find that it gives you the chance to try out some new products and see if they work for your skin. The set I have for this gift guide is one from L'Oreal which is the Age Perfect kit which contains a cleanser and moisturiser. This set would be the perfect gift to give someone who is possibly new to skincare and wants to try a few different products to see which ones suit their skin. This gift I think would be perfect for mums and nans! This set is a product that I found while having another browse on Amazon and looking through all of their different Christmas skincare sets and then I came across this one which was only £10.99 which I think is a perfect price. This would also be a great gift to get for someone who already loves L'Oreal skincare!


Christmas Gift Guide For Her 2019 Other Flatlay

LED Ring Light 

You're probably wondering why I have added a ring light to this gift guide but trust me you'll see why soon. If you know somebody who loves to take photography or do makeup then this is a perfect gift for them. This ring light is the perfect added gadget to have for people who love photography to it because with the ring light there is added parts that come with it like a Tripod, Selfie Stick and a free-standing phone stand making it perfect for all different types of photos. The ring light aspect of this product is the best part for people either taking photos of their makeup looks or to actually do makeup looks if the lighting isn't that great. I cheekily got this ring light for myself because the mornings are pretty dark to do makeup and this gadget has helped so much. A big pro about this ring light is that it has warm and cool settings for the light so it can be suitable for any lighting needs.

Pure Scents Pure Perfum Femme*

This is another product that I was very kindly gifted a few weeks ago and I thought it would be the perfect product to add to this gift guide. Pure Scents is a company that sells perfumes, aftershaves, body care, hair care, candles and reed diffusers, They have a range of over 150 high quality and long-lasting fragrances but much cheaper than the designer brands. These products are their own brand that are manufactured by the same people who supply to a lot of the big designer brands. This is why they can give you fragrances that smell just like Gucci, Creed and Tom Ford! Over on their Instagram, I was able to decide what scent I wanted to go for and I went for Thierry Mugler Angel because I knew it was a certain family member favourite (If their reading this I've probably just given it away). Some perfumes can be so pricey and that's why I think this is such a good idea because each scent is only £19! even if you wanted to just test a scent out before you went ahead and got the designer version. This will be a product that I'll definitely use for future gifts.

Pandora Charm 

I think if you're ever stuck with what to get someone then a pandora charm is always a good way to go! The Pandora charm bracelet is such a staple that I'm sure we all know someone that owns one. There are so many different options for the charms that they have and they all vary in price making it the perfect gift for people with any budget. Some of my favourites that I've seen on their website are their Snowman and Santa hat charm, the start clip charm and the cocoa and candy cane charm which are all perfect gifts to give at Christmas. If you're looking out for any Pandora charms make sure you check out their website before December 2nd to get 20% off for Black Friday! (not sponsored just thought id let you know of a really good deal)

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*Products that have the added * have been previously gifted to me in exchange for a review, all views are 100% honest and my own. If you want to know more check out my Privacy and Disclaimer x

I hope if you're just starting out your Christmas shopping that this post will give you some ideas on what bits and bobs to buy! Do you have any more idea on what gifts to get this Christmas?

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  1. THis is a pile of fun items! I would love to try so many of them! I love the colors

  2. Some really good gift suggestions here!
    I’d love to find a load of books under my Christmas tree!

    Louisa |

  3. Pandora charms are a perfect Christmas present! I love a new Pandora charm! x

    Lucy |

  4. I was loving it until I got the Ring Light. Then I really LOVED it. I have been needing that forever.

  5. I absolutely love that you included a ring light in this list, such a blogger thing to think of. It's really nice that you included lots of things at different price points here too x


  6. I have debated getting a ring light for a while now, maybe I'll put it on my Christmas list haha

    Jas xx

  7. Lovely product ideas, and beautiful photos.

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    Ayse x

  11. Some lovely ideas here, Aaliyah. I very much like the look of the L'Oreal skincare products, and I was lucky enough to recieve a PMD Clean too, they are absolutely amazing, I wouldn't be without mine now! Lisa x