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This collaboration is the collaboration that I've been waiting for. Im always excited to see which YouTuber Revolution collaborates with and this one definitely didn't disappoint. I have been watching Patricia Bright for years and she is such an inspiration and as soon as this collab was revealed I knew I had to have it. In today's post, I will be sharing with you my thoughts on the Patricia Bright Rich In Colour / Rich In Life palette

In this collection Revolution and Patricia have released two palettes the Rich In Colour and Rich In Life which have 28 shades with a mixture of mattes, shimmers and foil shades. The other product that was released is four face palettes all in different shades with a bronzer, blush and highlighter and all the shades are supposed to fit all different skin tones.  

The product I went out and got out from the collection was the Rich In Life palette, I wanted to also to get one of the face palettes but they were unfortunately out of stock so I just stuck with the Rick In Life palette which I was very happy with because it's a neutral with a few bright shades which is everything I love. 

First Impression

When I first saw that this collaboration was happening I was so excited. Patricia has been a Youtuber that I have watched and loved for years now, I find her one of the most relatable beauty gurus and I really admire her sense of business. All of the palettes in this collection caught my eye straight away, at first I wanted to buy the Rich In Colour palette but as much as I like to think I'll use bolder colours I usually stick to the more neutral and wearable shades. I saw the palettes when they were released online and I thought they would be the price of the other collab palettes which are around the £10 mark but when I went into Superdrug to pick one up it was actually £20 which is more expensive than the other palettes but you do get more shades and its a much bigger palette. I definitely wouldn't complain about the price of this palette though because it's still a lot more affordable than other High-end palettes which could possibly have fewer shades. 

Patricia Bright Palette Flatlay


The packing of this palette is very Patricia, it's simple but still very chic. The two palettes are opposite colours with the Rich In Colour palette being black and the palette I have Rich In Life palette being white. Like a lot of the other Revolution palettes, this one is in a tin component but is quite a bit bigger than the others from the Revolution palette range. I think that the tin palette is a lot sturdier than when brand use plastic or cardboard and it keeps all the shades intact.  My favourite part about this palette is the huge mirror that you get inside, I find in a lot of other palettes the mirror is just useless but this one is great! and I think it will be perfect for travelling. On the back of the palette, which is gold you have the shades numbered with a few of them has a * next to them and these shades are actually pressed pigments. 

Product Amount

In this palette, you get 28 shades and in each of the shades, there is 0.042 oz which is 1.2g. Comparing this to a few other palettes I have like my Too Faced Lifes a Festival palette which has 12 shades that are 0.03 oz which is 0.80g and anther one of my Revolution palette the Flawless palette which has a few more shades at 32 but they have less product at 0.5g per shade. Looking at my other palette this one has a lot more product per shade and the pan sizes in this palette are very generous making it easier to dip your brushes in and get colour pay off. 

Shade Overview 

The shades in this palette instantly caught my eye especially the extra vibrant shades that were added like Extra AF which is a gorgeous shimmery green shade, Date Night which is a deep blue shimmer shade and Superwoman which is the prettiest matte Fushia colour. When I was swatching all of the shade I noticed that a few of the shimmery shades Perfection, You Are Gold, Diamonds 4 Breakfast, Sweet Like Candy and Extra AF all have this putty texture to them, I didn't notice this at first but as soon as I started swatching and playing with the shades I noticed they move around a bit when swatching the shades. This actually helps the shade apply onto the skin really nicely and they also have amazing pigmentation. 

Patricia Bright Palette Swatches

For matte shades, they are surprisingly pigmented, even the more colourful ones like the yellows and green which can be hard to formulate to make non-patchy. This palette is very versatile with I would say half the of the palette is very wearable and neutral shades with the other half of being more vibrant and colourful shades which makes it the perfect all-rounder palette.  

My favourite shades from the palette are actually the 3 different coloured matte shades, Never Say Never a yellow, Try Me a deep orange and Superwoman which is a gorgeous bright pink colour and I think the three of these shades would look so great together. 

Patricia Bright Palette Swatches Two

Looks I Created 

To really test out this palette I wanted to create three different looks using all the different shades and from creating these looks I have really found my love for this palette. The shades blend amazingly together and the shimmer shades have extra pigmentation and appear vibrant on the lid. 

Look 1 

The first look I created with this palette is one of the more wearable out of the 3, I wanted to use more of the neutral shades to see how they worked on my skin tone but then I also wanted to use some of the shimmer shades. 

Patricia Bright Palette Eye Shadow Look 1

  1. To add colour into the crease I used Biggest Fan and blended this out just slightly higher than I usually would just on the brow bone and used an extra fluffy brush. 
  2. To darken the crease I added Brown Sugar and placed it slightly lower than the colour I just used before to add more depth, for this I used a slightly smaller fluffy brush and kept blending.  
  3. Then I added the shimmer shade which was You Are Gold, Firstly I used the colour on my brush then I applied it to my finger and this helped to add extra pigmentation to the eye. I only applied the shimmer about 3/4 of the way over and left the outer corner free 
  4. To deeper the outer corner I used Brown Sugar again and buffed that in until it was all blended. 
  5. For the lower lash line, I went back and used Brown Sugar mixed with Biggest fan and blended that across. 
  6. To finish the look I added another shimmer shade Diamonds 4 Breakfast in my inner corner

Look 2 

For look 2 I wanted to use the total opposite shades to what I usually go for and altogether I went for a green look. 

Patricia Bright Palette Eye Shadow Look 2

  1. Firstly to start the look I added Risk Taker the matte green shade into the crease and applied it higher again across my brow bone and blended it until I was happy with the look.
  2. Then to deepen the crease I applied Jetsetter which is actually a brown shade but once it was applied over the green it gave a darker green effect. 
  3. Then I added the shimmery green shade which is Extra AF using my finger which gave it the best colour pay off. 
  4. Once the shimmer was on I mixed the green and brown shades together to darken up the outer corner. 
  5. For the lover lash line, I applied Risk Taker all the way along and then applied Darlings in the inner corner to finish off the look. 

Look 3 

The last look I created is probably my favourite because I was just using 3 of my favourite shades from the palette and I was so happy with how it turned out. 

Patricia Bright Palette Eye Shadow Look 3

  1. To start off this look I used Try Me which is a matte orange shade, I used this colour in the crease and blended it out quite a lot to get my desired look. 
  2. After this, I added the yellow shade just above the orange to add a more gradient effect and this took a little longer to blend out because I wanted to two colours to merge together and be fully blended.
  3. To darken up the crease I then used a thinner crease brush and Superwoman to add more depth to the eye look. 
  4. Once the crease was finished I added concealer to the lid to make it easier to create a cut crease look. The first shadow I applied was yellow and I put that right in the middle of the cut crease. 
  5. After the yellow, I then applied the orange to next to the yellow on both sides and blended the colours together and then to finish the look I used the pink in the outer and inner corners and then blended all the shades together. 
  6. For the lower lash line, I used the yellow for the inner part of the lower lash, orange for the middle and pink shade along the outer lash line and then used a bit pf Perfection on the inner corner. 

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Overall I have been so impressed with this palette, the shades are gorgeous, they work together so well and they compliment my skin tone amazingly. I can't wait to get back to Superdrug and pick up one of the face palettes and give that one a try! What do you think of this collaboration?

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  1. Great review! I love the look of this palette, and you created beautiful looks using it. The quality sounds amazing xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  2. The palette is beautiful! I really love look number three and I LOVE the shade 'superwoman'.

    Jas xx

  3. I love Patricia. These aren't my shades but I was really interested in the face palettes. The palette looks beautiful and seems to swatch so well. Love the variety in the looks you came up with too x


  4. This is such a lovely blog post! I love your photography here and the shades look lovely so up my street!

    Ayse x

  5. There are some beautiful shades in this palette! I love Look 1, it's got an Autumnal vibe about it! x

    Lucy |