5 Under £5: Lipsticks!

6 November 2019

5 Under £5: Lipsticks Flatlay

My 5 Under £5 series is a real favourite of mine but it can be one of the hardest ones to actually put together because not a lot of good quality makeup is less than £5 nowadays! I love this series because I can share my love for affordable makeup with everyone and for this post, I'm going to be sharing with you 5 of my favourite lipsticks all for under £5!

5 Under £5: Lipsticks 2

This lipstick really does live up to its name and it is one of my all-time favourite formulas. The only one lipstick comes in satin or matte formulas. The formula of this lipstick is a little different to any others that I've tried before because it applies like a cream but then once you've worn it for a while it turns to more of a matte. This lipstick is very comfortable to wear, even though it dries down a bit it doesn't leave the lips looking or feeling dry. I have this lipstick in a few different shades (the shade swatched is 120 You're All Mine) and all the different shades swatch and apply to the lips perfectly and just one swipe gives you full coverage of colour to the lips. Rimmel lipsticks have always been my favourite, for a drugstore brand they really are amazing quality and I actually prefer them to a few of my more expensive high-end lipstick formulas. There are so many different shades of this lipstick that I know everyone will find a shade that they love. 

This lipstick is a recent find for me, I was just doing a little look around Superdrug and the packaging caught my eye straight away and then I saw the shade that I have which is Velvet and then instantly brought it. This lipstick is a matte formula that applies matte onto the lips but it feels extra smooth and comfortable on the lips. I have worn this lipstick for long hours while at work and haven't felt that dry cracked feeling when I wear this lipstick as it doesn't dry down or sit in the creases of my lips. This lipstick doesn't last all day but it does layer really nicely and even with two or three layers it doesn't feel thick on the lips. If I was blindly testing out this lipstick I would have definitely said that it would be a lot more than just £5. The only problem with this lipstick is that I wasn't the biggest fan of the other shades in the range but if they brought out more shades I would definitely give them a go!

Primark Beauty Lustre Lipstick - £1.50

Primark has really been bringing out some amazing makeup items recently and that definitely counts for this lipstick. I have found that lips product is a lot more like a pigmented lip balm than a lipstick and that makes it extra comfortable to wear. This lipstick was only £1.50 and for that price the quality of this lipstick is amazing. So far I've only collected one of these lipsticks but I will definitely be going back to get more and to test out more shades. This lipstick would be perfect for anyone who loves a really moisturising product on their lips that still has a good pigment to it and covers the lips and leaves the lips with a really nice shine to them. I would recommend everyone to get down to their nearest Primark to try the Lustre Lipsticks (Primark really needs a website where you can shop online!).

5 Under £5: Lipsticks Swatch

This is the second Revolution Lipstick to be featured on this post and this time it's from the Rose Gold collection. I have had this lipstick for a while now and have used it so many times just because of how much I love the formula. This is a matte lipstick but I would say its more of a demi-matte because it does have a slight sheen to it. The Rose Gold lipstick does also come in a satin formula which I haven't actually tried yet but I will on my next trip to Superdrug. This lipstick doesn't claim to be long-lasting but it actually does a pretty good job of it, even after drinking and eating there still was a lot of product on my lips and I only needed to reapply the product once and like the others on this list, it layers really nicely.

MUA was one of the first really affordable brands that I found out about from the drugstore and other than their lipsticks I have a lot of their makeup like their palettes which are really great quality for such an affordable price. The MUA lipsticks are one of my favourites and I have actually gone through quite a few of these lipsticks in a few different shades. This lipstick has an extra moisturising formula and sits on the lips really nicely without creasing or sitting in the lines of my lips. This lipstick comes in a lot of different shades and finishes making it the perfect lipstick for everyone and it is one of the cheapest on the list!

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My all-time favourite makeup product has to be lipstick as they complete any makeup look and if I can get an affordable lipstick with great quality then sign me up! Have you tried any of these lipsticks before? 

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  1. the revolution, and the revolution pro lipsticks are such gorgeous shades, and for under £5 they are a massive steal! I really would like to try the Primark one too, to see what the quality is like x

    1. These two shades are some of my favourites and they are all really wearable for everyday use. The primark one is great and I’m sure you’ll be surprised by the quality of it! X

  2. That rose gold lipstick sounds so good! I’m off to look this up!

  3. I haven't tried any of these but I love the look of the rose gold lipstick! I usually buy Bourjois lipsticks as they're lipsticks I've tried that are the best long lasting ones x

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk

    1. They are all really nice lipsticks, I have tried a few from bourjois before and they are also really great quality! X

  4. I love the formula of the Makeup Revolution lipsticks! The one you have is such a gorgeous shade too!

    Lesley | www.makemeupblogs.com

    1. The formula of Revolution lipsticks are really the best! They also have a lot more shades that I want to try out x

  5. Ok! I need to hit some stores and grab these! I love lipsticks!

  6. These posts must be so hard to put together! I love the colour of the Primark one, so affordable too. I've tried Rimmel lipsticks before and liked them but I've never tried that formula, I'll have to pick a couple up x


  7. Primark and Rimmel are the colors for me! I have pathetically pale skin, and love a pink more than a red. Not being one to spend much on lipstick, I cannot believe these cost less then my latte!

  8. This is such a good idea for a series - will definitely be keeping up with it! I need a pigmented balm right now so will be checking out that Primark Lustre lipstick!

    Jas xx

  9. I'm an avid lover of MUA as a whole, but their lipsticks are a whole new level! The pricing is incredible considering the amazing quality of the lipstick. :) This post was super informative and helpful for a student like me who is trying to save money in any way she can!

    Soph - https://girlvsworldblog.com x