While having an annual cleanout of my makeup drawers I discovered that a few products that I still have in my collection are now discontinued. I don't really know why brands discontinue certain products but it truly breaks my heart when its a product that I love. In today's post, I will be sharing with you all the discontinued products I wish would come back!

Bourjois Air Matte Foundation 

I was thinking of a blog post to feature this product on when I realised that it was discontinued. This foundation was for a long time one of my all-time favourites, I would use it every day and when I saw they discontinued it I was really upset! (I still am). This foundation was perfect for me because it was matte but not too matte where it would make you look flat, it still allowed a bit of a glow through. It applied so easily, it would literally take seconds to blend out into my skin using a brush or sponge it gave my skin such a lovely finish to it. I probably have repurchased this foundation 3 or 4 times since I first tried it, that's how much I really loved using it. I did have one issue with this product though, They only released I think 5 shades which is really terrible in this day and age. My shade was actually the darkest in the range and that just doesn't cut it for me. What I wish Bourjois would do is bring back this foundation but add another 20 shades, That's the dream!

Dupe Product - MUA Pro Base Foundation

Too Faced Amazing Face Foundation

This was a product that I found while having a look through the makeup section in Tk Maxx and it was only £7.99 and in my shade so it was definitely fate. This was one of the first times that I was trying a Too Faced foundation and it definitely didn't disappoint. Out of all my foundations that I had at the time this was the one that I would reach for the most and wear on a daily basis. This foundation wasn't a matte formula which is usually my favourite but this product just seemed to work for my skin. It applied so easily to my skin and blended out seamlessly without too much effort. The finish it gave my skin was also so lovely it was luminous but not oily but also appeared glowy. At first, I would use this foundation all of the time and then when I looked online and realised I didn't have the chance to get it again because it was discontinued I decided to only use it for special occasions and I was able to make it last a little longer but then eventually it was gone.

Dupe Product - Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

Kiko Blush 104

There actually used to be a Kiko store right near to where I would live and I would go there quite often and look around and pick a few things up and then I came across their blushes. This was a few years ago now and what I have realised about Kiko is that they have a lot of limited edition products and they change their packaging and formulas a lot so if you see something that you like you need to snap it up right away. This blush was an obsession for me when I first got it, I was going through a coral blush faze. This blush is the perfect product for people who want a pigmented and vibrant blush that blends easily and gives the skin a beautiful flushes look. This is a blush that I hope I never reach pan on because if I do I won't be able to repurchase.

Dupe Product - Kiko Smart Colour Blush 05 

Revolution My Sign Lip Gloss 

Revolution has been a brand that I have used for years, and still to this day I'm buying and loving their new releases. This lip gloss was from their My Sign range, they brought out a collection of small palettes and lip glosses and from this collection, I got a few of the glosses and fell in love with them straight away. These glosses are different to what I've used before they are more like a liquid lipstick but not matte. This lip gloss has full pigmentation and covers the lips completely leaving a gorgeous shine which isn't sticky or tacky. I wear this lip gloss a lot and aia have a few different shades but I would love to be able to try more but the My Sign collection was Limited Edition! Revolution if your reading this bring back these lip glosses.

Dupe Product - Revolution Pro Supreme Gloss Lip Pigment 

Kiko Out Of Bounds Liquid Eyeliner 

Another Kiko product on this list but this time its an eyeliner. In one of Kiko's Limited Edition collections they brought out this liner that I had actually read about in a blog post for being an amazing liner and I'm a sucker for a good review and went out and tried it. This liner was really amazing, it had a quite a long and thin felt tip applicator which had really black liquid that wasn't too liquidy but it wasn't too dry either. It applied to the eyelid like a dream and didn't pull or tug. What I also noticed about this liner is that it didn't dry out for a long time and I was able to get a lot of use out of this liner. I repurchased this liner a couple of times and I recently found one in my collection but it's done and dried up now, I just hope that one day Kiko will rerelease this liner!

Dupe Product - Kiko Ultimate Pen Eyeliner

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Discontinued products are the bane of my life, I always want to recommend products in my blog posts but if its discontinued I don't and it's usually always the products that I love the most. Have you got any discontinued products you wish would come back?

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  1. I've never seen that Too Faced foundation before, but the packaging is so pretty, even if the bottle looks tiny haha! It's always a shame when companies discontinue products xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  2. It's the worst when products you love get discontinued and the panic sets in when you try to find a replacement. Loads of my favourites have been discontinued over the years, my old favourite Laura Mercier foundation is probably one of the ones I miss the most x


  3. I've heard some amazing things about the amazing face foundation before so it seems a shame that it's been discontinued I've actually not heard of any of the other products before x

  4. It's got to be one of the worst things when one of your favourite products is discontinued! First world problems lol. When The Body Shop stopped their dewy foundation I could have cried!!

    Soph - www.thecoffeelawdiary.blogspot.com