{Gifted} Other than beauty products my other obsession is candles and wax melts that's why I was really excited that SassyShopWax were on the lookout for bloggers to try a few of their wax melts and I jumped at the chance. I was very kindly gifted three different wax melts to try out and review for you and here's how it went (spoiler alert I love them). 

First Impressions 

In my house of an evening, I probably have around 10 different candles burning as well as a wax melt on the go so I definitely think im the right person to review a wax melt brand. After I had replied to the tweet asking for bloggers to test out the wax melts I was sent an email containing all the different scents to choose from and there were so many amazing ones like Rhubie Rose which rhubarb and tea rose and Bedtime Baby which is supposed to smell just like baby bubble bath! After a while of deliberating, I decided to go for Snow Pixie which is a vibrant fruity scent with notes of bubblegum and pear drops, Strawberry Lily which is their best selling scent from the laundry family and Sandalwood and Patchouli Dreams which is the ultimate sleepy blend with notes of creamy musk and sandalwood.  The package came in a matter of days and was beautifully packaged which is a big plus for me. 

Product Amount 

The wax melts themselves look like miniature chocolate bars and have 10 pieces that you can break off and put into a wax melt dish which I think means that just one bar of the melt would last you ages. On the back of the packaging, it says that each individual wax melt bar has a Net Weight of 50g which I think is pretty good for the price of only £2.75 per bar which I think is an amazing deal. When you break off a small section of the bar and use it in your wax melt its more than enough to have the whole room smelling amazing. 


The outside packaging of the melt bars is just in a basic plastic casing with the brand's logo on the front which I really like because it's simple and classic. On the back of the packaging, you have the bars name with the ingredients on with some very scientific words and also the weight of the product. The first thing you notice about SassyShopWaxes wax bars is that they are beautifully made each in individual colours and with added glitter which I think makes everything better. 

All of the 3 different wax bars that I got all looked different from each other with Snow Pixie being a pale pink with silver glitter, Strawberry Lilly was pink to white with pink glitter and Sandalwood and Patchouli Dreams was blue with silver glitter. Im a person that is a sucker for packaging and as soon as I saw the images for these wax melts I was sold. 

First Impression 

My first impression of these wax melts was that I could actually smell them even when they were still in the box which was a very good sign. I have brought wax melts in the past and the smell just wasn't there at all which is disappointing but that definitely didn't happen with these melts. Once I opened the packaging and smelt each wax bar individually I decided that Snow Pixie was probably my favourite because it smelt just like bubblegum which is one of my all-time favourite scents. If your a person that isn't a fan of really sweet scents that one may not be for you but the other two wax melts would be right up your street.

When trying out the melts in my wax melter I decided to try a different scent on a different day to see if I could really smell each of the scents. I first decided to try out Snow Pixie because it was my favourite. After about 10 minutes the wax had fully melted leave a pretty light pink wax with glitter in that looked gorgeous but also smelt amazing. I left the room the wax pot was in and when I came back the whole room smelt of bubblegum which was a dream and I can honestly say it lasted hours until my tea light went out. The second the melt I decided to try was Strawberry Lilly and from trying it I now understand why its one of their best selling scents because its such a fresh fruity scent which isn't too overpowering and was perfect to have on all day. This was another scent that was very long-lasting. For the final wax melt Sandalwood and Patchouli Dreams, I decided that I wanted to test it out before bed because it was described as the sleepy scent. This wax melt smells amazing and instantly promotes relaxation, When I had this wax melt on I felt very relaxed and calm and it was definitely the perfect smell to have while getting ready for bed. 

When I was taking these pictures for this post I decided to put all the wax melts together and it actually made the most amazing smell and the colour it created once they had all melted was like a galaxy!

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Testing out these wax melts has actually made it one of my favourite review posts to put together and Im actually writing a list to put together all of the other scents I want to try! Which one of these scents would you like the most?

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  1. I've not tried wax melts before, but these sound great! What a great sign that you could smell them when they were in the box, nothing worse than a product like this having barely any scent xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  2. I've never tried melts before, I don't know why, perhaps I thought they'd be too messy and liquid? Not a good combination with a gangly 10 years old and two curious cats. Love your glitter galaxy effect though, that's so pretty! x

  3. I’ve not heard of this brand of wax melts before but they definitely sound great and once I finished up using my current wax melts then I will be checking out these soon!

  4. They sound really great, especially for that price. I'm a huge fan of candles and wax melts too. The Sandalwood and Patchouli one sounds glorious, I tend to go for scents like that rather than sweeter options x


  5. These look so fab, I definitely need to get some of these for myself soon x

  6. I've never tried wax melts before, but these ones sound great! I always think that if you can smell the product when they're in the box, they're a good product! x

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk