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Since we have been in lockdown all I have been doing is decluttering and reorganising to keep myself busy and while doing that I realised I still haven't done my highlighters collection post yet. Highlighters are one of my favourite makeup products, they seem to just finish off any look and make the skin look glowy and sun-kissed. In today's post, I'll be showing you my highlighter collection that I've grown over the years!

Powder Highlighters

Powder Highlighter Swatches

Glowcomotion was one of the first highlighters that I ever brought and tried out. I tried it out after a recommendation I saw on youtube and I knew I had to try it out. What I really like about this highlighter is that it has more of a golden tone to it which suits my skin tone really well. Another reason I really like this highlighter is that it gives the skin more of a glowy highlight than a glittery one. Even though this is more of a cheaper product it still performs really well and it blends out easily. I also like to wear this highlighter on my inner corner when I've done an eyeshadow look and it works perfectly. 

Back to last year, I brought a set of W7 highlighters with the glowcomotion concluded and this highlighter which is a little different than the others on my list because it is more of a duo-chrome finish. When you look at the pan the highlighter almost looks white but when you swatch it and use it on the skin it appears to have more of a pinky purple tone to it. With that being said this highlighter is still really subtle and doesn't look too overpowering on the skin. I like to wear this highlighter on special occasions because it has such a different look and it needs different makeup for it to go with. 

The third highlighter in the collection of W7 highlighters and it is the pink version of the original glowcomotion. This version is probably my most used out of the three because it has the pinky tinge to it. My favourite shades of highlighters actually have a really pretty pink colour too it because I wear a lot of pink eyeshadow and blush so it goes really well. This highlighter is similar to glowcomotion in that it's very easy to blend and leaves a lovely glow to the skin. 

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This highlighter was one of the first Revolution products that I tried and it was one of the first highlighters in my collection. I keep this highlighter in my collection mainly for nostalgia reasons, I don't wear it much anymore but it will be a highlighter that I'll always have in my collection. When I did use this highlighter I did really like it, it has a light pink shimmer which gives the skin a really pretty glow. I don't use this one as much because I have more that I reach for that are slightly more shimmery and blinding. 

I got this primer in one of Superdrugs 3 for 2 sales and I wanted to try something new. I had heard a lot of hype about this highlighter and I wanted to try it out for myself. This is probably one of my most used highlighters in my collection as its a product that I like to use in my everyday makeup routine. This highlighter is a really pretty light champagne colour that has a slight glitter to it and leaves a really pretty shimmer to the skin which isn't too overpowering so I can wear it during the day and to work.

This highlighter was one of the first expensive highlighters that I bought for myself and again I brought it because I saw so many different YouTubers rave about it. When I first got this highlighter I would wear it all the time even though it is very flashy, I would even wear it to work. This was my favourite highlighter because it made any makeup look better and it made my skin look extra glowy. This highlighter does have a small amount of glitter in but it looks really lovely when applied to the skin. You can apply a small amount for a subtle glow or you can build it up for a more vibrant shimmer. 

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Liquid Highlighters 

Liquid Highlighter Swatches

Revolution Liquid Highlighter 
This product I was actually given by a friend who was doing a makeup declutter and I very happily took it off her hands. I usually prefer powder highlighters as I find them easier to use but with the shine that this highlighter gives it convinced me to use this one a lot more. This product is really blinding and leaves a really gorgeous glow to the skin but it really isn't for every day wear its more for special occasions and nights out. When looking on the Revolution website they don't actually have this highlighter anymore but they have loads of different alternatives. 

Each year for my birthday my boyfriend gets me a makeup gift set and for the past few years, it has been from Benefit. In one of the sets, it included High Beam which is Benefits liquid highlighter. This is one of the more subtle liquid highlighters that I have in my collection. This highlighter is perfect for an everyday makeup look and a no makeup makeup look but it gives a natural glow. It is pretty subtle but leaves the skin looking glowy and gorgeous. 

The packaging of this product (which is a milk carton) is actually what attracted me to this product as soon as I saw it and I got this highlighter in my January Birchbox. Then after I got past the cute packaging I noticed how lovely the liquid highlighter is. The shade of this highlighter is very similar to the Revolution highlighter but the consistency of the two are quite different. I prefer this one because it is slightly thicker and not as watery and its a lot easier to blend into the skin and gives the skin a gorgeous blinding glow. 

Back a few weeks ago I was very kindly gifted three of the glow stick highlighters from Bali Body which I have written a full review about if you want to know more. These highlighters are really different to the others that I have in my collection because of their consistency and the fact that they have an applicator to apply the product. All of the shades I have are so pretty with my favourite being Rose Gold that gives the skin a gorgeous pinky glow and the others being Moonlit which is a pretty glittery gold shade and Sunkissed which is a gorgeous bronzey shade. All of these highlighters blend out like a dream and have more of a shimmery effect on the skin and makes you look like you just got off a plane. 

This highlighter is probably one of the most interesting makeup products that I own. I haven't tried many cushion products before but as soon as I tried this I wanted to try more. This highlighter is a product that I would suggest anyone try if they love a subtle and natural glow which also illuminates the skin. When you look at the cushion you wouldn't think it was very glowy but as soon as you apply it can see the instant brightening to the skin. I like to wear this highlighter when I want to look like a natural beauty. 

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Over the years of being obsessed with makeup, I have grown my highlighter collection and I can't wait to be able to add to this collection. Have you tried any of these products before? 

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  1. I've never tried W7 highlighters but it looks like I'll have to soon! I swear by Makeup Revolution products though, they're so good for the price that they are! ��

    �� Marissa Belle × marsybun.com ��

    1. W7 are one of my favourite affordable brands for highlighters because they are cheap but still are really good quality! Revolution always have amazing products too for such a good price! X

  2. What an absolutely beautiful collection! I love the Mary-Lou Manizer, it's such a classic. Those W7 ones look super pretty too xx

    Hannah | https://luxuryblush.co.uk/

    1. Thank you! The Mary-Lou Manizer is definitely a classic and still one of my favourite highlighters in my collection! X

  3. Love the sheen of these - very classy yet with a bit of spark to them!

  4. Great post! I have never tried any of these highlighters but they look amazing! My favorite highlighters are sleek highlighters!

  5. I am need of a new highlighter, so this was a perfect post!

    Also that first pic is heaven - love a good highlighter collection! x

  6. I love highlighter, it gives such a lovely glow and sparkle to my face! I'll be looking at these and may buy one to try! x

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk

  7. You have an enviable collection here, very lush! The Elf Baked Highlighter is a staple for sure.

  8. So many pretty shades here! I love the tones in the liquid one by Revolution. It's a shame they don't do that one now! High Beam looks pretty do, I don't think I've ever actually tried any highlighters from benefit. They've all swatched beautifully! x


  9. I'm obssessed with highlighters too, they're my favourite part of makeup. I love the Elf Highlighter in Moonlight Pearls, it's been my go to for years! I'd recommend checking out the Fenty Beauty Highlighters, they're perfect!