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{Previously Gifted} Over the years since starting my blog, I have done so many different favourites post and I've finally decided to do them every 2-3 months so that I never miss any products out. In today's post, I'll be sharing with you all of my favourite beauty products from the last few months!

Bali Body Gradual Tan*

Tanning products are pretty new to me and since getting the opportunity to try out a product from Bali Body I have been loving it. I have a deeper skin tone so I never really thought about tanning before but when I tried out this gradual tan I was really happy with the results. This product didn't make me look too dark or orange but it just gave my skin a nice glow and also a sun-kissed tan. What I love most about this product is that it looks just like a lotion when you're applying it so it isn't messy at all and it soaks into the skin pretty quickly and doesn't leave you feeling sticky. I have been using this product a lot on my arms and legs and makes them look so lovely like I've just had a holiday. Another thing I love about this product is that it really is streak-free, I apply it with my hands and make sure I blend it in nicely and the tan comes out looking seamless. 

Polaar Night Cream 

Recently I ran out of my tried and true moisturiser which is my Environ AVST 1 and I was looking in my collection for another product to use and I started to use this Night Cream. I first got this back in one of my Birxhboxes and when I first tried it knew I was going to love it. This cream is so luxurious and thick and once it applies to the face you can feel your skin rehydrating. The most important time of the day to do skincare is the evening so I always make sure that I'm using a really good moisturiser before bed to make sure that my skin gets all the benefits. This cream is pretty pricey but im still getting through my sample size but I really think im going to invest in this cream once I run out because I love the effect it has on my skin. 

Beauty Favourites Close Up

Laura Geller Matte Medieraniun Bronzer 

This bronzer is a product that I have been using religiously recently. I got this on one of my trips to Tk Maxx before the lockdown and since then it has become a real favourite of mine. This bronzer is pretty subtle but it gives such a gorgeous glow to my skin and it makes me look like I've sat in the sun for a few hours. I don't like my bronzers to be too pigmentated because I find them hard to blend out but with this product, it blends so easily into the skin and leaves the most gorgeous shade on the skin. The only problem with this bronzer is that I can't find it anywhere online in the UK to buy it but if you're interested in it keeps an eye out on Tk Maxx.

B. Makeup Sponge 

I am usually a person that applies their foundation with a brush and I have been that way for a while since I had to let go of my beauty blender. I love the Beauty blender but for what it is I think it's pretty expensive for what it is so I wanted to try and find a more affordable option. Then I found the B. Makeup sponge from Superdrug, I had tried it before a few years ago and really didn't like it because it was stiff and quite hard but I wanted to give it another go and now it's my favourite sponge. This sponge is a real dupe for the beauty blender because I found that it blends out makeup just as good. I make sure my sponge is wet before using it and then it easily blends out foundation and concealer in minutes giving a flawless base. Whenever I need a new makeup sponge this one will always be the one that I go for!

Beauty Favourites Close Up 1

Balance Me PH Clarifying Face Mist 

Face Mists are a newer skincare product for me but since trying this once I have been really obsessed with it. This mist is the perfect product to use to finish off my Problematic Skincare Routine. My skin can flare up at times and I can get pretty spotty depending on my time of the month and that's when I use this product a lot. One of the things I love about this mist is that when I use it it leaves my skin feeling really fresh and cool. After using this product for a few weeks I have seen slight differences in my skin with it having fewer breakouts and oiliness. This mist contains Witch Hazel that helps to tighten the skin and reduce inflammation in redress which I have noticed has improved around my nose. I got the sample size in my Birchbox but the full size of this product is already in my basket. 

Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil 

For my birthday last year, my boyfriend got me a Benefit Mkaeuo set which included their best selling products and once of those was the Goof Proof Brow Pencil. I usually don't like the slanted pencils and I go for the micro defined pencils instead because I like the look that it gives but with this product I have definitely been converted. When I do my brows I use three different products, a micro pencil to outline the brows, a brow mascara to finish off my brows and this pencil to fill in the inner part of my brows to give me a gradient brow which I love. This brow pencil is the perfect product to fill in the brows quickly and gives the effect of hair-like strokes. One of the main things I love about this pencil is that shade 5 fits my brow hair colour perfectly!

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For the past few months, these are the products that I have been using religiously and need to have in my collection. What products have you been loving recently? 

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  1. That laura geller bronzer looks beautiful! My beautyblender is getting a bit old and I need to get a new one, I might try the superdrug one as I would love a more affordable dupe!

    1. The bronzer is so pretty! It leaves the skin looking so lovely and sun kissed. The Superdrug sponge is so good and so affordable I don’t think I’ll even need to use a beauty blender again! X

  2. I used to use the Goof Proof pencil and I loved it, but it is a little expensive and I opted for a cheaper option in the end, I absolutely love Bali Body products! I love their self tan mousse and their BB cream, they're so good! x

    Lucy |

    1. I’ve tried so many different brow products and it’s the one thing that I always come back to and use time and time again! Bali Body is such an amazing brand I have a few other favourites from them like their highlighter sticks and bb creams! X

  3. I think that favourites every few months are the best approach. I never find that my go-to products change often enough for monthly favourites. Interesting that you're loving the B sponge more than the BB now, definitely something I need to try. I'm the exact same as you, I normally prefer the skinny brow pencils but I love Goof Proof. I hadn't had one in a while and I picked one up a couple of months ago and I'm totally in love again. I really appreciate how good the Benefit brow shade range is too x


  4. I love reading article like this because I'm such a novice when it comes to skincare and makeup. Slowly I am learning. Thank you for sharing

  5. Love reading about your beauty faves, I always enjoy being nosy with what people have found good! I like the sound of the gradual tan, I also haven't really got much experience with using tanning products, I always worry it's going to be streaky or leave me really orange. The bali body one sounds so good though, might be one for me to try!

    Chloe xx

  6. Great post! I'm definitely going to try out that sponge!

  7. The night cream sounds amazing. I struggle to find a good night cream so will be looking this one up!

  8. Ooh that Laura Gellar bronzer is such a great tk maxx find!! The TK maxx makeup section is full of great things sometimes I got an ABH blush palette there once!