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If you have been reading my blog for a while now you will know that I love a good bargain and affordable beauty products are my favourite. Out of all the affordable products that I have in my collection there are still a few pricier options that I love and will always repurchase and have in my collection. In today's post, I'll be sharing with you all the beauty products that I think are worth the splurge. 


Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

Estee Lauder Double Wear £34

Most of the foundations that I own are drugstore and they perform really well and some of my favourites and more affordable options but the Estee Lauder Double Wear will always be a High-end foundation that I repurchase. This product is truly my holy grail foundation and I always make sure that I have one in my collection. This foundation does everything I want in a product, it keeps my skin looking matte but more of a velvety matte because it doesn't make me look cakey and this foundation also lasts all day without wearing away in patches. This foundation would be perfect for anymore who loves a matte full coverage look. Whenever I wear this foundation I know that im going to have a good makeup day, I now only really use this product for special occasions or if I know that I need my makeup to last all day because it isn't cheap. 

Bali Body Highlighters

Bali Body Glow Stick Highlighters £25.95 each* 

This is a product that I was very kindly sent from Bali Body back a few weeks ago and I also have a full review of their new Glow Stick Highlighters and since then I have been using these so much. I am usually a sucker for powder highlighters because I find that they can be more blinding but since using these highlighters I really have been loving the more natural glowy look that these highlighters give. The highlighters have a much more glowy finish than glittery but that's what I really love about this product. My favourite shade out of the three is Rose Gold because it has more of a pinky tone to it which I find suits my skin tone really well. What I also really like about this highlighters is that they blend out really easily with just your finger and the three different shades can suit a lot of skin tones. 

Bali Body Highlighter Swatch


Environ AVST 1 £48 

I know you have definitely spoken about this moisturiser multiple times on my blog just because of how much I love it. This is a moisturiser that I have been using on and off for years and is still a product that I always come back to even if I try other moisturisers. This moisturiser is a normalising product which means that it is suitable for all different skin types. I love this moisturiser because it has helped my skin improve so much since using it, it has done this but reducing the amount of oil my skin produces and also it has helped my skin to be less problematic, I would get spots a lot of the time even when it wasn't my time of the month and using this moisturiser along with the other products in my Problematic Skincare Routine my skin has improved so much. The main ingredients in this moisturiser are Vitamins A, C & E which are amazing for the skin and leave it looking and feeling stunning. 

ESPA & Environ

ESPA Optimal Skin ProSerum £51

This product is a newer favourite of mine and I've only been using it for the past month. This product is very luxurious and I try to only use it around 3 times a week in the evenings to make sure that it lasts as long as possible. My skin type is combination skin which means that I have oily and dry skin in different areas but it is mostly oily so I use a lot of products that help to remove the oil it can sometimes make the drier areas of my skin slightly drier and that is where this product comes in. This serum is a radiant serum that intensely nourishes the skin. Whenever I use this product my skin really feels amazing afterwards and definitely more hydrated. This serum contains Echium Oil and Sunflower concentrate which replenishes the skin while White Lupin soothes and firms. This is a product that I would suggest people try if they want a product that gives their skin a new lease of life and gives it a more radiant appearance. 

Body Care 


L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil £19.50

L'Occitane has always been a brand that I lust over because of how amazing their products are but I never really took the plunge because they are pretty pricey. I was gifted this shower oil for a client at Christmas and I am definitely a shower oil convert now. I have never really tried a product like this one before and I think that its definitely worth every penny. I don't use this product all the time because its so luxurious but whenever im wanting a real treat and pamper session I always go for this oil. This oil is very different because when you use it in the bath or shower it instantly lathers up into a foam and it leaves a really gorgeous satin-like sheen on the skin. The other thing I really love about this oil is that it smells amazing and really fresh and once you have gotten out of the bath or shower your skin really feel super soft and supple. Now that I have tried this product I will always have a bottle in my bathroom, L'Occitane also sell a refill version so you don't need to buy a full bottle every time!

Liz Earle Body Balm

Liz Earle Skin Replenishing Body Balm £22

Liz Earle has also been a brand that I have lusted over for years and have tried a few things from them in the past and as you've probably guessed I loved them. This body cream really is a favourite of mine and definitely, worth its price tag, £22 is a lot for a body cream but a little goes a long way so this cream should last me ages. I use this product every day after my bath in the evening and my skin is definitely thanking me for that. This body balm uses natural active ingredients to give the skin a nourishing and moisturised feeling to it. After I use this balm my skin feels really smooth and supple without leaving a greasy or oily cast on the skin. This body balm also smells amazing with the added ingredient of eucalyptus that also leaves a delicate scent to the skin.   

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If you are someone who is on the lookout for some new high-end products to add to your collection then this was the post for you. What products do you have that you think are worth the splurge? 

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  1. For me, the product worth the money that I'd repurchase again and again is the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder, it's the only thing I've ever used that I can put on my dry skin and it never looks cakey or heavy. They have the most beautiful soft finish. I'm loving the Bali Body highlight sticks as well. And the L'Occitane shower oil is such a long time favourite of mine too, I never want to use it when I buy it because I want it to last forever but it's such a nice product x


    1. Oo that powder sounds amazing! I haven’t tried much from hourglass before because they are pretty pricey but I’ve always heard such good things about it! The shower oil is my favourite, it’s so good I try not to use it all the time so it doesn’t run out! X

  2. I've heard many good things about that Estee Lauder foundation, I'm somebody who does like a full matte coverage with my foundation so I may give this a try in the future! x

    Lucy |

    1. Double wear will always be a favourite of mine. It works so well at keeping me matte for most of the day without leaving me looking cakey, you should definitely try it out! X

  3. Some great products here! I have used the Estee Lauder foundation before and it is great for coverage! The Liz Earle body balm sounds so good though - definitely one I need to try! Thank you for sharing <3

    Chloe xx

    1. The coverage of the foundation is my favourite thing about it as it leaves my skin looking flawless and velvety! X

  4. Great post and photos! Totally agree with EL Double Wear, it's a holy grail product for sure and so worth the splurge. I love how matte it is 😍

    Anika |

  5. I have heard so many good things about the Estee Lauder double wear! I would love to try it!

  6. OK, that almond shower oil sounds delightful.
    I have heard so many good things about EL Doublewear.
    Cora |

  7. Great post! Thank you for sharing! I really want to get the estee lauder foundation because I've heard so many good things about it!

  8. Thank you for sharing! That almond shower oil sounds heavenly. Like you, I wouldn't use it all the time but we all need a little splurge in our lives from time to time, right?

  9. These are some gorgeous luxe products - I'm with you all the way on the L'Occitane shower oil, it makes me feel fantastic. And my other splurges that I never hesitate over are anything in the Origins Ginger bath and body range, it's my signature perfume after all! Lisa x