Haircare isn't something that I usually get excited about because I have never found anything that I love using but recently I have found a few key products that have now become my Holy Grails. I use these products constantly and have to have them in my collection to make sure that I have a good hair day! In today's post, I'll be sharing with you all of my Haircare Holy Grails!

John Frieda Frizz Ease Extra Strength Serum 

My hair is thick, frizzy and curly which bugs me a lot because I like my hair to look sleek and shiny and this is what this serum does for me. I wear my hair straight a lot because I find it easier to deal with so when I wash my hair and my hairs still slightly damp I apply this serum to the ends of my hair and once it's dried it looks smooth feels hydrated. The trick to using this serum is to only use such a small amount, I've used too much before and it made my hair look greasier than it did before I washed it. The way I do my hair is that I wash it and then blow dry it and then go over it with my straighteners, so my hair does usually get a lot of flyaways, with this serum I sometimes use it on my hair when it's dry, I pump out a very small amount into my hairs and apply it to the top of my hair and this helps to calm down all the frizziness and leaves a lovely shine to my hair without it looking greasy. 

SGX NYC Dry-Touch Volumising Dry Shampoo*

Back in July last year I was very kindly gifted a few products from SGX NYC which is a haircare brand created by an award-winning hairstylist. I have actually really enjoyed all of the products that I received but my favourite definitely has to be this dry shampoo. My hair is black so I have found it really difficult to find a dry shampoo that doesn't leave loads of white marks in my hair. I have tried some before that claim to be invisible but they still left a grey tint to my hair but that was until I tried this product. This dry shampoo is literally invisible, I was very shocked at first because I've never tried one that didn't leave white marks everywhere. When I use this product I part my hair near the roots and spray it a few times and massage it into my hair and it leaves it looking like it had been freshly done without it being washed. Another reason I love this product is that it doesn't leave my hair feeling sticky it actually leaves my hair feeling extra smooth and it looks like freshly washed hair!

GHD Straighteners 

This product is probably my favourite out of everything on this list and its the item that I've had the longest. I have probably had my GHD's for around 10 years and they are still going strong and work in perfect condition. I got this as a birthday gift years ago and never thought they would last this long. I don't use them every day but when I do they work just as well as they did 10 years ago. GHD's are a little pricier than other hair straightener brands out there but I am proof that they are definitely worth the extra money because they last such a long time. When my hair is curly and I want to straighten it, this product heats up perfectly to give me straight hair almost instantly. When the day comes that these hair straighteners finally die I will definitely be repurchasing new ones!

Coco & Eve Like a Virgin Hair Mask 

The first time I tried this mask I actually got it from a Birchbox all the way back in February last year. I was so impressed with this product that I repurchased another sample size because It lasted me so long and its much cheaper than the full-size version. I love using this product when I wear my hair straight or curly. I don't need to wash my hair too often but when I do I use this hair mask after I've shampooed and leave it in for around 10 minutes and then wash it out. After I've washed the product out even before drying my hair I can tell the difference that using this hair mask has had on my hair, it looks and feels so much smoother and hydrated and it gives my hair a gorgeous shine. When I leave my hair curly this product also helps to keep my curls looking defined. This is also a product that keeps my frizzy hair at bay by deep conditioning my hair which also makes my split ends looks less visible and improves my hairs texture. 

John Frieda 3 Day Straight Straightening Spray

I discovered this product years ago when I actually used some of it on a whim because I was struggling with what products to use to keep my hair staying straight and sleek and since then I have been loving it! After I've washed my hair and used all the other products and just before I start blow-drying I spray this product throughout hair and then brush it through to make sure the product is covered all of my hair. This product is designed to work with hair straighteners to block out fizz and while you straighten. It also works to take dry and frizzy hair leaving it smooth and sleek until the next time that you wash it. I now use this product every time I straighten my hair and it has made a huge difference in my hair care routine by leaving my hair looking glossy and sleek! 

VO5 Heat Protect Serum 

You probably have already noticed that when I do my hair I use a lot of heat so having a product to protect my hair is a must. I usually blow-dry and straighten my hair so it's a lot of damaging heat that is applied so I need to use a protect that will protect my hair and that is this serum from VO5. I used to use different heat protective sprays but never really found one that I loved until now. Along with protecting my hair this serum also helps alongside the other products I use to keep my hair strong and smooth. When I have done my hair without using this product I have noticed a slight difference with it feeling slightly drier. When using this product I only use a very small amount because I don't want to overload my hair with too many products. I apply this while my hair is still damp before applying any heat to my hair to make sure that it gets maximum protection. I would recommend everyone who uses heat on their hair to use a heat-protective product!

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Finding hair products that work with your hair is so important so there's no need to worry about bad hair days! What are some of your haircare holy grails? 

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  1. GHDs are definitely a worthy investment. I've had mine about 12 years now and even though I wear my hair natural/ curly these days, my mum stole mine from me years ago and still uses them almost daily and they're still going strong. I really struggle to find holy grails when it comes to haircare so I'm glad you've found some products you really love x