Christmas is literally just around the corner and I think this year we all deserve to celebrate a little bit more. If you're like me then you will still have a few Christmas presents to go out and get and if you have already finished your Christmas shopping maybe you can use this guide to treat yourself. In today's post, I'll be sharing with you my 2020 Gift Guide For Her!

I Heart Revolution Best Friends Break Hearts Gift Set 

If you have been reading my blog for the past couple of months you will know how obsessed I've been with I Heart Revolution and especially their Heartbreakers palettes which I've mentioned in my I Heart Revolution Favourites and in this gift set you get two! When I brought this set I was thinking of myself because it's definitely something I would love to receive as a gift. This gift set actually splits in two meaning you can keep half for your self and give the other half to a bestie. In this set, you get two Heartbreakers palettes, two highlighters and two lipglosses all for only £15 (while writing this the set is currently on offer for £10!). This gift is amazing value for the money and along with the outside packaging of this product, the makeup itself is also super cute. Another thing you could do with this product is to open all the products out and package them individually and use them as stocking fillers! This would be the perfect gift for anybody who is a makeup fanatic like me!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Mini Norvina Pro Pigment Palette Vol 1 

Just by looking at this palette, you will know why I had to add it to this gift guide, Any makeup lover on the palette would be obsessed with this palette. Whenever I'm thinking of things to add to my gift guides each year I always have to add a palette that I have used and loved. I actually got this palette as a gift for my birthday and have been obsessed with it ever since. The shades in this palette are just to die for, the pigmentation is perfect for even the matte shades and the shimmers in this palette are just amazing. Even though in this palette you only get 9 shades there are so many different looks that you can create with this, some of the shades are very vibrant but you can also go from a simple day look to a drastic night look with just this one palette. While looking for this palette online I saw that Beauty Bay is selling all three Mini Pro Pigment Palette in a bundle for only £57 with the bundle being worth £99, that's an amazing deal if you ask me. 

Perfume Sets 

Christmas just isn't Christmas without giving someone a perfume set as a gift. Getting a perfume set is one of my favourite gifts to get from someone but to also gift someone. When you know what someones favourite scent is then you definitely have a good gift idea in the bag. The one I have is the Issey Miyake L'Eau DI'ssy perfume for someone who I won't mention just in case they are reading this post. I thought this would be a great set to get because you get a full-size perfume at 50ml and a moisturising body lotion all for a really reasonable price. Some of the other sets that I've seen online is the Gucci Bamboo' For Her Eau De Parfum for £52 (£44.20 for Black Friday in Debenhams), Thierry Muglar Aura Gift Set for £44 and finally Ghost Gift Set for £25. There are so many great deals out there for perfume gift sets so make sure to snap one up while you can!

Bali Body Products*

Bali Body is a brand that I've only really discovered this year while reviewing some of their amazing products. I'm not the biggest tanner but even I was obsessed with their Gradual Tan over the summer. If you know someone who loves a good fake tan then this is the gift for them. Bali body does amazing tanning products with tanning mouses, gradual tans, fake tan removers and highlighters there is a product for everyone. I have put together the Gradual Tan that I loved because it just adds subtle colour to the skin and also a nice glow with the Fake Tan Remover because this product is really a game-changer, it removes unwanted fake tan in seconds, this set would be perfect for someone just starting out with tan or a gradual tan lover like me. Bali Body is a little pricer than the usual drugstore tanning brands so I think it would make a lovely gift for someone who loves the brand or who is eager to try out some amazing tanning products that leaves the skin looking gorgeous!

Color WOW Hair Products 

Color WOW is another brand that I have only discovered just this year but was so impressed with the products that I thought that they would make an amazing gift. If you know someone who is obsessed with haircare products and wants to try out a great new brand then I would definitely suggest getting a few products from this brand. Color WOW has a wide range of hair care products ranging from shampoos and conditioners to serums and hairsprays so their will definitely be a great product for everyone. Color WOW is a great brand for people who have coloured hair because their products help to prolong your colour and keep it looking like you've just had your hair dyed. I have created a bundle of products myself to gift someone but at the moment Color WOW has put together their own bundles making it a much better value for money. 

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Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year and I love getting gifts for my friends and family so I hope this gift guide can help you if you need some more inspiration! Have you finished your Christmas shopping? 

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  1. These are great gift ideas! I have a few Bali body products and I love them, so definitely would buy them as gifts for other people too! I wanted to get my Christmas shopping done early so I've done it all now although I still might get a few small things to add to some stockings maybe! xx

    1. Thank you! Bali Body products really are great and I think that they will make perfect gifts for people. Stocking fillers are also such a great gift for people. X

  2. I LOVE beauty products - I wish I had this huge vanity to display them all! Great article - thanks for sharing!

    1. I have a small vanity but one day I definitely want a bigger one one day to hold all my products x

  3. I adore Bali Body products, they're just so good and would make a great gift for someone! I love all the items in your Christmas gift guide x

    Lucy |

    1. They have lovely products don’t they, they would definitely make lovely gifts for people. I’m glad you like all the bits x

  4. These are some lovely ideas. I love giving and receiving beauty items at Christmas.

  5. The Revolution set looks amazing, I always fall for the bundles around this time of year. They make such pretty gifts! x


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