Drugstore Makeup has come a long way over the years, I remember being 15 and there weren't many options but now if its possible I think there are too many options. There are also so many great brands in the drugstore with some amazing products and today I'm going to share which brands are my favourite!


I actually remember when Revolution was still called Makeup Revolution and they didn't have any other brands apart from themselves. I used a lot of their makeup when I was younger because it was super affordable and they had so many different eyeshadow palettes to choose from. Over the years the brand has grown so big and they also have other brands under their umbrella, like I Heart Revolution which I'll mention later and Revolution Pro which is another brand I love. Whenever I think of Revolution I always think of their amazing product releases and quality makeup for an affordable price. Revolution has now also branched out into the skincare market which I haven't tried just yet but I'm definitely looking forward to giving their products a try. My favourite thing about this brand is that they are very inclusive, whenever they bring out a base product there are always loads of shades to choose from and to fit a wide range of skin tones. 

Favourite Revolution Products:

I Heart Revolution 

I Heart Revolution is one of the other brands from the Revolution umbrella and its another one of my favourites. I discovered this brand a few years after Revolution and when they started to pop up in Superdrugs, The first thing I noticed about this brand is the super cute packaging, like their chocolate bar palettes which are some of my favourites. I Heart Revolution is also another brand that releases products often and they are always really cute like the new Disney Princess Palettes that I wanted but they sold out so quickly so I'll be keeping an eye out for the next stock up. Another thing I love about this brand is that even though the products are really affordable and the packaging is so cute they don't scrimp on the quality of the products and some of their products that I use daily are from this brand. 

Favourite I Heart Revolution Products:


I don't think everyone will actually know this brand because it isn't so widely available and you cant just pick it up in Superdrug but when you do get it the products are actually really great. I think W7 is actually known for their dupes, there is a lot of products from the brand that are dupes for more expensive products like their Delicious palette is a dupe for the ABH Renaissance palette. You can find this brand on their website, fragrance direct, amazon and sometimes you can find some deals in Tk Maxx. I know a lot of people aren't a fan of dupes but I have always loved them because it gives people a chance to try out something similar to the makeup that is out of their price range!

Favourite W7 Products:

Primark Beauty 

This is a brand that I'm sure a lot of you have heard of and maybe even tried but again this one isn't your typical drugstore brand. Since Primark Beauty was released they have done amazingly at creating great products for an affordable price. Every time that I go into Primark I have to go and look at their beauty section because there's always some new products to try out. There are some down points for Primark Beauty with one of them being that it isn't the easiest to get, you can only get it in a Primark store and not online. Primark Beauty has everything you will need including hair care, skin care, sun care, makeup and body care items all for a price that I think is really reasonable. When your next in Primark picking up some socks and pj's make sure to check out their beauty section!

Favourite Primark Beauty Products:
  • Hot Chocolate Lustre Lipstick
  • Dark Brown Brow Sketch
  • Colour Grid Palettes


MUA is probably the brand that I've used for the longest out of all the other brands on this list and I have even made a dedicated post for my MUA favourites. I started using MUA as soon as I started using makeup and I would stock up on their £1 blushes and lipsticks. Over the years MUA products have improved so much and the quality has got so much better but their makeup is still super affordable. My favourite foundation that I use all the time which is the Pro Base foundation is only £5 and it lasts ages and performs just as well as some of my more expensive foundations. When I think of MUA I still think of all of their palettes, like Revolution they have a wide range of palettes with gorgeous shades and they are all super affordable with some being only £4 a palette. MUA is another brand that doesn't scrimp on the quality of their products just because they are affordable.

Favourite MUA Products:


Collection is another brand that I've been using for years and have loved since I was a teenager. I used to love Collection because the products were great with loads of options and even when I was 15 I could afford it. Over the years Collection has rebranded some of their iconic products like the Lasting Perfection Concealer with still a great formula but with much cuter packaging. I don't use a lot of products from Collection but the ones that I do I have been using for years, some of which I included in my Collection Favourites post. What I also love about Collection is that their products are really for any age, I started using the Lasting Perfection Concealer when I was a young teen and I still use it to this day and my mum also loves it. 

Favourite Collection Products:

Rimmel London 

The first time I tried something from Rimmel I think I actually stole it from my mum's makeup bag. If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know how much I am obsessed with the Stay Matte powder from Rimmel and it is probably my most used powder ever. Rimmel is a brand that I can trust and that I know that there are some key products from the brand that I couldn't live without and that I need to have in my collection all the time. Out of the other brands in this list, Rimmel is a little bit more expensive but their products are still super affordable and you can still get a full face of makeup and it won't break the bank. Rimmel also has so many products that I'm sure everyone will find something that they love from the brand. 

Favourite Rimmel Products:

Out of all the Drugstore brands that we have in the UK these ones are my real favourites but to be honest I do probably love some products from most of the drugstore brands we have. What drugstore makeup brands are your favourite?

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  1. I totally agree about Revolution, although their spin off lines are quite hard to keep track of these days. They're one of the best in terms of diversity. Rimmel products were such a staple in my teenage years. x


    1. Revolution have been doing so well recently with being inclusive for everyone and I think that’s amazing and it should be the standard for all drugstore brands! X