Christmas is all about giving which I love, I love seeing the looks on peoples faces when I give them their gifts but if you're like me then you will also find Christmas a little bit stressful! This year has already been (excuse my french) a bit of a shit show so we all need to treat ourselves a little along with our loved ones this Christmas. In today's post, I'll be sharing with you 5 ways that you can treat yourself this Christmas.

Have a pamper night 

After a long day out at the shops, carrying heavy bags or in my case staring at a screen all day doing my Christmas shopping online then you really need to have a pamper evening. A pamper evening can be different for everyone but I always like to start mine off with doing my skincare routine, I usually do a pretty simple routine for my everyday skincare but when I'm having a pamper evening I like to pull out all my fancy products like my Verso Acne Deep Cleanse* and my Lumene Nordic C Oil Cocktail, both products leave my skin feeling amazing afterwards. After doing my skincare routine I like to have a nice hot bubble bath probably using one of the Lush bath bombs I've got left and using my favourite L'Occutain almond shower oil which leaves my skin feeling silky smooth. Another way I like to relax on my pamper evenings is my curling up on the sofa and watching whatever series I'm binge-watching at the moment with a face mask on making it the perfect way to end a long stressful day!

Shop your own wish list 

I know that Christmas is all about giving and I love doing this but every once in a while we need to treat ourselves to a little something. Whenever I'm shopping for other people I always seem to find things that I want for myself and feel bad if I even think about getting it because I know I'm shopping for other people but why! To treat yourself this year why not adding a little something for yourself into the shopping bag, evening if it's just a lipstick or a whole palette bundle just go for it. This year while Christmas shopping I gifted myself the I Heart Revolution Best Friends Break Hearts gift set which I featured in my Gift Guide, I decided to get this set because one it was on sale and two well I just wanted to! Make sure to treat yourself this Christmas. 

Cosy up with some new PJs 

There is nothing I love more than putting on my pj's as soon as I walk through the door but this Christmas I've gone the extra mile and got myself the comfiest cosy pj's I could find. I always feel my most festive self when I have on fluffy Christmas pj's and watching a Christmas movie, my movies of choice are either The Grinch (classic), Jack Frost (unpopular opinion) and Disneys a Christmas Carol (my favourite!). The best places to get some Christmas pj's has got to be the OG Primark, the have the fluffiest pj's for probably the cheapest price, Marks & Spencer a price option but those PJs will last you for years and stay in perfect condition and Etsy I know it sounds weird to get clothes from Etsy but they have the cutest sets and you will get some PJs that probably no one else has!

Watch cheesy Christmas Movies 

When I say cheesy Christmas movies I don't mean the classics that we all love like Love Actually or The Holiday I mean the really cheesy ones that you find on Netflix or Prime that we all love to hate! The best cheesy Christmas moves are basically rom coms with a bit of Christmas mixed in there and that's what makes these movies amazing! Here are a few of my favourites:
  • Holidate 
  • Christmas with the Kranks 
  • Nativity 
  • The Princess Switch 
  • Four Christmases

Have a Zoom Christmas party with all your friends 

Christmas parties are going to be very different this year, there won't be any dressing up to go to a restaurant or any office Christmas parties with all of your drunk workmates. This year we'll be spending most of the time at home and to get into the Christmas spirit I think we should all still celebrate over Zoom. We are all so lucky that we have the technology to be able to still speak to our friends and family without having to actually see them in-person. To treat yourself and still have a bit of fun this Christmas arrange a Christmas party over zoom and get dressed up in your glittery clothes and do your makeup just like you would if you were going out (if you need any makeup inspiration check out my Zoom Christmas party look post)!

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I love being able to treat all my friends and family at Christmas but we must also not forget to treat ourselves a little. How do you treat yourself at Christmas? 

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Aaliyah xo


  1. I desperately need a pamper night, I love Lumene too! Cheesey Christmas movie are my favourite, such a great way to switch off for the evening x

    Steph |

    1. I haven’t had a full pamper night in a while but I desperately need one too. Cheesy Christmas moves are my favourite and I can’t wait to watch some while I finish my wrapping this weekend! X

  2. These are some wonderful ways to treat yourself! I love new pyjamas and watching Christmas movies, great post :)

    1. There is nothing better than putting on cosy pjs and some cheesy Christmas movies! X

  3. New pj's is something that I always buy for Christmas, I love buying festive pj's! I love these ways of treating yourself Aaliyah! x

    Lucy |

    1. Festive pjs are my favourite, especially the fluffy ones that you get from Primark! Thank you Lucy x

  4. Aw these are lovely ways to treat yourself this year, and especially with everything that's going on some pampering is definitely in order :) thanks for sharing x

  5. I love all of these ideas! I'm really looking forward to taking some pamper time. I always get myself a thing or two from my own wishlist, I usually get myself something I wouldn't pick up at another time as a little Christmas present to myself x


  6. Treating yourself is so important- especially after the awful year we've all had. I'm currently isolating after close contact with someone with Covid and self care is really helping me through. Holidate is the next xmas film on my list! I might even treat myself to something that's been on my wish list for a while.

    Eve |

  7. I love these suggestions and I think treating yourself is so important to looking after yourself and your mental wellbeing x