Makeup nowadays can be really expensive and buying High-End makeup can be pretty costly but with apps like Depop, you can find High-End makeup for a cheaper price. I have been using depop for a few years now, selling and buying either clothes or makeup, to get rid of a few things I didn't wear anymore and it's a more sustainable way of buying new items. I have brought makeup a few times as well so I thought I would give my tips on how to buy makeup on Depop!

1. Use a trusted seller 

My first tip for buying makeup on Depop is to use a seller that is trusted, on Depop when you buy something you can review the seller so I would always recommend reading the reviews of other buyers before buying anything especially makeup. Another way to check that a seller is trusted on Depop is to see how many other items people have purchased from them, usually they will leave their sold items on their page and when I'm buying from a seller I will look at how many items they have previously sold if they have a lot of items sold they will most likely be a trusted seller that a lot of people buy from. With Depop it doesn't really matter how many followers a seller has it is more about how many reviews they have and if they are positive!  

2. Check the item for authenticity 

For the most part sellers on Depop will be honest about whether an item of makeup they are selling is authentic but you can never be too sure. Before I buy any item of makeup on Depop I make sure to take a proper look at the images of the product and even look up pictures on google of the product to check if the packaging looks the same. I have noticed before of sellers selling makeup that wasn't authentic because some of the writing on the packaging looked different. When buying makeup on Depop you need to do a little bit of research to make sure that you are buying the real deal and that you won't get ripped off. 

3. Check the price of the item 

Another way to check that the makeup you are buying is real on Depop is by checking the pricing. Usually, when someone is selling a product they will sell it for slightly cheaper than the original price which is fine but if the product is buying sold for ridiculously cheap then usually there's a catch. A product being really cheap can either mean that it's probably not the real deal or it's been used quite a lot, for example, I brought a Juvias Place Magic Mini palette for £10 because it was slightly used which is a good deal but I also found the same palette which looked brand new and the seller was selling it for £5 which is a bit of a red flag, even though it looks like your getting a good deal I would probably stay away from this item and keeping looking. 

4. Read the description carefully 

When someone is selling something on Depop they will upload a few pictures of the product and have a few lines in the description of the product I have made the mistake before of not reading it properly and got a product that wasn't what I was expecting. In the description, the seller will say whether the item has been used or not, if it comes with its packaging and if the product is genuine. Before buying anything on depop I always read the description before buying to make sure I am getting the correct product!

5. Message the seller before buying 

Before buying any product on Depop I would recommend contacting the seller and ask them a few questions about the product to make sure that all is right before buying it. I have heard of some people getting unlucky and getting scammed on Depop but usually if you message the seller and ask if the products still available and they reply then you are usually getting an honest seller. When I message a seller I usually just double-check with them if the product is authentic and if it's still available and when they reply then I will buy the product.  

6. Check if the product has been used 

On Depop people can either sell products that have been used or that is brand new. It depends on what you are looking for but I usually go for a product that's either only been used a little maybe just swatched or products that are brand new. If you are wanting to buy a product that is brand new you can usually tell by the images if a product has been used and in the description of the product. I would definitely zoom in on the pictures just to double-check if they have been used, usually, you will get a good seller that is honest but it's always good to do your own checks to be sure. 

7. Sanitise all makeup 

Another big tip that I suggest everyone do is to sanitise all makeup before using even if it is brand new. With everything going on at the moment it is so important to make sure that all makeup that you get on Depop has been sanitised and properly cleaned before using. To sanitise makeup you need to get a spray bottle and put 70% Isopropyl Alcohol in it and simply spritz it all over the powder products and then leave them to dry, this will not compromise the product but it will ensure that all of your makeup is clean and ready to use!

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Buying makeup on Depop is really simple and easy as long as you follow these tips to make sure that you are buying authentic quality makeup you can get some amazing products for an amazing price! Have you ever brought any makeup on Depop before? 

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  1. I haven't' bought makeup from Depop but these are wonderful tips to keep in mind. Thanks for sharing!

    1. If you follow the tips you can get some really great products and for an affordable price! It’s always a great way to get rid of some makeup you don’t use anymore! X

  2. I've never bought make up from Depop but I have done so from eBay - all the tips you've outlined are just as useful for that platform too, I think, thank you!

    1. These tips would also work really great for eBay or any second hand selling site to make sure that your getting good quality makeup! X

  3. I never thought about buying makeup on Depop, but all these tips are very useful for someone starting! Contacting the seller and checking the descriptions sounds like a must, thanks for sharing x

    1. I love browsing through Depop and finding some really great deals of some high end makeup! X

  4. Some good things to consider before buying makeup on Depop, I would also definitely ensure that the buyer was genuine too! x

    Lucy |

  5. Thanks a lot of sharing your reviews!

  6. I actually buy a lot from depop but make up is something I avoid because of sanitation/ fakes! These are great tips and reading the description is a must on depop x

  7. OMG I did not know you could buy makeup off depop!

    Katie |

  8. Great tips! I've never bought anything off depop but makeup would definitely be something I'm hesitant to do!! Thanks for sharing love xx

    Lynn |