Over the past few months, I have probably only worn makeup a handful of times and now that the UK is starting to finally open up again (even if it's only the outside) I thought I would put together my simple but glam look that can be worn in a pub garden or restaurant and see how much it costs! I've done this before with my everyday look but I wanted to see if I spend any more makeup when I go for a glam look!


The base for a glam look is really important, it's got to last on the skin longer, and if it can stay on when you have to wear a mask that's even better! Having a smooth and even surface to put your makeup on top of is really important as it will help the foundation not sink into any lines or create texture on the face. 

Benefit Porefesional Primer Mini - £12.50

This primer is usually pretty pricey but I like to cut the cost a little by getting the mini version as I only use such a small amount it can last me ages. Porefessional is one of my favourite primers because it's one of the only products that I've used that helps to keep my oily skin at bay and helps to fill in my pores leaving my skin look smooth. This primer is a little bit on the thick side and I wouldn't recommend it for people with dry skin but it fits my oily skin really well, I just apply a very small amount to my nose, chin, and forehead and that's enough to keep my makeup lasting all day. This is the primer that I always use when I'm going for a more glam look because I know it will make my skin look flawless!

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation - £34 

Now, this is a little bit more on the spendy side compared to my usual foundation which is only £5 but this foundation is definitely worth it! I have been using double wear for years because I've never found a foundation that lasts as well on my skin and when I'm wanting to look glam this is always the foundation that I go for. This foundation has lasted me ages because I only use it on occasions when I know I need my makeup to last and I need it to look really good for a long period of time, so even though it is expensive that's how I justify the cost. This is another product that I would recommend very dry skins to try because it can cling to dry areas but they do have a light version which may be better. This will definitely be a foundation that I will use on and off forever!

Revolution Fast Base Concealer - £3

This product is definitely one of the cheapest products that I used but it definitely doesn't mean it's any less in quality than some of the more expensive options. This concealer is my favourite to apply to my under eyes to give the look of more awake and brighter eyes. I really like this concealer because it has a big applicator so you can apply the product to the under eyes quickly and easily. This concealer also blends like a dream, to keep this concealer crease-free all day all I do is apply a small amount of powder, dust it over my under eyes and then I'm set for the day or evening. 

GOSH Prime 'n' Set Powder - £9.99

The GOSH Prime 'n Set powder has been a holy grail of mine for years, it is a translucent powder that can be used for either priming or setting the skin. I use this powder to set my face after I've applied my foundation and concealer. I love this powder because it is not chunky at all and is really finely milled meaning that it sets the face without any cakeyness and it also doesn't make the skin look flat it still lets out some glow. I only use a really small amount of this powder on a fluffy brush and dab it over my face lightly and it keeps my makeup in place for hours (even with a mask on). 

Doucce Cheek Blush - £24*

Since getting sent this blush from a Cohorted box a few months ago I have been obsessed with it. I am someone who loves a pigmented blush and this blush is definitely that, it is a little bit more pricey than I would usually spend on blush but I think it's worth it. This blush is perfect for a glam look because it gives the cheeks a gorgeous flush of colour. Another thing I really love about this blush is that it's really smooth and isn't chunky at all and once it's applied to the skin leaves a gorgeous blended out blush which compliments any makeup look perfectly. 

Hoola Bronzer - £27.50

For a bronzer, I do think £27.50 is a bit steep but if you have tried Hoola Bronzer you will definitely not regret it. Out of all the bronzers that I've tried over the years Hoola bronzer definitely has to be my fave, it transitions so well from a natural day bronze to an evening glam look. This bronzer literally blends out onto the skin like butter and leaves the skin looking like I've spent the day in the sun (I definitely haven't). Whenever I'm going for a glam look I go with Hoola Bronzer because I know it makes my skin look gorgeously glowy and bronzed, it just gives the skin a healthy glow which I love. 

TheBalm Mary Lou Manizer Highlighter - £20

When I first started my obsession with makeup I saw every YouTuber talking about this highlighter and I just had to have it, and years later I'm still obsessed with this highlighter. I still haven't tried a more pigmented and blinding highlighter than this one. £20 might be a little pricey for a highlighter but you get a good amount of product in this highlighter so it has literally lasted me ages, I don't see myself ever reaching pan on this product. This product gives my skin such a gorgeous glowy highlight that has a slight shimmer to it. This highlighter is perfect for a glam look because this highlighter is definitely blinding!

Eyes & Lips 

The eyes are where you can have some fun when it comes to a glam makeup look, you can go for a smokey eye or go for something more dramatic and colourful, the choice is really yours!

Juvias Place Magic Mini Palette - £19.99

Juvias Place is an American brand that sells the most gorgeous eyeshadow palettes that I am obsessed with. Out of all the palettes that I've tried in the past Juvias Place are probably my favourites, they are super pigmented and are of amazing quality. Juvias Place used to be widely available in the UK but now you can only get it on LondonLovesBeauty and I just discovered you can also get them from Amazon! There are so many different shades in this palette that you can create so many different looks with and you can definitely make some amazing glam looks with so I think it's definitely worth every penny. 

Benefit Badgal Bang Mascara - £23.50

This mascara has been my favourite for so long now, it is the one mascara that does everything that I want it to, volumising, thickening and curling my lashes. For mascara, I do think that £23.50 is a little pricey but I usually pick up this mascara when it's on offer on when Benefit has gift sets. This mascara is perfect for a glam look because it gives my lashes the look of falsies. Another thing I love about this mascara is that it doesn't clump up but it does thicken the lashes which are perfect for a glam look. 

Revolution Renaissance Flick Liner - £5

Revolution is definitely one of my favourite drugstore brands and this is probably one of my favourite products from the brand. I am very picky with my liquid liners, it need it to be liquidy enough that it glides on my eyelid but it cant be too liquidy because it will go everywhere and it cannot be dry and this liner does everything right. I always use this liner when I want a glam look because it makes really dramatic cat-eye looks that take seconds to apply. This is one of my favourite liquid liners and it's for a really affordable £5 which is amazing!

Revolution Pro Define & Fill Micro Brow Pencil - £6 

Over the years I have perfected my brow routine, it used to take me 10 minutes for each brow but now I can do a quick but still defined brow in minutes! This brow pencil is perfect for quick and easy brows because it glides through the hairs and lightly fills in the brows keeping them looking natural but also defined. This brow pencil is also only £6 which makes this a perfect affordable brow pencil. 

Revolution Pro Brow Volume and Sculpt Gel - £7 

To finish off my brow look and keep my hairs in place all day I like to use this brow gel. This gel is such a great product because it keeps my pesky brow hairs in place and it is tinted so it also slightly fills in the gaps in my brows to keep them looking defined. The two brow products together create a perfect brow look for my glam face and with it only being £7 it's super affordable. 

Revolution Soph Nude Lipstick in Cake - £4

Another really affordable product from Revolution but something that is definitely worth it. This nude lipstick is perfect for my glam look because I had a bright eye look I wanted to just use neutral lip colour to balance out the whole look. I love that this lipstick can be used either in the day or night depending on what makeup look is going for also this shade would suit a lot of different skin tones!

My Look

How Much Does My Glam Face Cost? 

Base = £130.99
Eyes & Lips = £65.49

Total = £196.48

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Looking at how much my glam makeup look cost I wasn't totally surprised, I did use a lot of high-end products for the base of my look to keep my foundation lasting all day. My eyes and lips were really affordable for this look and prove you don't need to spend loads of money on palettes or eyebrow products to create a gorgeous glam look! Do you think your glam makeup look is more or less expensive than mine? 

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Aaliyah xo


  1. Wow love your look! I don't think I have a Glam look as I just wear the same type of make-up whenever I go out - I'm really terrible at applying it so try and keep it as simple as possible really. Thank you for sharing though!

    1. Practicing different makeup looks really does make a difference, it becomes easy and more fun to apply different looks! X

  2. Your make up is always incredible! I have the same Estee Lauder base and once you buy it, you'll never go back to cheaper alternatives!


    1. Thank you lovely! I will always need to have an Estée Lauder Double Wear in my collection at all times now, I’m definitely obsessed with it x

  3. I love so many of these products! Definitely want to try more revolution and that concealer sounds so good!

    1. Revolution have some amazing products all for a really affordable price! Definitely worth giving a try x

  4. I think my takeaway from this is that if you invest in your canvas (your foundation) then you can get away with more budget accessories (eye make up). Love your glam look, it really suits you! x

    1. That is 100% right! I have definitely used more affordable base products before but typically if I’m going for my glam look that I need to last hours I will use my more expensive options! X

  5. I love your look Aaliyah! High end make can be a bit of investment but the end result is always worth it! x

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk

    1. Thank you Lucy! It definitely is, I love affordable makeup too but sometimes the high end products are a bit better x

  6. Love this look on you and totally love the shade on your eyes! Only heard of some of these products so it's a good list to start from and try something new x

    1. Thank you! The eye look is definitely my favourite part of this makeup look! X

  7. It's crazy how expensive makeup can be! Knowing when to buy more high end products can be tricky since it's such an investment, but thankfully there's many options out there!


    1. It takes me ages to decide whether to buy an expensive product because I know it’s an investment but so far I haven’t been disappointed x

  8. I love the Hoola bronzer and I love revolution products. Fab look.

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