{Previously Gifted} The last time that I did a Beauty Favourites post was all the way back in October so I thought it was definitely time to do another. Since then I have gone tried a few old favourites and also tried some new products that have become my favourites. In today's post, I will be sharing with you my favourite products from the last few months.

Revolution Conceal & Define Foundation 

When this foundation was first released I didn't actually get it right away but as soon as I saw the reviews come in I had to try it. When I first got my hands on this foundation I was really obsessed with it. It has the most gorgeous demi-matte finish and made my skin look amazing.  At first, I wasn't so sure about the doe-foot applicator but after a few uses, I actually started to love how quick and easy it was to apply and blend out the foundation. After a few months of using this foundation, it got a little left behind when I started using different ones but once Lockdown eased and I was going back to work I thought I'd give this foundation another go and I remembered how much I loved it. Now, whenever I do my makeup I need to remember that I have to wear a mask and even with a mask on this foundation still looks great on my skin, it does wear away slightly under the mask but my skin still looks great after a little touch-up. This is now a foundation that I wear most days and I know I'm going to have a good skin day!

Doucee Cheek Blush

I have been using this blush for a couple of weeks now since receiving it in my Cohorted Box and I have been totally obsessed with it. I am definitely a blush person, I love bronzer as well but I always need to have a little bit of blush on to feel myself. This blush is the perfect shade for me, it's not pink and not too coral but a perfect mix of the two. For a blush, this is a little pigmented but if you use a light hand when applying it you can get a really gorgeous flush of colour that you can build if you want. This blush is a little pricey but because of how good the quality is and how good it makes my skin look when I wear it I would definitely spend a little more on it.  

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L'Occitane Almond Delicious Hands 

Since the pandemic started I have been washing and sanitizing my hands a lot more than usual and my hands have been a lot drier than usual so I have been slathering my hands in this hand cream from L'Occitane. This hand cream has been one of the only products that have kept my hands feeling smooth and hydrated even with all the washing. This hand cream is very luxurious and thick but still soaks into my hands in seconds and doesn't leave them feeling oily or greasy. One of the other reasons why I love this hand cream is because of the amazing smell it has, its a delicate almond scent that smells amazing but doesn't linger too long.  

Sassy Shop Bath 3 in 1 Wash - La Vie Est Bon*

A few weeks ago I was very kindly gifted this 3 in 1 wash from Sassy Shop Wax and have been using it ever since. This product is a 3 in 1 body wash that can also be used as a hand wash, body wash, and bubble bath. The first thing I noticed about this product was how gorgeous the smell is, it's a light fresh scent that has a faint perfumey scent to it. I have used a few 3 in 1 bath products before and they have been great body washes but when I've tried to use them as a bubble bath and there weren't any bubbles but with this product, I used a small amount while I was running my bath and it created so many bubbles that stayed throughout my whole bath. I have been using this product religiously and it's the perfect product to use on a pamper night. 

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The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 2% Serum 

I have mentioned this serum on my blog numerous times because it truly has been one of the products that have helped my skin improve. Before using this serum my skin used to be pretty oily around my nose and forehead but since using this product the oiliness has really improved. I used to have to blot or powder my skin multiple times a day but now I only need to powder maybe once a day which is amazing for me. I use this serum in my nighttime skincare routine before my moisturizer and it leaves my skin feeling smooth and hydrated. Another reason why love this serum is that it is a quality product but it's also really affordable and is only £5 which is amazing. This product will definitely continue to be one of my holy grails!

Monuskin Warming Aromomatic Mask*

Another item that I was kindly gifted but this time from Cohorted. Monuskin is a new brand to me and I only heard about it through Cohorted. Using a face mask is one of my favourite skincare steps because it's so relaxing and fun but still beneficial to the skin. This mask is designed to increase vitamin and mineral absorption to leave the skin feeling hydrated and nourished. This mask also made from natural attapulgite clay which provides a deep cleansing treatment to allow the mask to stimulate and energize the skin. I have been using this mask once a week for a few weeks now and it has made my skin feel amazingly soft and smooth after using it. Some of the key ingredients in this mask are Coconut which nourishes and hydrates the skin and Bees Wax which have a protective action on the skin.  

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The last few months I have loved being able to discover some old favourites and find some new products that I am now obsessed with. Have you tried any of these products before? 

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Aaliyah xo


  1. I have only tried the Niacinamide and loved it! It's such a great product and it helped with my skin too, I quite like the sound of the warming face mask, thanks for sharing x

    1. The Niacinamide serum from The Ordinary is such a good product. My skin has improved so much using it and I’m so impressed that it was only £5! X

  2. L'Occitane is one of my go-to brands for hand cream and this Almond one is one of my faves as well. In fact their entire Almond range is pretty faultless as far as I'm concerned! x

    1. L’Occitane products are really luxurious but they are so worth the extra money. I also love the almond shower oil which is such an amazing product x

  3. I love the almond range from L'Occitane, it's such amazing quality I haven't tried any of the others but I love that there are some old favourites here. I've been trying to dig through some of the products I've been neglecting for a while too x


  4. I haven't used my monuskin mask just yet because I was a bit wary it being a clay mask and I've got such dry skin, but it sounds like it's hydrating so I'll definitely give it a try this week! xx