Over the last couple of weeks, my life has been manic, being back at work and being busier than ever it's hard to find time to just stop and relax. I have made it my goal to make Sundays my self-care day. Self-care can be different for everyone but I like to spend my days doing all things relaxing and pampering! In today's post, I'll be sharing with you how I spend my self-care Sundays!

Have a lay in 

On a Sunday there is nothing better than sleeping in. During the week I usually have to wake up pretty early even at 5.30 sometimes so on a Sunday I definitely like to sleep in a little more. For me, I am more of a morning person so sleeping in is waking up at 8.30 at the latest but on a Sunday even if I wake up early I don't actually get out of bed for a while, I'll stay in bed and go on my phone for a go on my socials or I'll read for a while. Starting off my Sundays slow is the best way to start off a self-care day!

Morning skincare routine 

My other favourite thing to do on my self-care day is do a full morning skincare routine, when I'm getting ready for work I'll do a very quick routine of cleanse, moisturise and SPF but on a Sunday I take my time doing my routine and do a few more extra steps. 

My first step is to cleanse my skin, on a usual day I will use The Inkey List Salicylic Acid Cleanser but to jazz up my routine a bit and use a fancy product I use my Verso Acne Deep Cleanse (I have actually written a post comparing these two cleansers if you're interested). This cleanser leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft without it drying out my skin, I know I'm going to have a good skin day when I use this cleanser. 

The next step in my routine is to add a serum, I usually only do this in my nighttime routine but why not! The serum I have been loving is The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 2% I have talked about this serum so many times before because it's just so good, it makes my skin feel amazing after using it and it has helped to reduce the oiliness in my skin.

After my serum, I then pop on my moisturiser and SPF, the moistuiser that I've been obsessed with for the past couple of month is my La Roche Posay Duo (+) Effaclar this product is one of the reasons why my skin has improved so much and become less problematic, it also hydrates my skin and leaves it feeling nourished. Even though I don't usually go out on my self-care Sundays I still apply SPF (wear SPF every day in cloudy or sunny weather!), I recently discovered a new SPF from Gruum, I love this product because there is no white cast and has no sunscreen smell and it leaves my skin looking glowy. Check out my review of this post for my first impressions. 

The last product I use I only really use it on self-care days, I like to add an eye gel into my routine. I should be using an eye gel every day but I usually forget so I save it and use it on a Sunday. The eye gel that I've been loving is the Monuskin Eye Cool Gel. This gel has added Vitamin C and Zinc which aids the correction of sun damage and also helps to reduce the appearance of dark circles which for me is a must at the moment. Whenever I use this gel on my under eyes it has a really great cooling effect and leaves my eyes feeling smooth and hydrated. 

Read and watch Netflix 

One of my favourite things to do on a self-care Sunday is to read and watch anything and everything on Netflix, prime or Disney +. At the moment I have been reading The Midnight Library which was on my 2021 Read List, this book follows Nora Seed that goes to a Library between Life and Death and every book provides a chance to try out another life you could have lived. From reading the back of the book I was hooked and even though it's slightly different to what I usually read I'm getting through this book really quickly. During the week which I'm working, I don't get much time to sit and read so on a Sunday it's the perfect day to take out a few hours and get through a book. 

After reading for a few hours I like to start binge-watching some series, If you follow me on Twitter I'm sure you would have seen me tweet about Greys Anatomy before, this is probably one of my all-time favourites shows because it has been on for 17 seasons now and I've rewatched it probably around 4 times already which I know sounds crazy but it's my comfort show. At the moment I'm currently on season 13 and even though I know what's going to happen it doesn't stop me from tearing up every once in a while. I love Greys Anatomy but sometimes I like to watch something light and funny so recently I have also started to rewatch Ugly Betty on Disney +, I used to be obsessed with this show but it hasn't been on any streaming services for ages and I found it on Disney + so that is what I'll be binge-watching this self-care Sunday!

Plan my week ahead 

I would not be me if I spent a whole day doing nothing and relaxing, I always have to do something to make sure that I'm prepared and ready for the week ahead. Usually, before I sit down on a Sunday evening I'll take like half an hour to sit down and write down a few things I know I need to do the week coming like any errands that I need to do and little blog bits and bobs like when to promote on social media. To do this I have an app on my phone called Do which is a simple To-Do list app, I like to add everything on there and cross things off during the week. There's nothing more satisfying than crossing off everything on your To-Do list!

Mask Time 

At the end of my busy Sunday doing nothing, I like to end the day by doing my evening skincare routine (basically the same as my morning routine just without applying SPF) and before I finish off my routine with serum and moisturiser I like to sit with a face mask on for around 20 minutes. A new mask that I was kindly gifted from Cohorted recently is the Alya Skin Australian Clay Mask, I have been wanting to try this mask for so long so that I had to use it straight away. This mask is supposed to Detoxify and Brighten the skin and helps to fight acne and redness, overall this mask is perfect for me! This mask made my skin feel brand new after using it only once I could already see its positive effect on my skin. This will be a new addition to my self-care Sunday routine. 

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Taking the time out for myself on a Sunday is my favourite thing to do and now I'm making it a weekly thing to relax and to get ready for the week ahead. What things do you like to do on your self-care days?

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Aaliyah xo


  1. I love a self care Sunday!! I like to spend my Sunday’s with a long lay in but then cleaning my room, new bed sheets etc just makes me feel so much more ready for the week!

    Courtney x

    1. Oo I forgot to add about new bed sheets. I usually change all my bedding on a Sunday as well, it makes me feel so much better for the week ahead! X

  2. Sounds like an excellent Sunday! It's amazing how taking some time for yourself can make such a difference.
    Cora | https://www.teapartyprincess.co.uk

    1. It really does make a big difference and gets me ready for the week ahead! X

  3. Love a self care Sunday routine! I really need to get back into it as with everything piling up I haven’t been doing much for myself. I love the niacinamide serum and didn’t know Ugly Betty was on Disney + going to binge watch it for sure x

    1. The Ordinary niacinamide serum is so good! I love using this product, it has been perfect for my skin. Also I’m already on season 2 of ugly Betty I love it! X

  4. Your Sunday's sound perfect! Love planning for the week ahead and caring for me skin. I really need to get my hands on the clay mask you mentioned, so many people are raving about it x

    1. I am really obsessed with the Ayla face mask, it makes my skin feel amazing after using it, it’s perfect for putting on and relaxing x

  5. I never say no to a face mask! It's one of three of the religious things I do to my face.

  6. Your Sunday routine sounds amazing! I'm a sucker for The Ordinary products and I love their Niacinamide serum is one of my favorites.

  7. Yesss I love my self care Sundays! I always have a little lie in on Sundays and have a bit of a pamper day, read, nap, watch Netflix. I love my days off on Sunday :) x

  8. Fab self care routine! I also have a lie in on Sundays and love a to-do list, getting myself organised really helps to keep me productive and ready for the week ahead x

  9. This is honestly the perfect Sunday routine. I'm loving your skincare suggestions, I always want to try new stuff and that eye cream in particular is catching my eye haha! Also I'm midway through the Midnight Library and really enjoying it! It's such a thought provoking read isn't it?! Also your photos are so beautiful!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

  10. This sounds like such a lovely day, my Sundays are typically really busy and I don't find the time for a lot of this stuff any more. I used to do a full pamper on a Sunday night then curl up with a book or Netflix. I need to try and get back to that because this sounds like the dream x


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