Makeup is probably my favourite thing coming from the beauty industry, over the years I have tried so many different products but I am definitely a creature of habit and I have a select few products that I use all the time and are some of my favourites. I have done this post twice before sharing with you my most used makeup but my last post was back in September last year so I thought it would be a perfect time to share an updated version of this post!

I Heart Revolution Heartbreakers Palettes in Courage and Sweetheart 

Out of all of the palettes in my collection, I have probably used these two palettes the most. The mini Heartbreakers palettes are some of my all times favourites, they are amazing quality, really affordable at only £5 and there are so many different colour combinations to create loads of different looks. My favourite two palettes that I use all the time is Courage which is the red-themed palette and Sweetheart which is the pink palette. Courage is probably the palette I've used most and mentioned the most on my blog like in My Favourite I Heart Revolution Autumn Palettes and 2020 Beauty Favourites, all the shades in this palette are just my favourites, red tones and oranges are definitely the shades I wear the most. The sweetheart palette is the palette that I use the most on a daily basis, the shades are more neutral and can be worn at work. Both of these palettes have great pigmentation of both their matte and shimmer shades and if I didn't know these palettes were £5 before using them I would definitely say they are more expensive!

Revolution Pro Brow Volume and Sculpt Brow Gel 

I don't think I have ever used a brow product as much as I've used this one. You can even see in the picture that I've used it so much that the writing on the packaging has now disappeared. When I do my brows I usually use a mix of a few different products, I'll use a brow pencil and a gel to set the brows in place, on days when I do a full makeup I will do my full brow routine using this gel but I also use it on days when I just need my brows to be done really quickly. This brow gel is the perfect product because it fills the brows along with setting them into place when my brows have been waxed and shaped this is the only product that I use and my brows look defined and tidy and it keeps the hairs in place all day! I have got the most use out of this product now it's time to repurchase. 

Benefit Bad Gal Bang Mascara 

I am the pickiest person when it comes to mascara, I like very specific things like I like my lashes to look thicker but not clumpy or spidery, long but not too long and volumised. I have spent so long trying to find my perfect mascara and I finally found it in this mascara from Benefit. This mascara does everything that I want it to and more, it makes my lashes look amazing and I've even been asked if I was wearing falsies when all I had on was this mascara. The brush applicator of this mascara is great because it is plastic with short spikes so it gets into all of the lashes and coats even the shortest of lashes. I even love the look this mascara gives me on my lower lashes because it doesn't make them look clumped or spidery!

Revolution Renaisance Liner 

I am definitely a winged liner girl, if I have the time in the morning I will 100% do a winged eyeliner look and the product I would use is this liner from Revolution. I've tried quite a few different liquid eyeliners before and they have all been slightly different to this one, this liner has a smaller brush tip to it which I actually find it a lot easier to move on the eyelid and create looks with. This liner gives off just the right amount of product, it isn't too runny or too dry and it glides on the eyelid like a dream. This liner also stays in place all day and doesn't fade or crease. If you're on the lookout for a new liner make sure to check this one out, I'm sure you'll love it.

Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation

I have had a few ups and downs with this foundation, at first I loved it and then when my skin was playing up I hated it and now I'm back to loving it again. Since my skin has finally started to improve and it not as oily anymore this foundation lasts a lot better on my skin. One of the reasons why I love this foundation and why I've been using it so much recently is because of how quick and easy it is to apply and blend out. I also have been really loving the finish of this foundation, it isn't matte or dewy it's the perfect in-between finish of a demi-matte which makes my skin look fresh and healthy. If we ever get to travel and go on holiday this will be the foundation that I take away with me because it takes seconds to apply and blend and it makes my skin look gorgeous.  

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For a normal person, I do have quite a lot of makeup but out of all of the other products these are my favourites and I use them on a daily basis! What are your most used makeup products? 

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Aaliyah xo


  1. The eyeshadow palette is cute, and the shades are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your favorites!

  2. I've LOVED this series from you, it's made me dream of beautiful make up!! I love your taste in eye shadows, the pinks are a beauty! I used to love that Benefit mascara too - I need to re-buy asap!


  3. I really love reading these posts! I like makeup but not comfortable enough in using it, but always find something to try here. The mascara from Benefit is one of my favourites and love the shades on the palettes x

  4. So many lovely products, I've always wanted to try the Bad Gal lash mascara xx

  5. Those heart shaped eyeshadow palettes are adorable! I love any Benefit products, they are really good! x

    Lucy |

  6. Cute eyeshadows! I don't hear a lot from the revolution brands, but they always look so cute. Great post!

  7. Great list! I actually use Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation as a contour stick and love it! The palettes are super cute! Thanks for sharing xx

    Lynn |

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