2021 was a long and hard year for us all because of COVID but it was also a really good blog year for me and I think it was one of my favourite blog years yet! Throughout the year I wrote some of my favourite blog posts and also got the opportunity to work with some more amazing brands. In today's post, I'll be sharing with you my favourite blog posts of mine from 2021!

My Favourite Beauty Instagram Accounts To Follow! 

Putting this post together was one of my favourites to do throughout the whole of 2021, I loved being able to feature other bloggers and Instagram accounts that I follow on Instagram and that I lust over all the time. In this post I added 4 of my favourite Instagram accounts and shared them all with you, I wanted to ask for permission before posting and was so happy that they all wanted to be included. One of my favourite things about blogging is taking and editing pictures and posting them to Instagram so I spend a lot of time scrolling through and a few accounts always catch my eye so I thought it would make a perfect blog post to share them all and hopefully get the accounts I featured some more followers! If you like to scroll for ages looking at beauty content on Instagram make sure you head back over to this post to find my favourites. 

The Inkey List Acne Month Skincare Routine*

This post was the first time that I ever got the chance to work with one of my favourite brands. I remember how excited I was to see the email pop up in my inbox with The Inkey List wanting to gift me some of their products. For this, I was very generously gifted seven products which I thought was amazing and I am still using all of these products today. Being able to test and review products is another reason why I love having a blog and being able to try out more products from The Inkey List was such a dream come true. Since this post, I have been gifted a few more of their products like their new Omega Water Cream and Hyaluronic Acid Cleaner and only a few weeks ago I was able to try the new Selfless By Hyram brand which was powered by The Inkey List and its a new brand that I'm obsessed with. 

Back To Work Makeup Look!* 

This post was something a wrote on a whim one day and it has become one of my favourites just for nostalgia reasons really. I wrote this post back in April last year and this was when the UK was finally coming out of another 3-month long lockdown and I was finally going back to work. I hadn't been to the salon for months and I was desperate to go back and get back to work so I wrote a post all about my back to work makeup look. My makeup look was also a little different because going back to work I'd be wearing a mask full time (and still to this day my clients haven't seen my full face in months). Also, this post was one of the first times I put a picture of myself on Instagram, my account was full of flatlays before which I love but I also wanted to mix it up a bit and I got a great reaction!

My Favourite Cruelty-Free Beauty Brands 

Before writing this post I researched for days on all of the brands that I have in my collection and whether they were cruelty-free or not. In 2021 I wanted to make more of an effort to use mainly cruelty-free beauty brands and out of all of my products, I found loads of brands that I use on a daily basis that are all cruelty-free and some of them are even vegan! When I was researching the brands I didn't realise that so many drugstore brands are now cruelty-free and this made me realise that it isn't too hard and all brands should be striving to be cruelty-free and inclusive for everyone. Along with the list of brands I also added a few product recommendations for people if they want to try them out. 

Ingredients To Help Fade Acne Scars!

Last year I was on a mission to improve my skincare routine and to help finally start improving my skin and one of my main concerns was my blemish scars. Being a Beauty Therapist I have some knowledge about different skincare ingredients and their benefits but when doing this post I love researching more and gaining more information about different ingredients. Since writing this post I had been using the ingredients for months and I have started to notice a difference in my skin and the scarring on my face has started a fade, it is very difficult to fully get rid of scars but from using the ingredients from my original post I have definitely seen some improvement. 

For this post, I loved going through all my posts from last year and finding my favourites! Do you have any favourite blog posts from 2021!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE your blog, I enjoyed reading every beauty and skincare post in 2021! You Inkey List one was a particular favourite!

    1. Thank you lovely!! I’m so glad you liked all of my posts. I loved the inkey list one too x

  2. Great post! It is always interesting to have a look back at some favourite posts of the year, you have some great ones I will be checking some of these out that I may have missed as well. Thank you for sharing x

  3. I'm pretty sure I read all of these posts from you throughout 2021! Some fantastic reads; I'm looking forward to seeing what 2022 brings you! xxx

  4. I read all of these posts of yours in 2021 and loved them! x

    Lucy Mary

  5. Love this, I'm going to check out the acne scars one now! :)