Knowing what my favourite makeup product is is hard because there are just so many but mascara is definitely up there. Mascara can really change a makeup look and add so much definition to the eyes. I am very specific with my mascara and I am always on the lookout for a new favourite so on a recent browse around the Revolution website I came across this 5D Lash Pow mascara that looked perfect! In today's post, I'll be sharing with you my thoughts on this mascara from Revolution!

When I ordered this mascara I didn't realise that it was anything different from normal mascara, I picked it up because it was in the What's New section and it had some good reviews. When I got the package I noticed that this mascara is different because it is has a no-twist push cap so instead of twisting the cap you need to push it down to get the cap open, I haven't seen a mascara do this before so I was instantly intrigued. 


The packaging of this mascara is pretty simple, it's a black tube with the name of the mascara printed on the front and the difference with this product is how you open it. I wasn't too sure what the purpose of the push opening was but I did like it because it was different from anything I've tried before. I also wasn't sure if it was just a gimmick or if it couldn't actually help with how the mascara applies to the lashes. 

The other part that I really liked about this mascara is the wand, it is a large bristle applicator which I don't usually go for but I liked the look of it on this mascara. When you open the product you can see the large applicator wand is covered in the product which I think is good because it will coat all the lashes and give the lashes a thicker look. This mascara is actually on offer at the moment, the usual price is £8.99 which I think is pretty reasonable but I got it for £6.99 which I think is a perfect price for a drugstore mascara. 

Key Features: 

  • 100% Cruelty-Free & Vegan 
  • Click and Swipe applicator with a no-twist cap
  • Designed for lengthening and thickening 
  • Super Boosting applicator brush 

First Impression

I wanted to give this mascara a few days to test it out so I can see how it really performs. I have been using this mascara for around a week now and I definitely have some thoughts about it. As soon as I got the Revolution package I opened it right away and tested it out, this is when I discovered about the push cap opening which I liked but wasn't sure about when you opened the mascara the first thing I noticed was that there was a lot of product on the wand, I needed to lightly brush away some of the product before applying so it didn't look clumpy. When I applied the mascara I instantly liked the way that it made my lashes look, they instantly looked thicker and added more volume. The only issue I had with this mascara is that it did clump up a little on one of my eyes, I think it's because there was a little too much product on the brush but once you wipe it away a bit more the mascara applies beautifully. 

When I tried this mascara for the first time I wore it for the full day, around 9 hours to see how it lasts throughout the day. This mascara stayed on my lashes amazingly, it didn't flake off during the day or smudge on my under eyes and even though this isn't waterproof my eyes can be very watery during the day and this mascara didn't budge. 

Before & After 

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Overall I am very impressed with this mascara and I think it will become a favourite of mine, there are a few small drawbacks with this mascara like that there is a little bit too much product on the brush but apart from that I love the look that this mascara gives my lashes and it lasts amazingly! Have you heard of this mascara before? 

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  1. Great review! I really love mascara too and this one sounds amazing, even if there is a little too much product on the brush! I love how much more volume it gives. Thanks for sharing x

  2. This is a great review of this Revolution mascara, it gives incredible lift! x

    Lucy Mary

  3. this does seem like a wonderful mascara to try! mascara is prob my favorite makeup product because even on this no makeup days, it really brightens my eyes. thanks for sharing.

  4. The mascara looks and sounds wonderful! Thanks for the review!

  5. I've always struggled to find a mascara that I am pleased with. Either it provides clumpy eyelashes or does not provide the length and volume I desire. I love Revolution products though! I've tried some of their makeup and face cleaning products. Always have great results and the brand is affordable. Will need to try this mascara out. Thank you for sharing!

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