All the way back in 2019 I wrote a post to share with you all if I still used the products that I've previously reviewed so I thought it was time to do another. For this post, I will be sharing with you whether I still use the products that I reviewed back in 202. Reviewing and sharing my thoughts on beauty products is one of my favourite things about having a blog and I think it's interesting to see if the products that have previously been reviewed are still worth using. Keep reading to find out what products I still use!

Gruum SPF 50

Gruum is a brand that I discovered all the way back in May 2021, I was scrolling through Instagram and came across this SPF that looked really interesting and it was super affordable and only £6 so I thought I would give it a go. I had never brought anything from ad Instagram before so I was a bit sceptical but I was on the lookout for a new everyday SPF so I thought I'd try it. I instantly knew I was going to like this SPF because the first thing I noticed about it was that it didn't have any smell to it, it didn't have the usual suncream smell which I am not really a fan of. Another thing I really loved about this SPF is that it didn't leave a white cast on the skin, It soaked into the skin instantly and left my skin looking glowy but not oily or greasy. Some of the key factors from this SPF is that it has a 5* UV protection rating, its SPF 50, water-resistant and is a very lightweight consistency. Since I first started using this SPF I have been using it every day and I am now on my second bottle, my first bottle lasted me months because the product spreads really well! Click here to check out my full review for the Gruum SPF 50!

Essence Double Trouble Mascara 

This product is slightly more of a recent discovery of mine as I first tried out this mascara back in October. I found this mascara on a trip to Wilko with my only intention was to get cleaning products but then I ended up leaving with makeup as well. I was first interested in this mascara because of the wand, it was different to anything else that I've tried before, it has a double-sided applicator one side is a brush bristle (fibre) and the other is a plastic (elastomer) applicator. This mascara was described to add definition, curl and volume to the lashes which I would definitely say that it does. Since I did my review of this mascara it has been a part of my everyday makeup collection I wear this mascara a lot because I really like the effect that it gives my lashes and the fact that it doesn't wear away or flake off during the day. Click here to check out my full review on the Essence Double Trouble Mascara!

The Inkey List Multi Biotic Moisturiser*

Last year was the year when I really fell in love with The Inkey List, I was very kindly sent a few products from the brand and had the chance to try out a few of their products and this moisturiser was the first one I got the chance to try. I didn't know much about this product before trying it out so I did a bit of research and found out that the moisturiser is suitable for all skin types and it helps to maintain the skins natural pH balance promotes healthy skin and it helps to protect the skin against the environment. Before writing my review post I was using this moisturizer for around two weeks so I could see its effects on my skin. It was difficult to see the results right away but since then I have been using it for a couple of months and have noticed the tone of my skin has improved and the texture has improved a lot as well. It is difficult for me to stick to just one product because I use a lot of different products and I try a lot of different moisturisers so I am not currently using this moisturiser but I did use it for months before I started reviewing something else. Click here to check out my full review on The Inkey List Multi Biotic Moisturiser!

Ofra Cosmetics*

Ofra Cosmetics was a brand that I've always wanted to try but never really got the chance to try until I was very lucky to receive a whole bunch of their makeup. Receiving this package was probably one of my favourite gifted things ever. I received the HD Volumising Mascara, Cool as a Cucumber Primer, Bronzer Americano, Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick, Snuggle Up Highlighter and Blush Duo and my favourite the Glow Up Highlighter Palette. When I first tried these products I was obsessed with them, and to be honest, I still am. I love makeup and this makeup is amazing, the quality of the products is great and months later I am still using all of the products nearly on a daily basis. The two products that I use the most is the Bronzer in the shade Americano, this bronzer is perfect for my skin tone and suits me perfectly. The other product I'm obsessed with is the highlighter palette, the shades in this palette are gorgeous and super glowy and illuminating. Click here to check out my full review on Ofra Cosmetics!

Alya Skin*

Alya Skin is another brand that I had been lusting over before I had the chance to try out their products. I was very kindly sent over a few of their products to try out and I got the Australian Pink Clay Mask, Pomegranate Exfoliating Face Scrub and the Australian Native Berries Moisturiser. I had the chance to try out a full skincare routine of products which I loved! I tested out these products for a few weeks and became obsessed with them especially the Pink Clay Mask, this was the product that I was most excited about trying out because of all the hype around it. Out of all of the products that I tried the one I am still using the most is the Pink Clay Mask, I use this mask around once a week and have seen some amazing improvements in my skin and I think it's a product that will stay in my permanent collection. Click here to check out my full review on Alya Skin!

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*Products listed with a * have been previously gifted to me x

2021 was a good year to try out new beauty products, most of all the products that I tried last year I am still using on a daily basis! Have you tried any of these products before?

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  1. Ooh this was really interesting to read! I'm so glad to hear that you still use the mascara, from what you've said it's amazing and sounds like an absolute staple! Thanks for sharing x

  2. I love this kind of post, we always see reviews everywhere, but you never know if we all keep using products after them! The pink clay mask sounds like a true must try x

  3. The Alya Skin pink mask definitely needs to go on my wish list! It sounds so good.

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