Recently I have decided to change up my skincare routine and make sure that I'm doing it morning and evening to better my skin, But I have also discovered that whilst having a good skincare regime is great but if your eating all the wrong foods your skin just won't benefit. Here I'll explain how healthy eating can be beneficial for our skin. 

Form this discovery I decided to do some research and see what food I should start cutting out of my eating habits to get better skin and let's face it it's always our favourite foods that we should be cutting out!
Some of these foods include

  • Milk Chocolate (No!)
  • White Bread ( I might be able to live with this one) 
  • Salt (That might be hard!) 
  • Coffee (I'm not a fan of coffee so I'm ok with this one) 
  • Dairy (Why!!)
  • Alcohol (Now you've gone too far!) 

With this in mind I have started to cut out a lot of foods (not all of them but a good few) that were causing my skin to act up and have breakouts. During my long research I discovered that the most beneficial way to get great skin is to have a plant based and balanced diet. Now ive got to say I'm not a vegan and I do still occasionally have meat but I have cut it out a lot and have been enjoying more plant based foods and meals and my skin has really benefited from it. 
Some alternatives that I've made

  • Switched milk chocolate for dark chocolate 
  • Ice cream for frozen yougart 
  • Adding more salads into my meals
  • Chips for sweet potato fries or wedges 
  • White bread for wholegrain bread 
  • Swapped cooking with a frying pan and instead use the grill
  • Added more plant based meals such as zucchini noodles with meatless bolognese

I was recently contacted by that offer online testing to check for all different deficiencies and disorders specifically designed for vegans or people thinking about becoming vegan, they are also the first ones on the market to do so! They can test you for a number of different allergies that you might not have known you had before. This test will also show you all the benefits of having a plant-based diet, which can be great for anyone who's not sure if they want to commit to a vegan diet. If your considering going vegan or just would like to investigate a little further you should check out Healthlabs Vegan or Should I Be Vegan? tests and they very kindly offered my readers 25% off their test with my code BEAUTY25.

Through my years of beauty therapy and my recent obsession with healthy eating, I have found a few ways we can improve our skin by just changing out a few foods and swapping them for more healthy alternatives. It may sound quite hard to do but beauty is pain! 

Removing or Reducing Meat 

With a diet that your either eating no meat or less meat, you will most probably go for much more fresher foods or whole grains which are perfect for healthy skin as they contain a lot of good antioxidants that help to fight fine lines and wrinkles. A clean diet can also help with being very low in fat, which is always a plus!

High Protein but Low Carbohydrates 

Switching out white bread (argh!) and pasta can help with reducing the number of breakouts because of the refined sugar that you find in these food products. The best things to swap these food for would be whole grain, fresh fruit and veg and also lean meats which again have more antioxidants. 

Low Fat

Fats are what make sugary foods actually taste nice but there are ways to cut down or remove fat from our diets, cutting down on saturated fats will help to produce free radicals to fight the sings or premature ageing but there are still good fats that can actually benefit out skin found in olive oil and nuts. These fats actually help your body absorb these antioxidants that are perfect for your skin. Look out for the unsaturated kind! 

I found the best way to actually help your skin is to add more healthy food options into your diet. Adding more plant-based foods and reduce the sugar and salt contents in your diet. By doing these your skin will improve greatly and with a good skincare regime, you will notice a great difference! 

*This is a sponsored post and all of the views are my own! 

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*This post is a paid collaboration but all views are honest and my own x

My skin has really started to improve lately with adding more plant-based foods into my diet and switching out a few unhealthy foods for healthier ones. Have you noticed a difference bewitch your skinny eating more healthily?

Aaliyah xo


  1. oh how I love this blog post! i think it has so many benefits for our skin. I noticed a difference for sure and will sure continue to eat healthy. thanks for sharing! x
    have a wonderful day!

    1. Thank you! It has really helped calm my skin down a lot, I was having a lot more breakouts before! Have a wonderful day too x

  2. When they say you are what you eat, they're not kidding around. I knew alcohol is really bad for your skin because your body needs nutrients. It's great that you've been swapping out some key items for a healthier lifestyle. BIG YES To reducing or removing meat! It's good for you and better for the environment. Low carbs is the key! Thanks for sharing these tips!

    Nancy ♥

    1. That’s very true! I never realised how bad alcohol can actually be for your skin before and reducing meat has really helped me too! Xx

  3. I don't eat enough enough healthy foods but i really want to, to see how it improves my skin!

    Ellie //

    1. I was reluctant to at first but now that’s ive seen the effects that it’s given me I’m going to stick with it! X

  4. I really struggle with diet as my illness really restricts what I can eat and my skin does suffer as a consequence! I had to be on a gluten and dairy free diet for a few months and the dairy side was much harder than the gluten. Finding nice foods that were both was near impossible at times without making meals from scratch! I've had some testing done for intolerances too and they were really useful!
    Alice Xx

    1. It’s hard when you have health problems as well to factor that in to your diet, I had a illness a few fly wars ago when I had to give up both dairy and sugar and I really struggled but healthy eating has helped! Hope you start feeling better xx

  5. It's so noticeable on my skin when my diet is bad, however I couldn't give up white bread!I'm glad you are seeing results from making some small changes!

    1. It was the exact same with me! Whenever I started to get a lot of bad food my skin would hate me for it! The white bread was pretty hard! Xx

  6. What an interesting and informative post! I love how you've provided alternatives for the foods that you're not supposed to eat a lot of. I definitely need to add more greens to my meals. Vegetables are so important!

  7. Such a great post! I've noticed that my skin is at its best when I'm eating healthy. I love the alternatives you suggested, and will certainly be giving them a try! Thank you for sharing!

    ~ Paige

  8. Such an interesting read! I’ve just sat all day, planning my meals for the next few weeks so I can stay healthy and try to shift these unwanted skin breakouts! (Chocolate is my downfall!) x

  9. Such an interesting read! I’ve just sat all day, planning my meals for the next few weeks so I can stay healthy and try to shift these unwanted skin breakouts! (Chocolate is my downfall!) x