I done my first product empties way back in May which you can read here and since then I have gathered a few more bits and bobs that I've used all up. This time I've used up some more skincare which I don't usually do because I try out a lot of new products. I find these types of posts one of the most interesting to read because you find out what products people actually love and finished up. 

Environ Botanical Infused Moisturising Toner

I have used this product for a few years now and have loved it from when I first tried it, I've explained how I use this product back in my skincare routine way back when I started my blog. With Environ their cleaners don't remove the skin's PH which means that their toners don't need to put the PH back into the skin so they are more of a treatment lotion, which helps to add moisture to the skin but also helps me to remove all traces of makeup. This toner/lotion helps refresh my skin in the morning but also remove all makeup traces before bed. 
Would I repurchase: I would definitely repurchase this toner!

I haven't mentioned this product in too much detail on my blog before, I touched on it slightly in my skincare routine. Colostrum gel is an all-rounder product it's a serum that I add into my moisturiser morning and evening. I started using this product because it that helps problematic and sensitive skins which I can suffer from. This serum helped to clear up my redness and my breakouts have calmed down a lot since I started using it. Colostrum gel contains a high concentration of bovine colostrum, green tea, vitamin c and e, which are all ingredients to help to calm and soothe the skin. 
Would I repurchase: I would 100% repurchase (I don't think I'll ever not use this serum is seriously saved my skin) 

I think you might actually be bored of me talking about how much I love this eye makeup remover, I also had this makeup remover in my recent Skincare Haul, I've had so many of these removers that I can't actually remover how many I've brought over the time. I have tried others but always come back to this one because it's just that good! It works perfectly at removing makeup so easily. There's no need to rub at your eyes, just hold a pad on for a few seconds and swipe and literally most of your makeup comes off! It actually helps to keep my lashing looking really nice once there's no makeup on, I'm not sure how it does this but it's amazing.
Would I repurchase: I will forever buy this remover! 

This concealer is probably my holy grail for Under eye concealing! I have the most creasy under eyes ever and this concealer really helps to stop it. I have probably been using it for years. I actually feel loss when I run out of this product and scramble to go and get it again. This concealer works really well with my skin, it isn't a drying concealer it actually keeps my Under eyes looking really smooth all day. I use the colour Nude which is actually perfect for my skin tone, it isn't too light or too dark. What I most love about this concealer is that it blends out into the skin amazingly easy. 
Would I repurchase: forever and always!
I have finally found a product that can contain the frizz that is my hair. Like I've probably said before my hair is naturally curly hair but I wear it straight a lot and when my hair is straight I suffer from major frizzy hair, I have a lot of flyaways but unruly ends that I needed this product. I'm actually sad that it's finished because it's a serum that I use quite a lot but it did last me ages. I apply this product once I've finished straightening or styling my hair just to add shine and smooth down any flyaways. 
Would I repurchase: I would definitely repurchase this serum! 

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I think I've had a really successful time with my products recently as they have all been thing that I will be buying and loving again. What empties have you got this month? 

Aaliyah xo


  1. I have used the maybelline concealer for years and whenever I take a break from it I forget how good it really is! I like that they have so many options shade wise, i like the brightener shade and fair! I’ll have to try out that eye makeup remover since I just ran out of my makeup wipes! thanks for sharing!!

    mich// simplymich.com

    1. It really is a holy grail of mine! I will always go back to using it! I love that they have brought out a lot more shades too. The Nivea eye makeup remover is a must for me doesn’t irritate my eyes x

  2. That's so good that you've had such a successful empties month. My under eye holy grail is YSL's Touche Eclat but I like the sound of the Maybelline one. And the Environ range sounds amazing, how brilliant that the toner doesn't alter the skin's ph. Lovely round up, thank you for sharing! X

    Lisa | www.lisasnotebook.com

    1. There’s usually something that I don’t get along with in my Empties so I was pleasantly surprised this time around! I have used the YSL concealer in years might have to give it a try again! I also love Environ it’s really improved my skin! Xx

  3. I love empties too! I totally agree that it's great to see what people actually finish, especially as bloggers as I think we tend to be more inclined to try more. I'm glad your skincare is working well for you! You know I love that eye makeup remover too. I suffer majorly with frizz and to be honest I'd pretty much given up on trying to fix it but you've got me really interested in that GHD product. Great post! x


    1. Thank you! The Nivea makeup remover will always be a favourite of mine, I don’t see anything else that I would use! The GHD smooth serum has really been a lifesaver for my hair, it’s worked so much better than any other serum that I’ve tried! Xx

  4. I haven't tried many toners before, the only one I've properly used is the Pixi Glow Tonic, but that one sounds so good too, I'll have to look out for it xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  5. Collecting empties always feels so satisfying doesn't it! I've never tried any of these products but you've made me want to go and shake a few bottles in my bathroom to see how much is left in each so I can get rid of some more haha! It's been a project of mine this year to use up as much as possible :) x x
    Ellis // http://www.elliswoolley.co.uk

  6. I'm so nosey and love seeing what other people use and their verdicts so love this post! I've never heard of that toner before but toner is an essential in my skincare routine and it sounds like a good one so I'll have to pick it up sometime!

    Soph - https://sophhearts.com x

  7. I will have to try out that Nivea eye makeup remover- I always struggle to get all the mascara off my eyes! xx