Last week I was kindly sent this eye mask from Feel Good Contact which is the Therma°Pearl Eye-ssential Mask (love the pun!) which can be used either hot and cold for dry eyes, headaches/sinuses, puffy eyes and more. When I was contacted by the brand I was so happy to review this product as I actually suffer from a load of these eye issues. Here I give my honest review of this product. 

First Thoughts

When I first received this eye mask I was pleasantly surprised that it can be used either hot and cold, it can be put in the microwave for a few seconds to heat it up or be out in the freezer for 20 minutes for it to be extra cold. I wear glasses all the time because I am short-sighted and anything in a distance looks blurry and this can cause me to have headaches and my eyes can sometimes be sensitive, making this mask perfect for me to try out. I have used other masks similar to this one that you pop on if you have tired eyes but not one like this that can help with issues such as dry and puffy eyes. This mask is usually £10.60 which I think is a really reasonable price for something you can use over again (it's only £7 at the moment so snap it up while you can!) 


The packaging of this product is pretty simple, it is in a plastic box with a clear front so you can see the mask and has the instructions on the back. There's also a circle cut out into the front of the plastic box where you can feel the pearls in the mask. It isn't the prettiest of boxes but I don't think that's the point, it's very informative and tells you all you need to know on the box. 

Product Amount

In my reviews, I usually review the product amount which I can't really do with this mask but what I can say is that it is reusable. It can be used hot and cold over and over again whenever you need it. 

First Impressions 

When I first used this mask I actually had a splitting headache so it was perfect timing. I decided to use the mask heated up and put it in the microwave for 10-15 seconds. At first when I took it out it didn't initially feel too hot but when I put it over my eyes you could feel the heat straight away. I've never used a heated eye mask before so I wasn't too sure on what it would feel like and it was actually really relaxing. I used it before bed and it really helped to make me feel more calm and relaxed. I used the mask for around 10 minutes before I started to feel that it cooled down a bit but it was still warm for another 10 minutes after that. 
For my headache, I was really surprised at how this mask actually helped to calm my headache down. I was only wearing it for around 5 minutes before I started to feel my headache ease off. I've tried all the painkillers that you can get out there but once I have a migraine it's usually there for a good few days before going but this eye mask really helped to settle it down a bit to give me a good nights sleep. I won't say that it completely went but it helped a lot. I haven't had the chance to try out this mask cold yet but I will be definitely be trying that out next. 

*I was sent this product but all views are my own! 

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*I was kindly sent this product in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are my own x

I would definitely recommend anyone that suffers from tired eyes or headaches to give this mask a try as I really think I've found a gem that I'll continue using. Have you tried any thermal eye masks before?

Aaliyah xo


  1. I need this! I get headaches if I drink less than 3L water a day (crazy) and I have quite sensitive eyes. I suffer from insomnia too and the thought of using a heated one just before bed sounds like something I could really benefit from. That's such a bargain for a reusable product too x


    1. I get headaches a lot and don’t really like taking too many painkillers because they don’t always work👎🏼 But this mask really helped calm my headache down so I could get a good nights sleep! I would definitely reccomend it for relaxing before bed! Xx

  2. This sounds really interesting! Not sure I've ever seen anything like it before. I can really struggle getting to sleep at night, but I wonder if the heat on my eyes would calm me down and help me feel sleepy? Will definitely look into this. Great review!

    1. I hadn’t tried anything like it before getting this mask! I used it before bed and it really help to calm me for sleep, because your eyes are covered you have to relax so it’s actuslly really nice! Xx

  3. It really helped to relax me a lot after a stressful day and because your eyes are covered your made to actually relax! Which is great, I find it so hard to switch off sometimes and the pun is great! Xx

  4. wow, what a great review! it sounds interesting. i haven't heard of this product before but i can imagine that it'd work for some people out there who suffer insomnia. very helpful! thank you for sharing! x
    have a wonderful day!

    1. Than you! It’s really great have been using it every night since I got it xx

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